Crossword Clues Start With K, page 31

Kids' whistles and horns? Kinds of ice cream. "Keep going!" Kind of bird. Kinks song about Hollywood Boulevard Knievel, et al. " . . . kind friends, ___" Kind of palm tree. Kind of aircraft Kingda Ka Know-how for a country druggist? Kublai Khan's job Khloe Kardashian was jailed for skipping hers Kitchen contraptions ... keep it coming Keen vision Knockoffs of "Woman With a Hat"? Knockoffs of "Woman With a Hat"? Knight Costello's partner? Kidney: Prefix Kindergartners. Kind of oil Kind of oil Keg on an Omaha campus? King-high games Knot artist. Kevin Costner's anagrammatic lament about his videos "King" of the singers. KINGS Kept on a leash by Kraft product Kraft product Kodak alternative Key fruits. Kindly generosity Kindle again. Kindle anew Kind of TV set. Korea's President, ___ Rhee. Knick V.I.P. Korean War rifle Kind of fig Keying-in skill, in a first language? Kleptomaniac's skill? Keenan's funny dad Keenan's actor father Keenan's actor father Kentucky Wildcats' home King Kong's love in the 1976 film Kind of long-distance number King Tut, e.g. Killer tulip? King Tut, for one KANSAS Kind of force that affects charged particles Kind of musical note Krakatoa's location according to a 1969 film title Key team athlete hiding moola from Switzerland Kool's backup Kitchen appliances: Abbr. Kind of circus Knowledge: Comb. form. Kind of fig tree. Knight's activity "___ Kangaroo Down, Sport" "__ Kangaroo Down, Sport" '-- Kangaroo Down Sport', Kind of deed Key city: Abbr. ___ Kempis, 15th-century scholar. Kent King Arthur's loudest knight? Kiddies' favorite dealers. Kick around Known DNA sequence Kindly Kindly Kenneth Feinberg's title Kind of agreement Keys for a march, after Delilah? Kind of blackbird Kind of blackbird Kingdom of southeast Asia. Kingdom of Indo-China. Kingdom in Indo-China. KHAN Kentucky Derby and Epsom Oaks, for two Knives, forks and spoons King of France, 1226–70. Keen appreciations Kept at, as a barn "Keep going!" Keep going no matter what Kept on an even keel? Kansas painter John ___. King of Babylonia, c. 2870 B. C. *Kenyan healthcare worker? *Kenyan healthcare worker? Kashmir alphabet King of Norway, escaped to London. King once Prince Charles of Denmark. King in Oslo. King of Norway. Karl's confused query in Córdoba? Kind of lace. Kinsey report topic Kobold, in German folklore. Ketamine, informally King stinger's seat? Kind of fight. 1934 Kern-Harbach operetta, with "The" Kern musical (with "The"). Kern musical, with "The" Knock off cartoonist Rube? Kind of bowling Kind of rug Kennedy halves, for instance. Kin of PArrs KRYPTON Kind of Soc. Sec. King's steward, in Lombardy. 1983 Kajagoogoo hit 1986 Kathleen Turner film Khan men "Keep your opinions to yourself!" "Keep your opinions to yourself!" Kitchen needs Kneecap Kill the golden goose? Kin of "The Emperor Jones" actor "Keep it to yourself" Kenny Rogers duet partner Kind of one-way fastener "Keep it short!" King Saul's kin "Kaddish" Kind of dye Kennel operator. Kiev's river Keep a movie dog from wandering? Keep a movie dog from wandering? Knight wear Keeps away Keeps (oneself) away Keeps (oneself) away Keeps away. Keeps (oneself) away. Keeps away Kale ___ Kasim, Arab writer. ___ Kasim. Kin of the sunfish Keg for a "Concentration" player? (trade 1 and 9) Keeps quiet Keep quiet! "Keep quiet!" KEY words KISS Keep canines quiet? Kind of bean Kind of bean Kowtow: Var. Knots in wood. Knotty growths Ketone derivative. Kind of falcon. ___ Killarney. Krung ___, old capital of Siam. Kosher cut of beef? Kidnapped, snatched Kidnapped Kentucky cigars Keen as surgeons can be? Kind of stand Kids' shoe manufacturer Kids' shoe manufacturer Kind of acid used in cosmetics Kind of fatty acid Kind of acid used in cosmetics Kind of fatty acid Kind of fatty acid. Kind of acid Kind of acid used in cosmetics Kills time on-line Kind of sloth Kellogg's cereal with Pooh on the box Kristin Davis's role on "Sex and the City" Kind of drive Key breakdancing moves Kind of acid. Kind of ester Kind of gasoline engine Kate and Audrey 1999 Kidman/Cruise film? 1999 Kidman/Cruise film? ___-kootchy Knight wear Kodály's "___ János" 1982 Kristy McNichol film, with "The" Kitchen gadgets. Kitchen device Kazakhstan et al. Know-it-all Kind of comedy Kind of comedian Kind of comic Kentucky city Kentucky city Kind of jumping bean King of France known as 'the Well-Beloved' Kiwi soldier Kiwi soldier Kids whose parents are invested in them Korean negotiator. Kid-lit penner Kvetch Kvetch Kvetcher Kvetch Kvetch Kvetcher Kind of muscle Kind of muscle Kind of cuff Kind of cuff Kind of cuff Kind of current Kind of stocks Kind of stock Killers: Suffix. 1934 Kentucky Derby winner or a 1933 film that won Best Picture Kind of treaty Kind of stock Kind of stock Kind of stock Kicks everyone out, say Knockoff of designer outerwear? Kid's art activity ... or something seen four times in this puzzle's solution? Kangaroos at the South Pole? Knotty problems. Knocked down a tough pin combination Kind of Eighties record breaker, latest in Kitchen item. Kind of hole on which a double eagle is possible without hitting an ace Knock-knock bird. Kind of order Kind of aerial bomb Kind of aerial bomb Kept sacred Kept sacred