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Crossword Clues Start With K, page 300

Kept company in order, after fraud Killing of Asian saints so barbaric Kindness occasionally may get you a date in Rome Key for ward Kid has repaired one African garment Knowing a type of pottery Knife fight about cash register that's short Kind newspaperman's fixed up Kitchen heater tested in couple's absence Kid left an overcoat Key — it opens throne room from the back Kind with gun? King embraced by old favourite, then special day ends well Knight coming to court drinking hot soup Keenly observant, she prayed all over the place Kind of porcelain: things for poaching by the underworld Knight tucks into gin-infused brew for starter? King, white, finally in check Knock down animal and take a nap Kingdoms concerned with charity Knocked back unknown gloop outside solitary drinker's study? Kid tucked into ends of stale cake Kid wants time to rest Knock or stab Killed a large number Key often used by news boss went in Key chaps in charge over picture house Kid coming in to consider employment as story-teller Knitter's beginning to replace front of pullover with simple woollen fabric Key European state Keep time or we go wrong Kept out of sight, having left for match? Key coins used around northern Italian region King with gold I sheltered in brief scare Kissed loudly by setter Knock back beer fit for a monarch Kill rodents — but there's one left inside home Knight's advance across wide area Knowledgeable about fashionable tops? Not half! Ken changed two pounds for toll King protected by subjects in heated situations Keep page at front of book Keep leading Tina astray Kitchen device, say – good range, on reflection Knight accommodated in fashionable lodging-place Keyboard instrument Melba and co recollected Knight grabbing a coat casually King of Troy under horse after collapsing King, Eastern, accommodated in requirement for outdated gun Kick about with woman, very old from the east Knowledgeable about Shintoism? Not entirely Key question about king's personal attendant King possibly deprived of honoured companion in French city Kangaroo court maybe has released one: a blow Kind of place with supply of trees Knitted footwear allowing stars to conserve energy Knocking on ... rather more than a bit? Kitchen appliance ultimately useful in drinking-spree King George leaves French city, receiving knight to elevate Knife found among precious tableware Keen soldier in WW1 battlefield? Kiss Adrian, drunk after beer and port Keep forgetting answer; it is a problem for viewer Knave of clubs, card regularly underneath Kindling catches on King previously called for a joint Kitchen utensil, I hear, is larger Keen to study ditty we composed Keep wife in cricket side King to behave theatrically to get control Keen at first to have a go at climbing Highland tree Kindly leave the car running after parking, finally Kind of cross summer's a dry one Kick around information that's hot Knowledgeable, with bible lessons being put back King possibly finished with throne at last: warning about that Keen to call short cosmonaut Keeps an eye on eggs — clutch, you say? Kidnap a French duke in outskirts of Brest Kent town fed up, we hear, producing old-fashioned advertising Keen Yankee gets treasure or similar King is present to speak Kind of ship at intervals we must keep out of the wind King taking a steer perhaps with queen's boatman Keen to delay unfinished glassware Knife cut back across the male's brain King Charles admitted wearing something regal Keep an eye on lizard King putting medal on official dress Keep remarking about pair coming out in mist Key adversely affects stuffing pipe down bog Kiln's broken connection Knot with large wave — it should produce an outright winner Knock journalist Spooner says is a beast Kilns we built specially for seafood Kind female by a church font Key member, close Kitty over on vacation digs type of soil Keenness shown by guard leaving hospital Kitty chasing second little bit Knight's gamble protecting queen, right? Kid maybe gets duck killed, producing gun Keen, suggesting a tanner? Key article, first to be cut Kind daughter had an office job maybe Kremlin directed a jerk in the wrong direction King, unwell, with girl's wet blanket Keenness from Republican entering in urban style? Keen on India article being dumped by international body King in love adopts flash traditional robe King of Rome heard in ruins Kingdom having significant millions Kill grouse etc, when ultimate strategy comes into play Kid influenced by power or moral force, we hear Keep close to English giant King Lear Kind of speech I state is maybe Marxist? Kind of theatre seat, note, next to small dog Keep last of water in cooking pot for domestic chores Kind of store / in which to spend a penny? Keep mum, say, closer Kind offer Knight's man leaves after last couple of games King, but uncrowned, getting stick about that King rising excitedly to hype desert plant, say Kind of bond that's archetypal, caught only once King and I set makes for cracking musical King's wife a prince rather upset Knocks over box Keeping daughter out of school punishment after