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Crossword Clues Start With K, page 306

Kind of 23 where one's quickly in and out Kids suggested an old retainer for information Kid about a biter bit Keen on gathering bouquet up for boyfriend Kit that's good for women in sport King's daughter at home with drink King in possession of large vessel Kills every character at the beginning? Oh for f***'s sake! Keypad Keep on against money, upper class and, ultimately, privilege King with work in store around westward citadel Knotted garter to make instrument for executioner Kingdom losing large pieces of paper Key selection not entirely impressive King released from pound, more agreeable King shows purpose early in the morning Keep giving notice Keen for mum to run off Kind soul regularly the subject of much love Kid with house building style Key informant taped other criminal King had this vision Keep one's place – international race in view Kelvin, north of the border, always brought round some food Keen galactic hitchhiker losing a day Kinky sex: an unpleasant notion for kids? Kinship‘s one powerful, if tiny, deviation Kitchener's formula for success? Kill foreigner with the other hand finally pushed slightly forward Kremlin made cash changing its old symbols Knock wife away from unearned income? Kick start Knotty question – ultimately spreading load Keen to get a short film to watch at home Keeping quiet, one relative's shattered Key player at Lord's? Kick mongrel King getting wings clipped over female, very petite Kid is tense, needing to relax Key Latin dictionary ready to be loaded in camera Knew more complaining reportedly causes serious illness Keep head office euros stuffed inside sack  Kind of camera seen in car, a Ford Kind of dented the rear somehow Keeps old car laid up and motionless Knows how to adjust duty on paper flower King upset aunt in church Kinky dorm needs some tissues Keep going and check with someone Knave of Hearts in tarts story, fit to be beheaded Keep quiet about a man from Sodom's mortal sin Kitchener's formula for success? Kindly Welshman needing no introduction at island retreat Knight runs in leggings Kill with a sawn-off gun Kind of sword characters regularly seen in court always use Karate perhaps hurt one gangster into biting Kitchener's fad, or fancy choreographer Know Carol's not up in London Knight endlessly entertained back in Red Sea port Key found in smooth area providing animal nutrients Kitchen vessel in sink Keeping a car off the street makes Georgia extremely angry King has initially ignored expression of disgust for fortress Kudos involved first to unravel puzzle Kind offer to pick up Edward Key defender is one who can get out of a tight spot Know-it-all spoils race after you and I take first and second Key specialist in design work? Keep stating price after backing European bank Kind of gun with catches reversed Keen trainspotter's hollow charm Kiss wino, half-cut Antipodean Kindle that could be portable Keep quiet, after reflection, about husband about to be sacked Keen on wife following close behind Kid influenced in conversation Kind landlady's last drink Keeps footwear in item stored under pew in church King leaves Bilk in tree Klingsor's favourite nurse regularly provides motivation King in suit that was turned up in card game once Kitty's friend set up computer Kick–start computer Key volunteers once elected to carry on Keeps stopping a performance car — stunned Ken succeeds in understanding King remains hasty Kidnapper, inexperienced poisoner Kindle is not difficult to carry Knock not deliberately fast Keen for people to get into Cicero's concise language Knowing a thing or two animal finally scarpered Kind of shot English Sunday papers love Kind of garment it's good to have Knock around chap with title Key to the Italian girl's predicament Keep time to retain supporter's backing King in awaiting first shot maybe hid in oak? Key to short game over ditches Keep an eye on screen Kent gets a regulatory area facing offshore Kinkiness for every type Kit Kat and eclair half chewed Keep hunks in check, being forceful Kitchen utensil, brass, not entirely long Kinky lovers use the Guardian — emphatically so Knight who thanked heaven for little girls Kind of hose that's a foot short Key exercise removes hair King's evil woman in Misery King established support Key in 'regret' and save Knight's resting place is about all that remains King of the sea? Killing time, just about Key principle used in teaching English Kept an eye on spare tool Keep drugs in the kitchen? Knock over raised object Kitchen surface perhaps, useful to prophet taking heroin … Knitting aid Roger foolishly raises results in unravelling party? Keen to drink local port Key workers limit time to look after servants King perhaps screwed up with engine that doesn't start King murdered in dingy prison Kick out the competition? You couldn't in this! King and Queen after dark