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Crossword Clues Start With K, page 295

Killer whale Knight's title Keen on repeating second half, considering everything Kind of school for future drs Kissing on the subway, e.g Key (music) Keen helper catching cold Kindly helped out Kiss Kept in the loop, in a way Knee tissue, for short Kids King blocking John's views Keeper of some official documents Kilmer of 'Batman Forever' K-pop, e.g.? Kidney related Knucklehead Kardashian matriarch Kicked off Kind of pop record's sleeve showing lack of harmony Kaaba setting King in charge in ripped hat Karate level Kidman of "The Others" Knight wear Kind, thoughtful attention, for short King Kong or Kanzi Knee-slappers Korean for "kick" Knee part, briefly — Khalifa (Dubai skyscraper) Korean or Mongolian Knight's title Kind of sword Kilns, e.g King-size tub Key with no sharps or flats Kingdom investing billion in source of oil Knight to look fashionable with cut Key worker's nap routine disrupted? Kick out 'Kid tested. Mother approved.' cereal Kids Katy of NBC News Kung __ chicken K-pop band that took a break for military service Keto, for one Key above Caps Lock ___ kwon do 401(k) relatives Kind of table Know about Porter finally finding musical contemporary? Key word when writing dialogue Key for getting out, not in Knight's address Kitchen device King's daughter rising in support of sweet adolescent Keep Knights, e.g. Knights, e.g Kind of ferry (informal) 401(k) kin Kim's "Sex and the City" role Kevin is sorry over employing barman K-pop star Kind of inspection King of the jungle Knight's horse Knocked back seconds with syrup on top Key for indenting King muttered vexedly holding learner instrument Kind of wedding (which goes off with a bang?) Kareem's alma mater Keeps from taking off, perhaps Kerfuffle 'Knock it off!' Keep your ___ about you King replacing line tips cases for northerners Keen pen displays integrity without prejudice Knight might ride on this barren area Kin of -kin Kudrow of "Friends" Kind of exam at school or the dentist's Knock over drinks in fit of temper Kangaroo manoeuvre Kernel King, in Cannes Kid attending party left large plaything Keystone's place Kumquat coat Kind of corporal Kind of mirror or street Kind of a Big ___ (punny name for an herb shop) Kathmandu's country Kind of chemical bond Kind of sax "Knives Out" filmmaker Johnson ___ kwon do King's speech, 1963 Knight wear Keepsake King at the start of 'Game of Thrones' Keep from practicing? Kimchi-jjigae, for example Kingdoms Knave Keats work Kick back Keyboard time-savers Kid's miniature racer Kvetch Kings, on NBA scoreboards Kind of pickup 2015 Kenny G album that includes 'Girl From Ipanema' Kit parts with pedals Kermit sipping tea and Keanu playing with puppies Kerala garment King of pop Kuwaiti currency Kampala'sland King Arthur's realm Knitwear imperfection Kind of bar with island-themed drinks Kerfuffle Kid around Kept secret K-pop band with an 'Army' of fans Kin of IMHO King of the jungle Kama ___ Koalas and emus, in Australia Kampala's country "Knives Out" director Johnson Kathmandu citizen Knee part, for short King Julien, Maurice and Mort from "Madagascar" Kingbird, for one Killer whale Kind of guidance Kind of column Knock Khaki alternative Key below ~ Knee injury, for short Keurig pod Kippered herring containers Karate level __-K Keg need Kay and Philip K __, authors Kids' game cry Key ingredient in key lime pie Kid's "cootie" Kith and __ Kitchen whistler Kanga's kid Ken who wrote 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest' k.d. ____ Knight's address Keep possession of Kathleen Turner comedy featuring super intelligent infants Karate blow Knowing, as a secret Kept in the cellar, perhaps Khaki alternative Knee part Key in the corner Knockout with strength '. . . kinda' '!' keymate Karl's years with the Utah Jazz? Killer whale "Key Largo" co-star Kind of down King Charles III's started September 8, 2022 Kooky, as a scheme Knocks Kind of valve in the heart Kernels grow on it Kagan of the Supreme Court Knowing Key in a corner Kind of birch tree, producing rot-resistant wood Keystone ___ Kind of sheepdog Kotb of morning TV 'Key of the Nile' Kleenex : tissue :: ___ : sticky note Kinda getting up there Kleenex Keys or Silverstone King of France Knight's wear King of Judea Kiki, e.g "Kinda" Key ___, Fla Kick out $50-60k, for example Key ___, Florida Kings of ___ ('Sex on Fire' quartet) Knob Kingston with a recurring role on "Doctor Who" Kitchen counters? Korean fried rice Key of Tchaikovsky's Symphony No. 5 Kathmandu's country — Kong Klutz Knock Keyboard pros Kinderklaviers 'Killer' members of a pod Keeps out King or president *Katherine Heigl and James Marsden film Kind of numerals made from letters Kitchen gadget brand Knitted hand warmers Kaley ___, co-star of 'The Big Bang Theory' Kitchen at a barbecue restaurant? Kyaraben, for example Keep — head (stay calm) Kellogg's waffle Kuwaiti royal Keeps adding to, as mashed potatoes Knitter's ball Kid lit's ___ Bedelia "Kon- —" "Kinda" suffix Karen joining odyssey travelling for a long time Kinsey study Kinsman Kill, as a dragon Kickoff aid Knitter's need Kind of column or bond Kalahari critters Kin of IMHO Knitting stitch Kind of hair iron 1993 kids' baseball film, with "The" Kiss on both cheeks, perhaps Korean cabbage dish Kurylenko of "Black Widow" Kind of group in chemistry Kitchen gadget with an edge Kind of power in math Kerfuffle