Crossword Clues Start With K, page 19

Kind of cook Ketches. Kipling's elephant. Kipling's elephant Kind of dace Kid quieters Kind of seal Knighted Gipper? Knighted manager of the Metropolitan Opera (1950 - 1972) Kind of accommodation. Koph preceder Kind of political party Kitchen needs Kitchen needs King of Siam's song for Wall St.? 1K Kitchen item: Abbr. Key to a set of tests? Kind of catfish Kind of crystals Kibitz Kind of gelatin Kashmir fleece Keep oneself occupied Kind of acid from apples, grapes, etc. Kind of quilt Kennel-club star Kind of publication: Abbr. Kettledrums Kettledrums Kind of acid from a malaria antidote. Keeps Kept arguing for a salary increase, e.g.? Kevin Bacon film of '99 Kind of trout. Kitchen ladders Kin of corn pones Kind of contact banned by the NFL Kind of contact banned by the NFL Katherine of TV's "Soap" Kind of ion: Suffix Kindling supply? Kindling? Kellogg-___ Pact Kellogg's pact partner Kind of agt. or bureau Kid in a ditch? Kid in a ditch? Kansas county Knuckle down to a task Kind of toy Knitted the other way Knitted with a reverse stitch Knitted with a reverse stitch Knitted inverted stitches. Knitted with a reverse stitch Knopf, e.g.: Abbr. Knopf, e.g.: Abbr. Know-it-all Kids' TV character Kind of custody Kitchen workmanship Kipling classic Kiss-blowing TV host of the '60s and '70s "Knots Landing" costar "Knots Landing" co-star Keyes and Wood Kind of metal Koreans, Manchurians, etc. Kind of DVD-R with double capacity Kidney: Prefix "Keep It in the Family" emcee Kind of coal. Kitchen installation task? Kosciuszko Bridge hwy. Kind of curtain: Abbr. Kid's sled Kid's breakfast item, often Kibitzing passenger Kindergarten math whiz? Kicked around Kind of surgery Kind of surgery Kind of surgery Kansas, Pennsylvania, and so on, before 1861 Kermit making a significant change? Kramdens' activity Kensington Palace from 1702-14? Knight's esteemed expedition? Keystone Kind of barracks Karen of "Little House on the Prairie" Karen of "Little House on the Prairie" Karen of 'Little House on the Prairie' Kind of flat Kindergarteners' art, e.g. King of the Wild Frontier King of the Wild Frontier King of the Wild Frontier Kershaw with three Cy Young Awards Kershaw with three Cy Young Awards Kept things casual Kept things casual Keen Key for "Bye Bye Blackbird"? Kato Kaelin portrayer on "S.N.L." Knockoff dress labeled "Armani," say? Knockoff dress labeled 'Armani,' say? Kind of interest: Abbr. Kind of int. Katzenjammers Kayo Popeye? Kayo Popeye? Kind of gun Killer fabric? Kind of motif Kipling poem King's words Kristin Hersh/Tanya Donelly's '90s alt group Knock these Keep ___ mind Knockaway trees of Texas. Kind of lens used by moviemakers Kitchen squares Kind of bed Kind of nag, formally *Kennedy/Johnson cabinet member Keith, to Mick Knighted vintner's nickname? Knighted vintner's nickname? Kidman, in need of cheering up? Knighted 16th-century English seafarer Knighted explorer Knickknacks Knight of the Round Table. Knights Kolarians of India. Knight ___ (newspaper publisher) Knight ___ (former newspaper group) Knight's publishing partner Knight ___ (former newspaper publisher) Kiwis Kook Kin of a morganatic marriage Kicks for some prisoners? Kennedy kin Kids' song starter Keep ___ length. Kill holder Kew '81 Kiss bomb "Music from '___'" Keats poem Kid Gavilan's nickname. Kills ___ kind (sui generis) Key crewmen. Kickoff team, in football lingo Kickoff team, in football lingo Kind of Danish embroidery. "Kind ___ more than coronets" Keep one's landlord happy Kansas border ruffian of the Civil War. Kansan KICK Knight's attire Knight's attire Kitchen rags Kiwi King of the Amorites: Num. 21:21 Kind of farina. Keeps cruising ___ Koh, Afghan range " . . . knits up the ___ care" Knighted actor who portrayed the Sixth Earl of Greystoke Keep available Kaiser's last home. Kick the bucket Kick the bucket Kind of servant getting scarce. ___ knot. Kid's elderly relative? Kind of marble spotted like a serpent. __ kick out of __ kick out of ___ kick out of (enjoys) Kelly looking up at an evergreen Kind of stock: Abbr. Ketch or yawl Ketch or sloop Kowtowing sort Kings of Palestine dynasty. Kin of Tennyson's venison King Louis XVI's eager wife? Kentish freedman. Kentish freedman Kentish freedmen. "Kung Fu" regular Luke *Kyoto Treaty topic Kozy ___ (highway sign) Keeping the hit records clean? Key member of plane crew. Kofi Annan, bringing French music to the world's poor? Kyushu bay Kipling's "Mother ___" Kipling poem Mother ____ Kyushu port Kestrel's search? Kestrel's search? Kremlin tomb? Klutz, literally Klutz, literally KISS Knuckle under Knuckle under Kurds. Kangaroo cousin Keenly desires Kingdom of northern Sumatra. Kick out Kahlo's abstract art? Kind of farming Kennedy sent one to Congress in 1963 Kind of perfume. Kicks everyone out, say Kin of the belly dance Kin of a peon. King of France, 1380–1422. King Hezekiah's mother. King Hezekiah's mother Kind of music, with an easy switch Kind of cake Knock out Superman? Kind of tie, in sports King Charles ___. Kick __ Kate Hudson film of 2000 Kick __ Kind of pie or pudding Kind of pie named for a Russian count Kerry or Edwards, downplaying their wealth to look average? Klink's aide in "Hogan's Heroes" Kick __ Kublai Khan, for example. Kind of French lace Kind of lace named for a French town Kind of French lace. Kind of lace Knife sharpeners Kellogg cracker Kellogg's snack brand