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Crossword Clues Start With K, page 321

Kissing in the park, for example: Abbr. Katniss ___, the lead character in "The Hunger Games" series, who is one of the most-loved fictional female characters Kansas City Royals manager Ned ___ Killer whale Knee or elbow protector, for an athlete Kind of hands that are "the devil's playthings" Kitten-lifting spot "Key & ___" (Comedy Central series) Keats's "unravish'd bride of quietness" Knight's title Ken ___, "Brothers & Sisters" actor ___ known as (what "aka" stands for) Kind of space Keg attachment "Kill Bill" star Thurman Karachi's home, for short Knowledgeable and filled with wisdom Keystone characters King ___, film ape Koi's habitat Kissing in front of other people, for example: Abbr. ___ King Cole, famed musician "Key ___" (Humphrey Bogart movie named for a Florida island) ___ King Cole, legendary jazz pianist and vocalist ___ Kurylenko, Bond actress ___ Knievel, famed daredevil ___ Kane, Susan Lucci's role on "All My Children" Kimono closer Kind Knight's title ___ Krabappel, teacher on "The Simpsons" Kid's plaything ___ Knievel, famed daredevil Kind of threat Kimono closer Kylo of "The Force Awakens" "Knocking on ___," a song by Bob Dylan for the soundtrack of "Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid," but is more popular than the movie now: 2 wds. Kennel guest Kind of organ or dream Kid on "The Andy Griffith Show" Keep an ___ on (watch closely) Knee, essentially Koothrappali on "The Big Bang Theory" Keep occupied, as a phone line: 2 wds. King of Thebes, in myth Kitten's cry Kuwaiti ruler "___, Kotter," a '70s sitcom starring Gabe Kaplan, which was the TV debut for John Travolta (birthday today): 2 wds. "Kick-___" (2010 movie starring Nicholas Cage) Krabappel who was Bart Simpson's teacher King Kong, for one Kiss, in British slang Kind of drip: Hyph. Kind of sleep Khloe Kardashian's married name Keira Knightley starrer "Begin ___" Keys beside Caps Lock on a keyboard Kitten's cries "Kiss from a Rose" singer Kipling's "Gunga ___" (also the word for an annoying noise) Knitting material Kenya's continent, for short King Kong for e.g. Kilmer of "Batman Forever" Krispy ___ Knot Kimono belt Kotb of NBC's "The Today Show" Knight's title ___ Knievel Key & Peele, for one Kyle's younger brother on the TV series "South Park" Kick out, as a tenant who won't pay rent Katniss Everdeen's teammate in "The Hunger Games" Kind of computing Kipling's conniving serpent from "Jungle Book" Kim to Khloe, for short Keep ashore, due to cold weather: 2 wds. Kind of cat with blue eyes Kirk, to Michael Douglas Kate Winslet in "Titanic" King topper "Keeping my fingers crossed.": 2 wds. King of the road Kilmer of "Batman Forever" Kylo ___ ("Star Wars: The Force Awakens" villain) Klondike Gold Rush site Kith and ___ (friends and relatives) Kind of sleep: Abbr. Kind of instinct Kuwaiti for e.g. Kitten's cry Kaavya Viswanathan's "How ___ Mehta Got Kissed, Got Wild, and Got a Life" Kazuo Ishiguro's "Never Let ___": 2 wds. Knitting material King of the jungle Kind of admiral Kind of race Kind of bean Kimono sash Knee or elbow protector, for an athlete Key ___ pie (citrus fruit) Kitten's furry foot Kid's play item Kipling's serpent in "The Jungle Book" Knife wound Key signature which has three sharps: Abbr. Kate Winslet in "Titanic" Kyiv's country, for short Kissing on the street, for e.g.: Abbr. Keala Settle's "This ___": 2 wds. Knight in the "Star Wars" franchise Kind of shot used for police records "King ___" (Shakespeare tragedy) "King ___" (Shakespeare play) Kylo ___ of "Star Wars" Kiss and ___ Kind of league Keats poems King or queen Kazuo Ishiguro's dystopian novel, "___ Go" which was adapted into a movie starring Carey Mulligan: 3 wds. ___ Kadiddlehopper (Red Skelton character) Key with three sharps: 2 wds. Key that has four sharps: 2 wds. Knight's title Kind of bag Kitten's foot Kirsten Dunst starrer "Mona ___ Smile" Kind of photography where the subject is captured from a flying object Knotty growth on a tree Kissing in a park, for e.g.: Abbr. Karl Marx's "___ Kapital" Key lime ___ Kenya's capital Kobe Bryant's sports group: