Crossword Clues Start With K, page 28

Kipling's Danny and others. Kind of vault Kahn-Eliscu-Youmans hit song: 1933 Kingdom since 1946. Kind of student Kept under wraps Kim ___: late president of North Korea KC native who put Bryant's on the literary map Knowledge, redundantly "Kiss Me Kate" co-star, 1953 ___, Kansas; ___, Montana 1974 kidnap victim 1974 kidnap victim Kids' game Kind of pasty. *Kids' game King of Israel. Knolls King Crimson's Robert Kinks "Where Have All the ___" Knowledge: Suffix Kennedy's country place. Kitchen pests Keep mum, with difficulty Kind of week Kind of boat Klepto's claim to Geraldine? (with "the") Kindred souls Kitchen ___ (anc. mounds) Kansas' state reptiles "Key Largo" duo Ku ___ Königsberger ___ (German meatball) Kitten's sorority? KO'd Kettledrum of India. Knot in wood. Kettledrum. Kiangsi base in battle zone. Kwan and Kerrigan Kwan and Kerrigan Kwan and Kerrigan Kerrigan and Sinatra Kid's racer Kind of reappraisal Kind of bulrush Key Jap base in Pacific. Kauai's nickname Kept on pitching? ___ knot 1987 Kevin Costner film Kind of roll King of Corn Kubrick and Kramer Kubrick and Kramer Kind of role. Killjoy Kind of soup for dieters? 1982 Kentucky Derby winner King of Sodom King of Sodom (Gen. 14-2). King of Sodom Key in the middle of the top row Kiddie's pool? Kaffeeklatsches Kingdoms. Kingdoms: L. Kind of court Kind of court Katy Perry single that's either homophobic or wry commentary, depending on whom one asks Kerry man, e.g. Kampala cries? Kampala resident shouts? KILN DEFENDER? "___ Krupp" Kiln-filled desert? Keane strip Keane kids are members of it Kind of bobsled ___ Kádár, 1950s-'80s Hungarian leader King of Naples, 1808–15. King of Naples: 1808–15 King of Naples: 1808-15 Kind of whip Kin of "My Way" Paul Keepers. King ___ IX of Denmark. ____ knot: marries King of Denmark. "… Kalamazoo" "Keeping Up With the Steins" actress "Kerosene Hat" Cracker ballad Kevin James' role 1980 Ken Follett novel Keep ___ on Kids' game. Kids' puppet show script? Kids' puppet show script? Knitters, going the other way. ___ Kreuger, the Match King. ___ Kreuger, the Match King Kevin Costner film, 1997 Keeping your elbows off the table, e.g. Kind of window ... or a title for this puzzle Kitchen crime? K Klee colleague King's goal for his realm? "Keep in touch" "Keep in touch!" "Keep in touch" 'Keep in touch' Kind of weed: Var. "Kiss me, Kate" speaker Katherine's suitor in "The Taming of the Shrew" Katharina's match in "The Taming of the Shrew" Kate's groom in "The Taming of the Shrew" Kind of mash Knew Keeping close to. Kept free, as a date Kilometer, in Army-speak Knoblike ornament Karate ploy Ku___Klan Kluxers' groups Kind of ditty to sing: 1930 Kinds, in France Knitted capes with ends fastened at back. Kitchen workers Keepsake from Fiji? KMART with hidden ASSETS, at work *Kobe, notably *Kobe, notably Kareem once 1949 Kurt Weill title song Kind of gasoline. Kind of current: Abbr. Know, to Shakespeare Kin of nos. Kelly and Disney Knuckleballer Hoyt Kaiser who forced Bismarck's resignation Kate Moss's model sister Kennel club sentiment Kennel club member's sentiment Knowingly ignored, as wrongdoing "King of Paris" author Kings of Leon "___ Fire" Kansas City team? Keeper of rabbits Kidnapped actor Dan Killswitch Engage "Element ___" Kapok trees: Var. "Knit two, purl two" Kind of relationship for crows? Kin of 25-Across? Khashoggi of Iran-Contra fame Kicking out the boyfriend? Knowledges Keats wished to bear these Knight's accouterments [Ocean State] KNICKS KNICKS Kin to a kingfish? Keep your __ (watch carefully) Kind of speech Kidnaps dogs and cats? Ken Follett novel Ken Follett WWII spy novel Ken Follett thriller *Kids' cookie makers, informally "Keep trying!" Key Key Kind of plane Knoblike protuberances Kind of cord Kiev resident Keepers of the flame? Kansas City band The Get ___ Kissinger's "___ Restored . . . ": 1957 Kendrick Lamar song asking about a relationship Koalas Kind of Egypt, 1922–1936. King of Egypt, 1922–36. Keyed in again Keyboarded again Kid's game Kidney enzymes Kidney enzymes Kvetch's game show? Kids' playthings Kind of strong ale, in Britain. Kerr play King whose capital was Nineveh. Knight who slew and was slain by his brother. Kind of act Kind of tale KISS Kids with routes in their community* Knobbed. Knotted. Knotty. Knobby Kunta Kinte portrayer "Kilroy ___." '67 Kinks tune Key play in a gridiron game Kg. or lb. Kg., e.g. Kauai's Mount Wai'ale'ale, to say the least Kit and caboodle Kite bird Kite. Kite Kite variety Kite Kites Kipling story (with "The"). Keep clean using a German river? Kitchen query Kind of radio: Abbr. Kin of 104 Across Keeper of clan lore. Knotty situation Knotty situation? Knotty spot Knotty problem Knotty situation? Knot. Knotty situation Knotty situation Knotty situation Kind of tape Kind of tape Keep your __ (don't talk) Keep your __ (be good) Kleptomaniac? Kind of wheel Kind of cuisine Kind of cuisine Kachina, for one Kanye West, familiarly Knot of wool. Knot of fiber Knot or shred of wool Knot of wool Knots of wool. Knotted fibers