angrily yell for absent horseman King's castle, body of cells confining people Kennedys regularly witnessed deaths Knew what was expected Killjoy melting snow could be described as such Knowing where to go for trade-in? Keen on the prom maestro's musical Keeps us confined in bad spots K-Y stain unfortunately left after game with hookers K FC business, not half struggling, must take in a thousand before ends meet K LM and I flipping get around! K D Lang's unnamed toy boy's half crazy K GB captures one relative K O certain, without reaching last round Kind of operation on French soldier's lower leg, mostly Kind of sugar to be avoided by pilots Ken and Elizabeth tremble in old age King cutting a doctor's head off King – true – not initially kinglike Kilometre not mile? Sick as a parrot! Knife fight takes place around time I left Keeping like a sweet sauce, say Knitted sark enveloping XXL garment of skins? Keeping a record of top job left out King's English penned by cranky, doddery old hack ends up here? Keep this on the autoroutes? Roadie's worried about it (7, 2 words) Knitted cape (from Sweden on label) Keep quiet about biblical character's reluctance to work 11 knots? Put on tug to secure that Key to get in Knights head of dynamic Swiss bank Keep note producer entertained by mad party host as well Knight maybe sly gad-about Kind of wood used in the odd piece of armour Kicked around a watery hole, maybe — must get dried Kick out guru's initial report Kitty‘s game Kid‘s tearful at first, left in care of stranger Kipling's wolf emerging from a lake King upset American element, having no Latin King reportedly returned without page in disgust King signals early return to country King of Albania, putatively learning French? Kids' style, fashioning cool future by the end of puberty King admitting to being upset over daughter's skin-tight garment King in line? Yes in Paris followed by son Kitchen utensil, surprisingly, isn't rare King George's German cavern Knight strips off outer layers to reveal inner woman King and queens imprison evil murderers Know Clarke (or Clark cut short)? King lying in state? That is for Requiem Mass, partly Knots Kill artist in the highest social class Keep isn't commonly toured by chief King holds saint to be lawbreaker King George enters: I, mad? A foul plot! Keep quiet about wife, she's bad-tempered Knight with posh name, member of order Knock around with workers near the centre of Hartlepool Knight certainly cycling in island Kate Winslet and he played card game on TV Keep film in water King's son, utter freak wrapped in plaster King‘s pop song Kept quiet when bad name included the heartless Knock hole at the front of one jar King starts to look frightened when captured by a revolutionary Key to problem in sound pairs of bent roof timbers Kin left out bubbly cokes (as of old) Kills a little time at Angler's Rest, ultimately getting drunk Keep recycling articles as an entertainer? Key skill in quarrel Kingdom's fruitarians peeled bananas King free to eat fish Kind of rhyming, as 'kid set on insect' King whose wife went to Paris, causing strife Key contest with fellow knocked out providing pleasure Kind of noise with an echo Killers hated working on the side Kill insect eating gnat after wings torn off Knot clean for bird trainer Keep an eye on Pakistani opener in cricket, perhaps? Kirk attendant having to retire a long time before end of ritual Kit – leather cases, as leaving – in order, once ready to go off (13, 4 words, apostrophe) Keep dark for a set period Keen perception in place of old stories? Kickstart King lives – Henry kept in for rupture Killer revolutionary breaking party rules Keep steadfast and carry on Knight from county set with son going to Spain Key old solvers getting potato bud Keen old granny's first up to become ancient streaker King of Troy married after pair split up Kew date rearranged, altered Keep away from a chasm Keen little page Keep quiet about controversial plane Kipling's pony, a cross beast, playing 21 and 22 down Kind of 24 down's producer phones girl, speaking like Spooner Key to where astronauts drink? Kick up a fuss, as Adam and Eve did Keep quiet when catching bird – time for sneaky movement King by the grace of God wanting external attention Kidnapping head of state? Of course King aboard rough ride gets irritated Killer bearing donor card? Quite the opposite! Knowing about false icon, failed to impress Kind of shirt with a frill — that's tasty Keep off tar splotch Kid copied Virgin, beheaded and worshipped Knockabout versions of Equus ? Knocked up English poem in University Keep sinking a vessel Keen on ice cream sundae, initially in cold storage Kiss in love story broadcast makes a neat ending King and queen accepting extremely unusual measure Key for Anglo-Saxon instrument Keeps quiet authority Keeping one's plate is a beast LIONESS  Kick once queerly miscued catching ball? Key involved in opening up protective cover