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Crossword Clues Start With K, page 309

Keen Kind of bean Key collaborator ___ King Cole 'Kapow!' relative Klutz Kind of button Kind of cable for transmitting audio and video: Abbr Kiddie lit "Dr." King, in Cantonese Knock harshly "Kinda sorta" Kind response to someone else's suffering Kind of exam Kids' creations from sofa cushions Kind of tide 401(k) alternative Keytar, e.g., briefly Keep an overly large supply of Kitchen appliance King and Queen soon upset God Kind of bag that may hold swag Kuzco from "The Emperor's New Groove" was one Kerfuffle Kanga's kid "Kidnapped" monogram Key not offering opening to this source of medicine? Kissed lightly King not returning for a dance Keats specialty Kicks out Keep moist while cooking Knickknack shelves Kathmandu residents Kyoto setting Kindergarten stuff Key near F1 Kissing in the park, e.g., briefly Kiss Pole madly in winter sports setting Knowledge largely hard to find by day? None of us can see it Keeping poles apart, joined European country Knee ligament Kinswoman Kurt Vonnegut novel which begins with 'All of this happened, more or less' Keeps animals in shelter at the end of the drive Knock out temporarily or impress greatly Kicker's aid Kilauea, e.g Knock on Karate teachers Kids' hangout KGB's land Killer whale Korean word for cooked rice Krazy ___ of cartoons Know-it-___ (mansplainers) Kelly who co-hosts "Live!" Keri of "Felicity" King of the jungle Kite aids Knocks over Kitchen brand that could be a losing tic-tac-toe line Klutz's cry Knitter modified knick-knack Key French couturier reserving time for press chief Knight's address Knock one's socks off Killer whale 2017 Kendrick Lamar hit with a genetic title 'Kapow!' Keep on an even ___ Keynote article by the author Kind Knitter's stitch __ Kapital or __ Boot? Kimchi cuisine Kansas City Royals' league Kitty Knock loose Kid's plea Keeps adding more King's stand-in Kind of beetle Knife feature 'Killing Eve' occupation Knotted neckwear Kind of pachyderm (abbr) Knife cut King of verse Kidney-shaped seeds Key Kidnap Kind of doorman Knightly title Kids' colorful hangout Kid-___ (books for tykes) Kin of "Ruff!" King-trapping situations Kind of spray Kriss Kringle King Arthur's rebellious nephew in Arthurian legend Kirkcudbrightshire village on the north coast of 25D with a rock museum reflecting former nearby granite quarries Kilt wearer ___ Ketchum of "Pokemon" Kinda sorta Khan title Kitten's cry Key volume on much of Mediterranean country Kind of music that may feature a mandolin Kind of salad made with fresh mozzarella, tomato and basil Kansas, to Dorothy 401(k) kin Kennel barkers Knitting project Kimono sashes Kind of goat, rabbit or cat Kit and Colleen regularly over-the-top about opera Kinks song with a spelled-out title Knight's title Kind soldiers in street Kind of beef in a Japanese steakhouse Kind of committee Kazan of filmdom Kicks in 'Korean American: Food That Tastes Like Home' author Kim Kicked and pulled audibly Kind of identity Kind of soup 'King Lear' son Knight's title Keep flat after pal unexpectedly leaves university Kickoff Kindergartner's basics Kind of kitchen Kitchen pest Kanga's son King involved in crash somewhere in Wales Kind of lottery Karine Jean-___, White House media person beginning in 2022 Katy Perry and Serena Williams are ambassadors for it Keys Kittenish Kristen of "The Martian" Kazan with an honorary Oscar Korean, e.g King, in Portuguese "Kinda" Keep getting better Kind of cookie Kotb of "Today" "Knives Out" actress Collette Kings of ___ ("Use Somebody" band) Karaoke singer's need ___ Kyle, aka Catwoman Knocks Keep pulling the sack Kind of eel Kinda Kids' guessing game Kyoto currency Kyoto setting Kiwi expression of thanks Killer of two donkeys at home King, in Cannes Kind of rabbit from south of European peninsula Keith Haring genre Kleenex layer '___ Know Me' (George Strait song) Kinsey topic King's wife going around east in cutter Killing of a despot Kidneys, e.g Kimono closer King nearly beginning to take piece Kind of ancient Greek theatre — kind of UK cinema Kind of pit Knitting need Katherine __, Canadian comedian Key game involving a drained Grimsby, struggling to get out of the box? Keenly intelligent Kind of massage with rocks Kitchen staple used in some pickling Kayak cousin Kitchen feature Kit ___ bar Kylo ___ (Darth Vader's grandson) Keeps on keeping on Knitter's materials Kind of oil derived from marijuana, for short Kagan of the Supreme Court ___ Kong Key related to G major Keeps in the email loop Knowledgeable sort Kitten's cry — King Cole Kitten's cry Keep taking ecstasy and be sick Kevin of "Shark Tank" Kingston Trio hit Keats' almost sensational feeling about a subject of one of his odes Kind of wave Knee protector Kitty's doc Keats or Wordsworth Khan title King fighting heartfelt rage over Duke? 'Kitty ___' (2006 Beyoncé song) Key ring? Key ring? "Keep singing!" Key above ~ Kriss Kringle Kampala's land Kate of "The Martian" Kind of phone plan Ketchup chips, toques and the like Kravitz who sang "Again" Kringle or Kristofferson Kit — (candy bar) Kyoto sash Kitchen VIP 401(k) alternatives Kind of passage Kind of cookie with two colors Kind of folder to check for a missing email Knight set to participate in Australian service Kitchen tool Khan of Khan Academy Killer has got in behind two idiots Kind of circus performer? Kind of incentive? Key used to delete the previous letter Kazakhs and Uzbeks, e.g. Kilmer who played Batman Karate-like exercise program Kaput Kittens' cries Kazakhs and Uzbeks, e.g Kimchi containers Karaoke need, informally Kids movie producers? Kiss, in England Kiss, in Spain Keep busy Kitchen gadget brand Kotb of "Today" Khmer temple Khmer temple Kitchen goofs