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Crossword Clues Start With K, page 284

Kid-lit sleuths Kind of network Kind of baked sponge — icky paste (anag) Keep blocking selfies I deleted; it's easy Key lime or coconut cream Key just above D Kind of alarm Keep possession of Keep away from Knitwear pattern King, in Cannes Key above Caps Lock Keep one’s anger at a low boil Knocks firmly Kindergartner's break Kinds Kimberley canine Kind of gelatine Kind of Swiss clock? Kylo ___ of “Star Wars” Kind of milk that’s an alternative to soy Krill, to a whale Kvetches Kill it Knockabout fun as her ploy goes wrong Keen, enthusiastic Klutz "Keen!" King helpfully losing second with regret Kilmer of "The Doors" Keen, enthusiastic Kitchen appliances Kind heart turning ignorant KLM hub letters Kabuki relative Kid absorbed by those processing educational applications is going to university with Buck Kilmer poem Kitchen cabinet Kind of deep blue — metal Keen Karnak Temple honoree Kona International greetings Kind of blue Kit ___ Club (“Cabaret” locale) Keyboard command for "paste" ___ Kuan Yew, first prime minister of Singapore Keats' "foster-child of silence and slow time" is one Kitchen fixture King Kong, for one 401(k) relatives Kewpie condiment Kipling lad Kitten's cry Key to ancient excavator produced by one out to make the most of their prospects by joining a Union perhaps Kind of rice Kept quiet, being shy Kids’ observational game Kinda yawn-inducing Kneecaps Kegler's org Key that cancels King, in Calais Knitting annoyance Kitchen come-on Kind of shade fellow wears Knowing generous patron, his crime is a load of rubbish Kind of visa for just passing through an airport Keep separate from the rest Knighted composer Edward K.T. of country Kuwaitis, say 'Keep it down!' Know by feeling Kitchen or attic Knock Kung — chicken Kitchen Debate state, briefly Kings, on scoreboards Knot again Kick-start on your bike Keeps annoying Korean ancestor ritual Knock Keen Kind about drunken aunt at first Kerfuffle *Key to more issues Karaoke aid King who banished Cordelia 401(k) alternative Kanga's kid Knowing about current manuscript lacking support? Knob Key in beginning withheld from tenant Katy Perry hit song King, in Cannes Knights, e.g Keanu’s role in “The Matrix” Korea’s DMZ, e.g Knock over Kerry Washington or Amy Adams Kept posted Kind of whale Kind of shot in hockey Kitchen gadget brand Key that indents Keen fan Kitchen come-on Kind of coffee or stew "___ knows?" K-12, for short Kitchen appliance Knight's address Kid's plea Keep for later Knight's protective wear Kristen of "Bridesmaids" Kin of "Presto!" Killer whales Key of Liszt’s Piano Concerto No. 2 Kinsey topic Keep, grasp Knockout Key Kitchen implement "Krazy __" Keeping reserved seats unoccupied for lectures Kind of hard stone Kind of cup Kid Kind of paint or glove 1959 Kingston Trio hit Kicked back Klaus __, physicist who passed atomic secrets to the Soviet Union King, in Cadiz Krypton, for one Kill it, at a drag show Kathmandu native Kabuki's structure contains five of them Konrad ____ shared a 1973 Nobel prize for his work on animal behaviour Kagan who was dean of Harvard Law Key next to D Keg need Kilt wearer King looking at what typist is doing Kenyan capital Killed Kitten-lifting spot Keep intact Kind of sauce for sushi King of music Kind of bean or horse Kremlin setting Knows the answer Kindly Keats’s “To Autumn,” e.g. Kit ___ bar Keep someone entertained Kylo Ren, to Han and Leia Kidded Kitchen appliance Keep quiet with book King perhaps wants an end to hostilities declared Kalahari setting Kind of musical wonder Knee, e.g King of "Watchmen" Kosher Kid-lit poet Silverstein Kind of, casually Keep quiet with yen to be diffident Kind of limit "King of birds" Keep from scoring ___ kick (soccer move named for a cutting tool) Kenneth __, independent counsel central to the Clinton impeachment Kitchen appliance "__ Kapital" Kind of muscle contraction Kimchi jar cover Kiddie-lit elephant Keep; subterranean cell Knight who stormed Swamp Castle in 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail' Kind of architect King Cole and others Keeps giving cop roles to Kind of cow you can't milk, embrace change Keri of "The Americans" Keep going to University - it is associated with Oxford, and for you and I that's lucky Keep occupied Knowledge seeker Kind of overload parents might experience at a kids' party Kicks off Kings, in Cannes Kind of wrench Keys on a keyboard? Knights’ horses Kept going; supported Kind of beef from Japan Knee part: Abbr Killed in battle Kick back Kind of photograph Kingly fur Kennel club classification Key frame? King of the Huns Key just above G Kentucky Derby winner — Ridge Kept in reserve Knocked back sample of Burkina Faso masala for sale in Indian food market Kristoff's reindeer pal in 'Frozen' Keane who drew “The Family Circus” Kind of salami Kanga's kid "King of Ragtime" Joplin Key letter Keyboard instrument Knotted at the front and behind, an Arab's long tunic King of France? Kind of exam with an “Auditing and Attestation” section Kids might make a stand for this Kind of nut Keystone State “Kitchy-kitchy-___!” Kind of leaf / Scientist born on Christmas Day in 1642 Kitty Knitting purchase that anagrams to "Nikes" ___ Kippur Kitchen gadget Knight and men secure ancient upcountry region Knocks out local wines out of wickedness? Kind of card in a phone Kraken or Scylla Kid's bedtime request Kitty's sound Keeping an eye open for a typically drunk retweet Kept an eye on old backbencher, the first to dish out dirt on leader Kind Kaluuya who played Fred Hampton ___ Krishna (Vaishnava mantra) Kimono clincher Kids play this at first, once our back is turned Key turned in panic is abandoned Kind of kiss *Kindergartners' rewards ___ Kitty (toon with a hair bow) Kept from squeaking Kimono sash Knucklehead