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Crossword Clues Start With K, page 318

Kittens to play — getting most tangled Kids' meal extra Kissing at the mall, say: Abbr. Knocking back some tequila, Mexican country Kinds of pockets Kitten's cry Kid's construction blocks Karate waistband Kafka hero Gregor Knight's title Key ___ pie Karaoke props, briefly Kanga's kid Kitchen item in stone cask knocked over Knowledge of issue besetting game Knitted cashmere? I don't know King originally exhibiting Antipodean parrot Kitchen item? Love tucking into sample Knees apart, prayed for someone wise to intercede Kid Keen Glaswegian /man of law Keeping mum and boy in squat Knocks over in fight Knocked back royal beer Knight in prison with time to waste Kind of garage Keg stopper Kind of garage Kind of city Rome is. Kitchen stuff about to be brought to part of garden Keep owing more, on strike in affluent area Kind of market or media Kind of production Keep going to Latin classes Keeping school punishment with new head taking over Kid may be picked up in river Kit out for short film recording Keep signalling vessel Keen-eyed alumnus with man King who sang by accident's heard in three countries Koreans pry awfully - and so do I! Kidnap a born leader abroad Keep quiet on Socialist scrap Keen on traps being economical Knockout producing tears? King in area to perform, extremely unkempt and tired Kitty, heading for Altamira, scours series of caves Key worker at home right out of time Knot, turnstone etc may feed here Killer allergen in jam sandwiches Keep up home, retaining old hedging Keen on securing right start King always holds place for astronomer King opens shop cooking sea food Kind class cheer reprinted novelist Keep feeling tired after imbibing a single vintage port Killer of two fools at home Keen on grabbing right start Kind of sweet Keep firm grasp in wrestling? Kinswoman of marvellous masculine variant Keeping top of order, sort out place for rest of bats? Keen to absorb tip on jam-making, turning over notes from the WI? Kind of favorite at the track Key vote leftist returned to secure by intimidation Kind of bark Knight, slippery type entertained by monarch, is showing obeisance Kid arrested by inspector put away for attack Krueger's street of dreams Kent town with management team providing promotional material Kind of millionaire Kind of crisis with replacing learner who makes deliveries Knowing quality, I invested in S African currency Keen students pay this order to stand still Kind of dome Knight meets a French religious lady Kind chap put in the shade Keen to come into contact with old cut glass Kid turning, runs away from alien one's spotted Keen on new technology, storing right part for service Kick servant dispatching article for one Kept too bad a cooked snack Kind of treatment one can't have Key often used to get in Key part of Cambridge walk Kickoff gadget Kick or attack — start running! Kicking tool Kickoff aid Kazakh-Uzbek sea Key mistake admitted by party-pooper Kicker's prop Kind of shirt. Kitchen device rotates cooking Kickoff aid Kick and pulled along, we hear Knowing about shirt being really tough Kid to remove quickly on being constrained by age Knock the beer back: easily one's undoing? Keen on local couple getting a hearing Kids' cave with ordinary opening King, in a certain outbuilding, flailed Knock down all skittles, wrong when set up for game Kind of poll Kickoff aid Knight leaves Scottish island for western US state Kerbside container King laid on a Syrian cloth in holy building Korean creator of "Gangnam Style" Knot-tying words: 2 wds. Kissing in the restaurant, say: Abbr. "Key & ___" (Comedy Central series) Knock yourself out? Kitchen work before cooking, for short Kept in a secret place Kendrick Lamar's genre King Arthur's Excalibur, for one Knowledge, in a sense Knock off Knee-ankle connector Key fact in reproduction method where crosses accumulate Key passage denied opening note King heading off cause of malfunction in government Keep talking about Nintendo console for a child Ken, trier, somehow he's making adjustments King following traveller on water Kiss Dot, heading off Kind of talk or rally Kept short socks, initially coloured Knitter's ball Kylo ___, "Star Wars" villain Kobe Bryant's organization: Abbr. Kind of energy or eclipse Kept under wraps Knocked back, it's a wine from Piedmont Kind of sole you shouldn't find on a slipper? Kick up a ___ (cause a disturbance) King Kong, for one Kenya's continent, for short Kill, as a dragon Knight's title Kingdoms ‘King George', a soft old man's tipple Kissing in the street, say: Abbr. Kitchen appliance with burners Kind of encouraging talk before a game Krispy Kreme creation Keen, like some readers or fans King in robe twirling about Kilogram or pound, for short Keep every one of Knee protectors Kids' building block brand Kept horses mad about light Keep occupied, as a phone line: 2 wds. Kit ___ (chocolate wafer bar) Kind of gooey cake King wasn't well, had a complaint King's present unfeigned anger Kool-___ (drink mix) Knee and calf site . King gripped by novel about woman in service Kardashian matriarch Kind of shirt Kendrick Lamar's genre Kinky practices with an individual who might get you dreaming Katie Holmes' "Dawson's ___" 'Kinda' Knight's title King, the fellow to go down with viceroy Kooky American avoiding press and public Knock up designer range: time to impress Penny Kitchen appliance with burners Kind of rice Kind of encouraging talk before a game Krispy Kreme product Kind of stockings Kind of bed with a frame overhead Keen, like some readers or fans King Kong, for one Kid's plaything Kool-___ (flavored drink mix) Kind of talk given by a coach "King of Rock and Roll" Presley Kraft American singles, e.g Kind of club or music Knightly title "Knock it ___!" ("Stop it!") Kept, as are exotic birds Knock out bore with a title after being punched Killer whale Kitchen container Keystone State eponym King with a golden touch Knocking sounds Kind of committee Kylo of the "Star Wars" sequels Key you may push frantically Kites and airplanes do this Kids' meal extra Kafka character who turned into a bug King's picked up spoils Key above Caps Lock Kafka hero Kafka hero Gregor Kind of indefatigable spirit appearing in a grey-brown church Keeper of unclassified material "Knock it ___!" ("Stop it!") Kind of support English fête in top King and queen welcoming run on foreign currency Key pressed after inputting a PIN Kafka character Gregor Knock back some speed, a pill or a tablet Kind manner, one not evident in blokes Key work by artist that's a bit of a nut Knocking back lager is a slight mistake Kafka character who becomes an insect King, to be beheaded, takes sanctuary somewhere near Wembley Kitchen implement alas put in a stew Kafka's Gregor Kafka hero Gregor Kafka's Gregor Kafka character Gregor ___ Kafka's victim of trans-mogrification Kafka character Gregor ___ Kids' show with a Thinking Chair Kin of -ese Knowledge makes sense somehow after a conflict Keep last of the sheep on the Serengeti, say Kafka's victim of trans-mogrification Kafka's Gregor ___ Kind of boot Kenya's cont Kiss Key cut separates each overturned piece of meat Knowledge, it's said Kind of support used in cable car systems at ski destinations : Hyph. Kind of bird likely to be spotted around a beach Keenly awaiting release of a poem by PhD in translation Kind person like Vlad once a Guardian worker? Kind or type Kirk's voyage Kind of acid in proteins Kids leave their baby teeth under their pillows, in the hope of a present from the Tooth ___ Kudos King Charles initially leads without difficulty Kind of bookstore Kinnock's heartless thrill King helps attempts to gain territory King spoiling absurd plan