Abbr. Kellogg's Raisin ____ Koala country, for short: Abbr. Kimono belt Kurt Cobain's hit song from Nirvana's second studio album "Nevermind": 4 wds. Kissing in the park, for e.g.: Abbr. Kurt Cobain's hit song from Nirvana's first studio album "Bleach": 2 wds. Killer whale Katherine Heigl starrer "___ for the Money" Key with three sharps: Hyph. "___ known the truth, I could've avoided the awkward situation.": 2 wds. Kind of wave "___ Kapital" ___ Killmonger (supervillain from "Black Panther") King of the ring? Kill, as a huge beast Kitchen herb "___ Karenina" Keats' "___ on Indolence" Kitchen garden produce Key next to the space bar Kimono belt Kohl's target Knife handles Key's partner Kathmandu's country Keanu Reeves in "The Matrix" trilogy 10 kilos or 60 grams, for e.g.: Abbr. Kind of salad-dressing Kenyan lioness from "Born Free" Kanye West's song which was inspired by his earlier relationship with model Amber Rose: 4 wds. ___ Kids (children's programming network): Abbr. Knitting ball Kunal Nayyar's character in "The Big Bang Theory" Kiss and cuddle, to a Brit ___-knit family (sharing a good bonding) "Kubla Khan" river Kofi Annan's alma mater: Abbr. Kenya's capital city Kind of pad used during cold weather Kind of phone Kapok tree "King ___" (Shakespeare's tragedy) ___ Kong Knife wound Kind of talk meant to cheer someone Kitchen pest Kg. or lb.: Abbr. Key that is the equivalent of A-flat: Hyph. Kissing at a park: Abbr. Kind of talk meant to encourage someone Kind of pressure from one's circle of friends? Kitchen fixtures where you can wash dishes Killed a dragon, say Kg. and lb., e.g. Kitten's parent Kanye's better half ___ Kardashian Kind of dance where you'd make sounds with your feet "Keep your ___ the prize!" ("Don't lose focus on the goal"): 2 wds. Kind of fit that's comfortably tight Kipling's serpent in "The Jungle Book" "___ kind of her to come all the way.": 2 wds. Knight's protective gear "Kill Bill" actress ___ Thurman ___ Kazan, director of "America America" Kanye West's music genre Kind of surgery in which a powerful beam of light is used Kazuo Ishiguro's "Never Let ___": 2 wds. Kind of fruit with a hard shell and a seed ___ Kilmer, actor of "Top Gun" and "Batman Forever" Kind of brew in pubs Karate's cousin which is also an Olympic sport ___ Kitty (Japanese cartoon character named for a greeting) "24K Magic" singer who won the award for R&B Song, "That's What I Like" in Billboard 2018: 2 wds Knight's title Keanu Reeves in "The Matrix" Keeper of peas? Kind of brewed beverage Kylo ___, villain in "Star Wars" "King ___," Shakespeare's character Killer Whale Kylo ___, chosen name of Ben Solo in "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" Kendrick ___, composer of OST for "Black Panther" "___ Karenina," a novel by Leo Tolstoy Katie Holmes starrer "Don't Be ___ of the Dark" Kill an animal in a violent way ___ Kudrow, the actress from "Friends" Kanye West's music genre "Keep the ___ alive" (optimism) Kitten or hamster, e.g. Kylo ___ of "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" Killer whale "Know ____ enemy" Key in French Kind of ant that raids "Killer whale" from the oceanic dolphin family Kept out of sight Kissing in a crowd, say: Abbr. Katherine ___, actress who plays Hannah Baker in the Netflix show "13 Reasons Why" Kitten-lifting spot ___ Ki-moon, Kofi Annan's successor at the UN Kind of salmon "Kings of ___" (rock band) Kind of admiral Karaoke prop, for short Kind of circle ___ Killmonger (supervillain from 40a) Kind of milk Kendrick Lamar and SZA's superhit song "All the ___" which was released in 2018 as the lead single to the soundtrack album for "Black Panther" Knowledge passed down the traditional way Korean Rapper who was "King of YouTube" in 2012 Katie ___, American swimmer who won the Gold in 2016 by breaking the Olympic Record for 400 metres freestyle Kind of beer found in the name "Christian Bale" King ___ (Shakespearean title character) "___ King," American drama film featuring Donald Glover which is a remake of a 1994 animated movie and is slated to release on 19 July, 2019: 2 wds. "___ Kill," novel by John Grisham which was made into a movie starring Sandra Bullock: 3 wds.