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Crossword Clues Start With K, page 319

Key above CapsLock Key lime ___ Kind of pie, or change a letter in 18d to get the answer Krabappel of "The Simpsons" Kylo ___ of "Star Wars" Kiss ___ (sports stadium feature) Kill a beast, say Kind of school Kitchen pest Knitter's need Kidz ___ (children's music group) Kind of fruit or project King Kong and the like Key ___ pie (dessert) Kitten's gentle cry Knight's protection Kipling's serpent in "The Jungle Book" Kellogg's Cracklin' ___ Bran Keats' dedication "Knives Out" actress ___ de Armas Ketchup color "Kapow!" Kind of reel or reflex Knight's title Kind of garden with exotic plants Kind of squad that chants encouraging words Kissing in a crowd, say: Abbr. King Arthur's Excalibur, for one Kylo ___, from "Star Wars" Kendrick Lamar's genre Kind of lime pie "Knock it ___!" ("Stop it!") Key & Peele, for one "King ___" (Shakespeare's tragedy) "Knives Out" actress ___ de Armas Kindergarten pupil Kid's caretaker, say Kind of PC monitor: Abbr. "___ Karenina," Leo Tolstoy novel with a palindromic name in its title ___ King, who made "Tapestry" Knotted formal accessory Kylo ___, antagonist in "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" Key next to spacebar on your keyboard Kind of shopping therapy that ends in "ail" Karachi's home country, for short Kind of fairy who may dabble in dentistry? Kellogg's frozen waffles brand Kind of fluffy cat or rug Kind of encouraging talk given by a coach Keg attachment Knob on the side of the wrist variant of 16a Kissing in a crowd, say: Abbr. Kind of project or peeve Kind of battle seen in "8 Mile" Kin, for short Kind of swings or lighting Kit ___ (chocolate bar) Key above CapsLock "Knives Out" actress ___ de Armas Kathmandu's country Kings of ___, band known for their hit song "Use Somebody" Keeping ___ (tight-lipped) Karl Marx's "___ Kapital" Keats' creation Kissing in a garden, e.g.: Abbr. Kool-___ (flavored drink mix) Kendrick's genre Kesha's hit "___ Tok" Khloe and Kourtney's sister Karaoke accessory Kind of poor jokes Knitter's ball or kitten's toy Keg attachment Keyboard shortcut to make a short cut Knives Out sequel Kristen of Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar Kismet Key slang for "seafood" (8) Kristen Stewart's role in "Twilight" ___ Khan (Turkish title) Knitting stitch Kiln King Kong, for one Kieran's role on "Succession" Kneecap head with everyone's backing? (7) Knickknack ledge, perhaps Knighted rocker Rod Kudrow et al. Kid the man sees regularly Kriss Kringle's bag of toys? (4) King Kong's kin Kicks on fourth down Know-__; smart aleck King, queen or rook ___ Kippur Korea's continent Knight's expedition (5) ___-Kee (lucky "Mulan" bug) Keep from Khloe Kardashian's daughter _ Thompson (4) Knock - on a door, eg Key groups? Kristen of "Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar" "Knives Out" sequel King who says to Cordelia, "Nothing can come of nothing" ___ known as (what "A.K.A." stands for) Keep from spreading, as a rumor Kissing in the park, e.g.: Abbr. Katniss Everdeen's partner in "The Hunger Games," Mellark Kind of therapy in which essential oil is used "King of the underworld" in ancient Greek myth Kentucky Derby winner's flowers Keep ___ on (watch closely) King Kong and his friends, say Kind of engineer who'd build bridges and roads Kick out of an apartment Keeps money aside for the future Knight's metal suit "Knowing Me, Knowing You" band Kind of, slangily "Keep your enemy ___" (away): 2 wds. Kellogg's Cracklin' ____ Bran "___ Kitchen" (Gordon Ramsay show) 1,000 kilograms (alternate spelling) Kissing in a park, e.g.: Abbr. Kind of, in slang Key ___ pie (dessert) Knives' sharp sides Knight's "shining" protection Kissing at the mall, maybe: Abbr. Killer whale at the SeaWorld, San Diego Kiosk or outlet Kellogg's frozen waffles brand Knots on a tree trunk King John's charter of rights, Magna ___ Keen to get started Karaoke devices Killed, as a dragon King's tenure Keys next to "caps lock" Kick off Kind of code "___ knows?" Killed, as a dragon "King Kong" actress Wray "Key & ___," Comedy Central's sketch comedy series Kitten's cry Kind of code Knitted shoulder wrap Kind of guitar Kissing in a crowd: Abbr. "Knock it ___!" ("Stop it!") Killed, as the Jabberwock Knight's title ___ Khan, "The Jungle Book" antagonist Kick off Knightly address "Key & ___" (Comedy Central series) Kick out of school, say Keeping a careful watch, say Kind of colony or code Killed, as a dragon Keira Knightley starrer "Begin ___" Karl Marx's "___ Kapital" Ketchup or Hollandaise Kilmer of "Batman Forever" Knight's protective gear King ___ (venomous snake) ___ Kitty (Japanese cartoon character) King Kong, for one Kind of "code" or "rehearsal" Kind of eclipse or energy Knights' counterparts ___ Keanan, actress of "My Two Dads" Killer whale Kind of panel "Kick-___" (2010 superhero film) Kyoto cummerbund "Kung Fu ___," animated film series Kelly Clarkson's "___ U Been Gone" Kick out from a place Kind of magical spell Kate Hudson's "A Little ___ of Heaven" "___ Know," song by The Chainsmokers: 2 wds. Kardashian matriarch Kind of shirt Kendrick Lamar's genre Knitter's ball Katie Holmes' "Dawson's ___" Keg stopper Knight in shining ___ ___ Keller, author of "Optimism" King Kong, for one Knicks and Lakers organization: Abbr. Kitten's gentle cry Korean creator of "Gangnam Style" Kit ___ (chocolate bar) Knot-tying words: 2 wds. Kissing in the restaurant, say: Abbr. "Key & ___" (Comedy Central series) Knock yourself out? Kitchen work before cooking, for short Kept in a secret place Kendrick Lamar's genre King Arthur's Excalibur, for one Knee-ankle connector Kind of talk or rally Keanu in "The Matrix" Knitter's ball Kylo ___, "Star Wars" villain Kobe Bryant's organization: Abbr. Kind of energy or eclipse Kept under wraps Kick up a ___ (cause a disturbance) King Kong, for one Kenya's continent, for short Kill, as a dragon Knight's title Kissing in the street, say: Abbr. Kitchen appliance with burners Kind of encouraging talk before a game Krispy Kreme creation Keen, like some readers or fans Kilogram or pound, for short Knee protectors Kids' building block brand Keep occupied, as a phone line: 2 wds. Kit ___ (chocolate wafer bar) Kind of gooey cake ___ Knievel, famed daredevil Kind of jockey at a club? Kitchen appliance with burners Knight's mount K-pop artist who sang "Gangnam Style" Kind of badge or scholarship Kylo ___ of "Star Wars" Knight's counterpart 10K or marathon, e.g. Killed, as a dragon Ken, to Barbie Kissing on a busy avenue, e.g.: Abbr. Kiss ___ (sports stadium feature) King Kong, for one ___ Kong (Victoria Harbour city) Kool-___ (flavored drink mix) Kind of talk given by a coach "King of Rock and Roll" Presley Knightly title Kind of chart or dessert Killer whale