Crossword Clues Start With K, page 18

*"Keep in touch!" Kitchen utensil brand Kitchen utensil brand Kentucky's largest city Kentucky city Kentucky school Knob on the knee, perhaps Kitchen wraps Kitchen wraps ___ king ___ king Knocked, like heavy machinery Knocked, like heavy machinery Karaoke selection 4K 4K Kings' guards may be taken in it Kings' guards may be taken in it King: Sp. Kind of film exemplified by "Lethal Weapon" Kind of film exemplified by 'Lethal Weapon' Knights in ___ Service Knee injury common among athletes Knee injury common among athletes Knock down Kansas City suburb Kansas City suburb Kansas City suburb Kind of dock: abbr. Kin of 86 Across King of hearts feature Kudos, in street slang Ken Jennings, notably Kind of rafting Keebler treat Karen and Chuck Korean apricot. Knowing glances Kegs. Keep attached Kind of experiment Kind of experiment Kind of experiment ... or a hint to 10 Down answers in this puzzle Kind of experiment ... or a hint to 10 Down answers in this puzzle Kind of hosen Kelly Ripa, once Kicked off Kahn-Donaldson song: 1928 Knockoff version of a Volkswagen model? Knockoff version of a Volkswagen model? King of ancient Egypt Knight of the breakfast table? Kurt Weill song with lyrics by Ogden Nash Keep for ransom Know-___ (wise guy) Know-__ (smart aleck) Know-__ (smarty-pants) Know-__ (smarty) Know ___ Know-___ (smarty) Know-___ (smart aleck) Know-___ Know-___ (smarty) Kind of machine ___-Kamenogorsk, U.S.S.R. city ___-Kut, Russian town Kirstie Alley sitcom King, queen or jack? __ Khan (Golden Horde leader) ___ Khan, Mongol conqueror Kind of hydrometer Kudrow, making a home in Missoula? Kantian concern Korean port Kind of jazz. King of Pop Keepers of cattle. Key business figure K. C. ball team manager. Kidvid character who wears overalls Kiddie-show contractor Kellogg's offering Kept secret Kept the cat from getting at the seafood? Kith ___. Kipling's "We shall rest ___" Kind of self-service store. ... 'Keep at it!' King of the Titans, in Greek legend King of the Titans, in Greek legend Kadiddlehopper portrayer Kadiddlehopper portrayer Knockoff breath mints? Kicks the bucket 1987 kid's best-seller Kid's book with a hidden character Kiddie lit question "__ knowledge ..." "__ knowledge ..." Kicking around Kicking around Khan's subjects Kublai Khan and others Khan's clan Khan's followers Kind of S.D.I. weapon Knighted British film producer. Key equivalent to B-flat Key equivalent to B-flat Kept crime boss Persico in check? Kept crime boss Persico in check? Kind of stock fund: Abbr. Kind of investment fund: Abbr. Kind of fund: Abbr. Kiwi who directed "The Piano" Kipling poem, with "Mine" Kilimanjaro convoy? Kilimanjaro convoy? Kaufman's collaborator Kurdistan city on the Tigris Kicks the bucket Kittens' relative. Knuckleheaded moves? Knuckle-headed gestures of affection? Knuckle-headed delivery? Kazan film: 1957 Kitchen contrivances 1943 Kurt Weill musical Kurt Weill-Ogden Nash musical King of Scotland: 1124-53 King Arthur's subjects Kind of philosopher. Kids' game for telemarketers? Kent's gift or management? Knotted mass King earned a B.A. here Kin of egad Key to industrial revolution Kipling's first novel (with "The"). 2001 Kevin Kline drama Khyber Pass country: Abbr. Khyber Pass country: Abbr. Kilimanjaro is ___ highest peak. King of the Amalekites. King of Amalek, slain by Samuel. King spared by Saul. King slain by Samuel. Kind of Amalek. King of Amalek. King spared by Saul King slain by Samuel Kiosk that sells a variety of first-aid items? Khedive's estate. Kefauver's "___ America" Knight times King Arthur's fool. Kind of heavy silk. Kipling's Danny. Kipling soldier. Kipling character. Kipling's dastardly Danny Kipling's ill-fated Danny Kipling's Danny Kern musical of 1917 King of Tartary in "Turandot" Kind of bell ringer. Knobs on old TVs Khedive of Egypt (1863–79). Kid Rock "Do ___ You" King and Lombard Kitchen gadget. Kremlin correspondent. King of the barbecue? Keep afloat Keep afloat Keep from sinking Khan: Var. Kitchen gadget. Kinds of running water Kin of stks. Kentucky jumper? Kentucky horse country Kentucky horse country KICKER'S NIGHTMARE Kangaroo from a lab? Kangaroo from a lab? Kostof and Agnew Keep at steadily Keep at steadily Kiddie lit selection Kind of rubber. Keeps from sinking 1933 Kentucky Derby winner Key note? Kept away, with "oneself" Knight of the price war. Kitchen appliance on the go? Kassel's river. Kassel's river King Midas's favorite bistro? Kind of train. Kind of train: Abbr. Knightly award: Abbr. Kind of paper. Knee, in anatomy Knee Knee: Lat. Knee: Latin. Knee. Knee: Lat. Knee, to a zoologist Knee Knee, to an M.D. Knee joint Knee-___ (very funny joke) Knee ___ (funny joke) Keypad array? ___ Khokh, peak in the Caucasus. Keen insights Ken Murray Kin of Mr. Chips's portrayer 1910 Kentucky Derby winner 1910 Kentucky Derby winner "Keep hanging in there!" King of sports Knotts performing; notices lack of approval Kimberley works. Kimberley features Kiltie's whisky Kermit, Quentin et al. 1972 Kentucky Derby winner Kentucky Derby and Belmont Stakes winner in 1972 Knell? Knell? Knockout blow: Slang. Kitchen drudge: Colloq. Kicked way over the goal, as a shot in soccer Kind of silk "Kate & Allie" actress "Kate & Allie" actress "Kate & Allie" actress K " . . . ___ Kalamazoo" KO finale 1978-81 Ken Howard drama Kids' defense to a principal Klondike Gold Rush destination Kind of cook Kind of cook. Kind of cook or diner