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Crossword Clues Start With K, page 311

Knight's title Kermit is one Key for indenting Kindling -- Khan, Mayor of London Kylo ___ ('Star Wars' antagonist) 401(k) kin Kremlin setting Kind of red Knight like a nobleman? Almost Ken, to Barbie Keanu Reeves's character in The Matrix Kayo count Killer whale Kind of dish under a microscope Kitten's sound Kite part Korean or Thai Kafka's first novel cutting if not authentic Keep out Keystone __ Kuang Si Falls' country Knight's youthful attendant Kicks back Kind of acid in vinegar ___ Kross ('90s rap duo known for wearing their pants backward) Knight's title Kerfuffles Kind of pants that are baggy Kind of sax Knight-wear? Komodo dragons and Gila monsters Knight-wear? Kind of pants that are baggy Komodo dragons and Gila monsters Kind of sax Kerfuffles Kind of history or surgeon Kitten's "I'm hungry" Kick off KO — crazy to get up Kings' domains Kentucky neighbor King is in Paris: high point Karate levels Kotb of "Today" Kitten's cry __ knots: intricate Black hairstyle Kinsey topic Kathy of "Misery" Karate move Kinda chilly Kanga's kid Knave in cards Korbut of gymnastics Key of Rossini's 'William Tell' Overture: Abbr. Key of Rossini's 'William Tell' Overture: Abbr Kayak kin Kicks out of office King in a Shakespeare tragedy K-pop band on hiatus until 2025 Kicks off Kismet Karenina's twelve pies? Knight, behold, has popular beef Kind of address Key ___ (electronic lock openers) King Kong, for one Knock Kitchen device Keepsake "Keep this simple" Klutzy people Kind of ski lift Knee's place Killjoy Kind of melon Kind of a jerk? Kiln for drying hops and whatnot ___ Kippur Kind of cuisine with kimchi Kid in Wellington is, first of all, a New Zealander Knocks Kind of soup with wakame Klutz Kiln for drying hops and whatnot Knee protectors Kick back — kwon do Kind of wrestling … or a hint to four pairs of crossing answers in this puzzle Kind of wrestling ... or a hint to four pairs of crossing answers in this puzzle Keepers Kitchen wrap? Kind of mark Karaoke participant Knightley of "Colette" Kind Kind of milk Korean dish with a lettuce wrap Keep King or queen, e.g. Knucklehead Knuckle-headed antic? Kinsey subject Kid's quaff Keen Kitchen variety Knight clubs Kind of drawing Kitchen variety Kitten's cry Knotted mess Kaiser's grp. Kaiser's grp. Kaiser's grp "King's Disease" rapper, 2021 Key in Krill consumers Kraken's org Knight's title Kristoff's reindeer pal in 'Frozen' Kill for food consumption "Kinky Boots" Tony winner Billy '. . . kinda' Kaffiyeh wearer Knight once held up by Jedi, clearly Kind of edible pea Kid-friendly sandwich, informally Knees, e.g 'Kitchen Song' singer Violet Keeps impatiently checking the time "Keen!" Kidman of film Kind of leather Keen to receive book shedding some light Knott's ___ Farm (theme park) Keen on fixing tungsten objects on the fence KGB, say, saving Philby time, which is most revealing ___ Kim (rapper) Knighted fellows Kilmer poem Kingdom Killer whale Kind of crook who does all he can to make a living? Knight with endless sound in fanfare Keyboard operator Kosher Kind of torch or bar Keeping check, screen wrong price list? Klaxon Kevin of "Weeds" Keebler cookie creator Knight's title Kicked out of a game: Abbr Kind of tense? Kanga's son Kin of reggae King murdered by Macbeth Kapoor of 'Slumdog Millionaire' Kind of cat with short, curly fur Key item Kind of whale with two blowholes King who said 'How sharper than a serpent's tooth it is to have a thankless child!' Kvass grain Knight-time story Klutz's cry "Kapow!" "Kills bugs dead" brand Kingly trappings Kimono sash Keanu Reeves's role in 'The Matrix' Kansas capital Kerfuffle Kindly companion with largely parched set of diners Kremlin city ___Kosh B'Gosh Knight's weapon "Kapow!" Knowing how to figure things out? Kids; pincers Kind of lamp or cake Kimono tightener Kimono tightener "Knock it off!" Kitchen wear Knight's protection Kidney-related Knee protector Keen Kind of drink I really drink Kind of gas station that's illegal in New Jersey Kemper of "Bridesmaids" Klutz Knowing people in gang? Kind of diagram Kosher : Judaism :: ___ : Islam ___Kosh B'gosh King topper Kvetch Kiss him madly? It's a belief Kind of acid found in 'good' fats Kare-kare or ragout Kitchen meas. Keep safe Knife covers Knightley of 'The Imitation Game' K-pop group that visited the White House in 2022 Kind 401(k) options Karaoke props 'Know what I mean?' Kingpin of the 1980s and 1990s Katy Perry song with the lyric 'louder than a lion' 'Keep it down!' Kind of prof. or D.A. King Kalakaua played one Keypad key Khan Academy founder Khan Kick, so to speak Keys Kind of fishing or diving Knitting project Knight of Nike Kraken's home Katniss's fellow tribute, in 'The Hunger Games' Kagan in robes Kennel alternatives Key for shortcuts Key for getting out Kinda Key location? Kangaroo feature 'Knives Out' star de Armas Kuwaiti bigwig Kenny G's instrument Kate of 'Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom' Key near B Knight's address King, in Córdoba Kestrel claw Kristen Stewart's 'Spencer' role Key next to A King in 1 Kings Karnak temple honoree Knucklehead Kristen's 'Twilight' role Kids' clothing brand owned by The Children's Place Kissed, at Cambridge Kind of band, show or army Kyoto currency