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Crossword Clues Start With K, page 318

Kind of soup "Keep your crummy job!" Key Greek character with very old story cut short (7) Kind of tense, drive over island for meat (8) Kneel in worship (9) Knock wine over fancy bar area (6) Kid rocked when picked up by ears! Kneel in worship Kaeng khae cuisine "Key & _ "(sketch comedy series) Khumbmatar veggies Knock back some Pernod with a mafia boss (3) Keeper's dominion King enters to provide food bowl "Key & ___" (sketch comedy series) Khumb matar veggies Kylo ___ (son of Princess Leia) Keep one's ___; remain steady Knits in a certain way ___ Khan: Rita Hayworth's husband Kick back Key of Bach's Mass Kitchen gadget Kylie Minogue song, On A Night Like ... Knot tie with speed, and repeat (7) Kin named after you Kernel King of Scotland from 1040-57 Knowledgeable about getting hold of Rachmaninoff’s first prelude Knowing about daughter selling apps Knick knacks Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable, for example Kitchen ___ (toaster or blender, e.g.) (9) Kitchen cover-up King toppers Keke, 1982 world Formula 1 motor racing champion (7) Keep silent Keogh plan kin: Abbr. 1980 Ken Russell film based on a novel by Paddy Chayefsky (7,6) Knee-slapper or rib-tickler Kind of belly button Kiwi driver who had his Formula 1 debut in 2023 (6) Kitchen wrap brand Keep a ___ on (monitor closely) Kenya's continent, for short KJ ___, actor from "The Last Summer" Knee or elbow, e.g. ___ Kat (chocolate wafer bar) Koi's home Kitchen pest Kind of suit for divers Kill, as a dragon Key above Caps Lock Karachi's home, for short Kind of encouraging talk Kitty, in poker "Keeping Up with the Joneses" actress Gadot Kind of lamp or cake Kind of swing or ring Kiss on the beach, e.g.: Abbr. Kilt-wearing boy, perhaps Knitting essentials Killer whale Kenya's continent, for short ___ King Cole Kristen Wiig's sketch comedy show: Abbr. Kind of tuna sandwich Keyboard neighbor of "Q" Kind of wave Kind of mask or resort Kind of a list with tasks: 2 wds. "Kill Bill" actress Thurman Keats or Tennyson, for one King ___ (poisonous snake) Kitten's cry Keyboard key on either side of spacebar Kind of eclipse involving the sun Kendrick Lamar's genre Knightly title of respect King beater? Ketchup color ___ Kurylenko, actress in "Quantum of Solace" Kith and ___ Ketchup's yellow companion? Knitted pullover, perhaps Kissing in a crowded place, say: Abbr. ___-K (tot's school, informally) King Ibn ___ of Saudi Arabia Knitter's ball Keanu's role in "The Matrix" Ketchup ingredient Kings of ___, "Notion" rock band Kitten's sound ___ kitchen (free food place) Knight's title Keen reader King Kong, for one Kissing in a crowd, say: Abbr. Kylie Jenner, to North West Kennel kids King of the jungle Kate Winslet's "Titanic" character "Keep an ___ on that!" Kate Hudson, to Goldie Hawn Keats's "unravish'd bride of quietness" Kid who is older than 12 Kitt who sang "Santa Baby" Key ___ pie (custardlike pie) Keats' "___ to a Nightingale" Kid's lunchtime sandwich: Abbr. Kind of casual shirt, informally Kind of encouraging talk Kate Hudson's "___ Was Here": 2 wds. Kitchen water outlet Keg attachment Kind of management for hotheads? Kodaline's "___ I Want" Kind of encouraging talk Kind of tie that is a cord with a clasp Knitter's purchase Kim Kardashian's mother, ___ Jenner Kg or lb, for short Keen, as a reader King Kong, for one Kellogg's Raisin ___ Kind of citizenship Knee's limb "Keep your friends ___, and your enemies..." King of the Greek gods Knight's title Kin of "Groovy!" "___ Kett" (old comic strip) Kill bill vote? Kissing in front of the paparazzi, say: Abbr. Kitten's foot Kentucky Fried ___ (abbreviated fast food chain) Kith's partner "Krazy ___" (comic strip featuring a feline) Kansas City ___ (MLB theme with a regal name) Knicks and Spurs' organization: Abbr. Kangchenjunga's continent Knob site Key's partner Kissing outdoors, say: Abbr. Ken's BFF Kilimanjaro or Everest, for short "K-___ Star" (Korean reality TV series) ___ killer (one who tries to spoil the fun, say) Karachi's home, for short Kind of bread or whiskey Kendrick ___, "Family Ties" rapper Keyboard neighbor of Q Kipling's serpent in "The Jungle Book" Karl Marx's "___ Kapital" Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's organization: Abbr. Kiosk for cash withdrawal: Abbr. Karaoke pair, e.g. Kissing in the open, say: Abbr. Knife's sharp part King ___ (hooded snake) Kin of "Yikes!" Kid-built snow structure Kanga's son Koala's land, for short Kesha's "___ Tok" Kind of code for an address: Abbr. Ketchum who's "gotta catch 'em all" Knight's title Kingsley who played Gandhi Keep a ___ profile (stay under the radar) Keebler mascot Keg attachment King Kong or Godzilla, e.g. Kellogg's frozen waffle brand Keep ___ (be tight-lipped) Kind of dress fastened at the side Kith and ___ Knock rapidly, like on a door Kitten's gentle cry "Knives ___," mystery film starring Daniel Craig Kentucky Derby participant ___ Kardashian, brother of Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney Knitting purchase Krypto the Superdog's bark King in a Shakespeare tragedy Kept out of sight, say Kind of wolf Kind of rally or talk Kathmandu's country Killer whale Kind of space at therapy, perhaps Kept out of sight Kylo ___ of "Star Wars" Kayak's kin Kimono sash ___ Knievel, rhyming stuntman Kind of syrup at IHOP, say Kitten's soft cry Keg insert "___ Kids," film franchise starring Daryl Sabara Knick-___ (small trinket) Kind of bath or pie ___ Kosh B'gosh (children's clothing company) Kangaroo's nation, for short Keats' container? Katy Perry hit with a jungle scene "Knocked Up" actor ___ Rudd "___ Knows," J. Cole song King Kong, e.g. Keep a ___ on Ketchum from "Pokemon" Kamala Harris, for short Kind of seed or Street for kids? ___ Kate Dillon of "Orange Is the New Black" Knight's lady (anagram of "made") Knife's sharp part Katz's from "When Harry Met Sally," e.g. Knitting ball ___ Kudrow of "Friends" Katy Perry's music genre King Arthur's Excalibur, e.g. Kalahari or Sahara, e.g. Keyboard key between Ctrl and Del Kissing in a crowd, say: Abbr. Keanu Reeve's character Kevin who was the 2014 NBA MVP Kind of campaign to tarnish reputation Kind of talk by a coach Killer whale Keystone ___ (1910s policemen comedy group, informally) Keep bugging constantly Killed, as a dragon Kind of guitar or fish Karl Marx's "___ Kapital" Kangaroo's jump Knight's title Kilimanjaro or Everest, for short Knee and ankle connector ___ Kardashian, North West's mother Kitten's feeble cry Kipling's serpent in "The Jungle Book" Kellogg's Cracklin' ___ Bran Kidney ___, red-colored pulses that are rich in protein Kitchen appliance with magnets on it, informally ___ Kilmer, actor from "Top Gun" Knock on the head Karate's cousin which is also an Olympic sport Kept in a secret place Kissing in the park, e.g.: Abbr. Kettle that holds tea or coffee