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Crossword Clues Start With K, page 312

Keen "Kapow!" Korean martial art Key in the top left Knight's address Kenya neighbor Kitchen surface ___ Kedrova, Oscar-winning actress for 'Zorba the Greek' Key pad maker? Kind of card for a phone Kin of keno ___ kick (football play) Keen on reading Kennel cacophony Kilt wearer Kitchen tool Kitchen utensil "Know what __?" Knock on Kwik-E-___ (store on 'The Simpsons') Kitchen work King or queen, e.g. Kudrow of 'Friends' Knight wear Knock to the ground Kentucky Derby, e.g. Knight's equivalent Karaj's country Kills time Kind of poem Key letters Keep in captivity Knight's wife Key passage on the radio Knife crazy revolutionary Knight clubs Kind of butter in cosmetics Knocked off King or queen Kart (e-vehicle) overturned rounding entrance to cambered circuit King not doing so well, such as Claudius or Richard III Karaoke aid Kingly Kind of snake that eats garden pests King of Camelot Knock softly Kids' 'Got any deuces?' card game 'King of Rock and Roll' Keep from entering Knock down Karate belt Kindled Kilt fabric Kotb of TV talk Keyboarding star Kept for later Keyboarding error Knight's title Knight's metal suit Kin of collard greens Key missing ON & O Kentucky __ (annual horse race) Kindly parting words Kazoo player Kitchen faucet King who cohosts 'CBS Mornings' Kumquat-shaped Key related to G maj. Kitchen timer signal Korean border river Kit __ (candy name) Keats or Byron Kind of steak Kansas and Connecticut Knockoffs Kennel comments Kite catcher, at times Know somehow '__ know you?' K2, for example Koala quartet Keyboard innovator Kind of coaster Keatsian preposition Kindle reading Kid's beach sculpture Keyboarding error Korea's continent Know how Kona Snorkel Tour participant Keeps going, and going, and going . . . Knee MRI target Karate motion Keen vision Kareem went there Keogh plan alternative Kept in a Biblical way Knock orally Kicked back Knitter's material Knotted Knowing better now Kvetch Kvetchy phrase Kindergartener, for instance Kid's pellet shooter Key with three sharps, for short Kitchen accessory Karate ranks Knight's aide Kick __ fuss Kitchenware brand K-O connection Keep from progressing Knocks over Kelly of morning TV Kin of counter- Khan mentioned by Coleridge Kept in the dark Kitchen cover Kept to oneself Kind of roast Kit __ bar Keep on course Keeps going, and going, and . . . Kenyan people Kept a low profile Knight's body armor Kindergarten adhesive Kind of pudding Kept in a space-saving way Kate Middleton designation Kids' elevated backyard hideout Knighted author/humorist Knitting material Kind of cotton cloth Keogh plan alternative Keyboard's __ Lock Ky. neighbor Koran's First Prophet Knight's metal suit Karate blow Keep on file Keyboard cleaner Kawasaki competitor Key sharer with the asterisk Keep oneself entertained Keats and Yeats Know-nothing bridge KFC freebie Knotty problem Kin of 'kosher' Kind of crossbar Keep from littering Kitchen wrap Knotted up Kind of fish Knock out Kitchen __ Khaki kin Kind of tax Kellogg's brand 'Kapow!' Knot again K-12 supporters Keep out of sight Key used to leave Karenina of fiction Ketchup color Kitchen conveniences Keep too much of Kitchen whistler Kitty complaint Key of Beethoven's Fifth Kettle follower, in snack brands Knock over Kitchen container Kilt, for example Knew somehow Knight's title Kid's carriers with sandwiches Kept others from sharing Knows the truth about Keto-friendly Kneecap Knitting material Korbut of gymnastics Knighted drummer Kiwifruit shape 24-karat Kept cool, in a way Kid's shoebox project Krypton or xenon Kid-lit author Sendak Knitter's material Knighted actor Michael Kilt wearer's accessory '. . . Kimmy Schmidt' cocreator Koran's Creator Keep for later Keys, for instance Karate motion Kid's snow vehicle 'Keep Commerce Human' site Know how Kept secret Kraft Heinz tater brand Kids' blocks brand Kazooist, for instance Key to leave with KQED or WNYC Kiribati's capital Kia or Cadillac Kicked out Kind of aircraft engine Kitchen strainer Keys' place, for short KO, on the NYSE Kimono sash Kennel club classification Keyboarding stat. Keep __ to the ground Keep away from King Charles __ Kitchen rug Knighted ones Keeps annoying King of Disney cartoons Kauai greeting Keyboarded Kazakhstan's capital Kelly of daytime TV Keeps under wraps Keep __ (don't quit) 'Kindly stay on the phone' Keep talking K-6 Kimono-clad dancer Karl Marx's '__ Kapital' Knock around Kilo- squared Karate levels Knighted flutist Keen-edged Keep entertained 'King of Rock and Roll' Kind of semiconductor __ Kringle Knight wear Knightly title