resistance King needs a place for bust Kangaroos need time to sleep Knowing fury, daughter King leaves great conductor very regally Knuckle down and fight Keep mum in supportive braces for lower-leg complaint Kitty in a puddle Kindly little man takes rodent into hospital department Keep quiet about a Persian ruler Kindly guy, possibly, I partner Keep man in role of monarch without charge Kids ready to demolish something with dates in Killer rejected challenge - it's beyond me Kind and polite male descendant entertaining current Scotsman Key discussion curtailed after six Know instinctively dweller in the far north retains temperature Kind actors playing similar roles continually Killing amongst some Londoners? Kinship behind daughter's flirting Key player in commercial having change of heart King initially made mistake - nearly imprisoned by massive terrorist organisation Key opening part of court Kicked the bucket, these sticking out of mouth Knowing those swinging both ways bound to be high up in church EDIT apparently there was a late edit ! after I'd printed off my online edition to solve. It now reads "Knowing bachelor is bound ...". How the first version got past the censor is a mystery, and who spotted the bad taste? See various comments below. Knowing a sport will be broadcast Kid scolded once, having crossed line Kabul resident perhaps has right to replace fine fibre Keep one of these and give nothing away Kick a stake King and queen, say, wearing jacket? Killer of wife smiled wickedly in repose Key allowed to be held by banker Kind disposition Knife European left on part of loaf Key informant is free Karate instructor is seen getting beaten up Kid gets shy about penalty for lateness Key cricket club adopting different sport starts to inspire all league Kept being annoyed about time taken by duke Keep on smooching, being very close Key-opened European desk okay to be put away? Key routine to manage raising? Kid in Crosby engaged in corrupt practice Keep away from a big gap? Knotty old lady? Key explorer smiles broadly, supporting members Killer only dear to the French Keep going private say, only with 50 per cent off Keep warm on an island, taking endless cuppas? Knitted garments basket-maker kept in extremely heavy case Keeper on second team originally unknown Kitchen implement is more efficient when cutting end of pork Keeping son away from jail, taking advantage of revolution Knight of sound mind beheaded citizen Key Greek character where Greeks lived Kind of ailment almost finished off Mike Kiss and cuddle? That'll get everyone in bed! Keen husband dipped into small brook Kicking entertainment in prison toilet Keep moving stone with internal magnetism Kind of emission from vehicle — nut needs turning Knight is in time to help reversing unpopular decree Kernel from down under article put on antelope for one in desert Korean city having no aspirations for oversized headgear from the east Keele's principal to furnish university thus, possibly resisting blight Keep watch Key award announced, backed by unknown individual in industrial area Killer whale lying back by sea, not large, certainly agile Keep racing and continue in the same line Keep going over each training period? Kind teacher, your perfect educator initially Key ruling on British intelligence Kid by cool water experiencing heat Kind of leaves a prison in this way Keep interrupting row about updated component Keep an eye on fool entering desolate area Kind of down following defeat Kid taken to court by police at last King against participating in military display Keep in pursuit of inviting word, mostly for reassurance King meets honoured people in ceremonial garb Key stage before final reversion of property King trapped in vessel leads to banner headline Kowtow, as a violin pupil might? Keats, not initially well, turned very thin King with honour producing garment Killer is nonracial, which is oddly overlooked King unhappy one Christmas after a turn Keeping register back, risks joint state office King before opening to habitually exercise arbitrary decree Keep Foreign Office right King John not against cracking on Kept in reserve, passport possibly for travels Keen to immerse husband in southern brook Keep TA in control Keen follower has to change round books Keep moving marble, holding it Keep buzzer close to television after power failure? Keen to be got out of this massacre site? Kid to make relay race a bit shorter? Kid needs letters to be read out Keeping oneself in order, must try cane! Kick pedal one put to some purpose Knight on silver horse Kind of rock wayward genius has put in ring King or queen deposed, meaning the opposite of order! Keep prisoners in it Keen opera singer making return Kind of gene, extremely typical inside Kind tips from studio recruit Knight breaking legs in Cornish village Knowing where film stars can be seen? Killer's dossier, one detectives fill in Keynote article made less commercial Kid not prepared to eat last of sister's toast Kilometres to west of ancient city, largely cool mountainous region Know-all heading off for movie Knocks loose board in Norfolk town Kid at home prepared for light work Kind of shop officers ran