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Crossword Clues Start With K, page 292

Kitchen counter? Kagan of the Supreme Court Kitten's cry ___ Khan (Shiite leader) Kids Kitchen crawler King Arthur's slayer Keys on a piano Knee part Kett of old comics Kong or Koko Kangaroo ___ Keystone State airport code Kind of high-fat diet used as an epilepsy therapy Kind of bra cup Kind of tape “____ keep not their motion in one sphere” (Henry IV part 1) Kerosene Keg insert Killer whale Kayak's cousin King, coming in to occupy throne, twirled this, being playful Keep the beat with one's feet, say Key member, close Kind of hound Kvetching cries Killer whale Kindergarten trio Knight's half of republic's capital Kidnap Killing it Knee tissue, for short Koolau Range's island Key for indenting King or queen Kitchen coverings Knowledgeable (in) Knockoff "Key Largo" star 'KAPOW!' relative Kick in Kingly fur 401(k) relatives Kitchen appliance Keen on Tyneside chant Kitchen utensil Kind of board at the beach Kimono tie Kicked out of a contest, for short Kind of sauce made with peanuts Kind of health "Keep me in the ___!" 401(k) alternative, in brief Kuwait export "Kindergarten Cop" co-star Kvetch Kilt fold Knocked the socks off Keyboard pro Kind of falcon Kilimanjaro is its highest point King Harald V’s father Kicks out of school Kreskin's claim Know (just know!) '. . . kinda' '___ kind of a long story . . .' Kid-friendly sandwiches, for short King or queen, but not princess Kraut-topped sausage Kind of chop or kick Knowledgeable type Knowledgeable type ___ Khan (“The Jungle Book” tiger) Keep back Kinks woman with "a dark brown voice" Kimono belt Kilmer of "Top Gun" Knock down mother reversing out of control Knocking sound due to rising oil temperature Kick out Knowledge obtained from cautioned suspect Keystone State county Kapoor of “Slumdog Millionaire” King ___ Karaoke bar needs Kati rolls and burritos, e.g Kitty Knee part studied in an MRI K Kind of port Knot-tying and lashing, to a sailor "Keep talking" Kelp's place Keats work Kind; character ___ Keller, first deafblind person to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree Killer groove in public transport Keystone Capital King, in Contrecoeur Kind of monkey used in medical research Kevin of "Yellowstone" King or queen, but not prince or princess Kismet Kung ___ chicken Knight's wear Kidnap victim in Disney+’s “Obi-Wan Kenobi” King of the Amalekites is a joke! Kimono ties '___ knows' Kind of oil in cooking Keyboard symbol above 6 Kennel club designation *Kosher restaurants observe one Katsudon grain Kind of bull or infallibility Kimono ties Kindergarten follower Key concept in feminist theory Keys on a piano Kind of cycle Killed, as a dragon __ kwon do Kept in reserve Keir, in short, the ablest in Labour? Nonsense! Kind of tense Kraków native Kissing for the kiss cam, e.g Know they're upset by daily 2013 Katy Perry hit Khartoum’s river Katey of "Sons of Anarchy" Keys left for a housesitter "King" in Hindi Ketchup's color Kind of internal-combustion engine Keto is one Kind of internal-combustion engine Knight's horse 10K or marathon Knight spot? Kind of microscope Kind of bean or horse Knight's title Key in once more Kind of whale Kick out Kilt features “Knives Out” director Johnson Knightley of “The Imitation Game” Kingly fur Kind of experience a masseuse needs? Knife type named for an Alamo fighter “___ know you?” Knightley of “Atonement” Kidnap Kept firm; supported Knock "Kills bugs dead!" spray Kiss Kilmer of "The Doors" Knot-tying Keen on one set of books only, at first Kampala's country KGB country Khan title Keyboard instrument King going outside city to unwind Kate on the cover of Vanity Fair's 100th-anniversary issue Knack for notes Kylo Ren portrayer Driver Kind Keep on kissing amorously side by side Key worker? Kind of network Kind of diagram Kind of discount Klippfisk fish Kill Devil Hills and Cape Hatteras are in this US state Key near Alt Kauai, e.g Knuckle or knee Keep your distance from Kind of saxophone or voice Knight's horse Knave Kinda wet Kind of rock Katniss in "The Hunger Games" Kidnapper's demand Key on a map King Kong, e.g Kitchen come-on Knotting art Keen on grades regularly being reviewed Kebab dish finished with last bit of coriander Kosher : Judaism :: ___ : Islam Knight's title Kind “Keep Off” on a front porch? Kimono closer Key lime dessert Kind of culture satirized in 'American Psycho' Knoll Kind of wave Kitchen job Kylo of the "Star Wars" sequels Kathryn's "WandaVision" role Kind K-pop or bebop, e.g 'Kana Yaari' rapper ___ B Knight's title — kwon do Kung — chicken Keep most important article in container 'Knew that was coming' Keats poems Keeps moist, as vegetables in a grocery store Kid around Kraken's home Kissing on the kiss cam, say ___ kwon do Knockout fixture between two teams Kanga's kid Kenyan capital "Kitchy-kitchy- —!" Key near F1 Knot often used to join ropes of different sizes 401(k) kin Kristoff's reindeer in "Frozen" Killer whales King ___ (movie monster) Komodo dragon, for example Keeps on dropping end of it round — round head of cattle, perhaps Knocks Kids may make one out of pillows or snow Kind of sleeve that extends to the collar Kindergarten basics Kilmer of "Tombstone" Knock Konbini currency King Kong, for one Killer whale Kangaroo's jump Karnak Temple location Kind of rice Kid Kind of card Knock sharply Knee-to-ankle area