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Crossword Clues Start With K, page 323

___ Khan (Turkish title) Kylo ___ of "Star Wars" Knight's lady (anagram of "made") Keep an ___ (watch): 2 wds. Kimono sash Kendrick Lamar's genre Knitter's need "Kiss from a Rose" singer Kind of fit that's comfortably tight "King ___" (Shakespeare's tragedy) "Kings of ___" ("Use Somebody" hitmakers) Kung Fu master Bruce Key lime ___ Kicked off Katherine ___, actress who played Izzie Stevens in the medical drama television show "Grey's Anatomy" Kind of doll or rug Kitchen cabinets Knight's title "Killing ___," spy thriller TV series starring Sandra Oh Kid in "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" ___ Kedrova of "Zorba the Greek" ___ Kilmer, actor who played Tom "Iceman" Kazansky in "Top Gun" Killed, as a dragon Kissing at the mall, e.g.: Abbr. King Kong, for one Kind of tide Kind of sleep, briefly Kitten's cry Kept it under wraps Knightly address? Krispy ___ (doughnut chain) Knitter's ball KFC founder's title, for short "___ Karenina," 2012 historical drama film starring Keira Knightley for which she earned a Satellite Award nomination Keats' "___ on Indolence" Kid's minor scratch Kumar from the "Harold & Kumar" series Kendrick ___, composer of the hit "Humble" "Keep On Loving You" band ___ Speedwagon ___ Kingsley, actor who won the Academy Award for Best Actor for the movie "Gandhi" in 1982 Kimono belt Kind of tide "King" in French "Kick-___" (2010 movie starring Nicholas Cage) "Kong: ___," 2017 movie which is a prequel to "Godzilla vs. Kong": 2 wds. Key often used with "Ctrl" and "Del" Kanye ___, rapper who won the Grammy Award for Best Rap Song in 2005 for "Jesus Walks" Kyiv and Kharkiv's country, for short Kendrick ___, rapper who won the Grammy Award for Best Rap Song in 2016 for "Alright" Kylo ___ ("Star Wars" character) Kaiser's spotted ___ (brightly colored salamander) Ken's partner from the toy world Kimono sash ___ Karev from "Grey's Anatomy" ___ Kahlo, Mexican painter of "The Broken Column" who is known for her self-portraits "24K ___," third studio album by Bruno Mars Knitter's need Keats' works Kipling's serpent in "The Jungle Book" ___ Ki-moon, former Secretary-General of the UN Karel Capek's play that introduced the term "robot" Kendrick Lamar's music style Kissing on the street, say: Abbr. Knob holder Kanga's baby from "Winnie-the-Pooh" "Kafka on the ___," 2002 novel by Haruki Murakami which received the World Fantasy Award in 2006 Kissing on the streets, e.g.: Abbr. Kind of pie or bath Kyoto currency Katy Perry's music genre Kind of bread or whiskey Kimono sash Kilmer of "Top Gun" Knight's title King or Queen's tenure Kipling's serpent in "The Jungle Book" Kylo ___ ("Star Wars" character) ___ Koch, American astronaut who completed the longest continuous stay in space in 2020 King Kong, for one ___ Kudrow, Emmy-winning actress best known for her role in "Friends" who has a degree in Biology "Knock it ___!" ("Stop it!") Ketogenic or Atkins, e.g. Kuwaiti bigwig Kit ___ (chocolate treat) Kind of sheet or music Kind of jar Kids' summer getaway "Kane and ___," novel by Jeffrey Archer Knife wound ___ Knowles-Carter, American singer who has received 70 Grammy nominations Kevin ___, actor who voiced Frankenstein in the 2012 animated film "Hotel Transylvania" ___ Khan (Turkish title) Kind of energy or panels Kissing in a mall, for one: Abbr. Kind of suit worn by surfers Karl Marx's "___ Kapital" Katie ___, American swimmer who holds the world record in women's 1500 meters freestyle Kesha's 2009 hit, "___ Tok" Kudrow of "Friends" Kellogg's Raisin ____ Kiefer ___, actor from "24" who won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series in 2006 King's place Kind of pie Kurylenko of "Oblivion" ___ Kressley, TV personality who was a fashion expert in the 2003 TV series, "Queer Eye" Kohi-i-___ diamond Kill, as a dragon "King ___" (2005 adventure film) Kathmandu's country Kimono sash Key of Mozart's Symphony No. 6: 2 wds. Kilmer of "Heat" Kind of allergic reaction "___ King," 1992 song by Neil Young from the album "Harvest Moon" ___ Keene, actress who plays Ruby Matthews in the 2019 TV series "Sex Education" King of the jungle "Killing ___" (Sandra Oh show) K'naan's song "Wavin' ___" "Kane and ___," 1979 novel by Jeffrey Archer Kissing in public, say: Abbr. Knock on a door ___ Kudrow, actress from "P.S. I Love You" Kids' field trip destination, often Knee protector ___ Kournikova of tennis ___ Kuechly, football linebacker who retired in 2020 and made it to the Pro Bowl seven times Keep a ___ on someone (observe closely) Kool-___ (fruity drink) ___ Ketchup, popular Spanish girl band Killer whale Knitter's creation Kylo ___ ("Star Wars" character) Kilmer of "Top Gun" Kitten's cry "___ Kapital" (book by Karl Marx) "Killing ___" (Sandra Oh show) Kind of sauce or milk Kissing on a bus, say: Abbr. Kite follower? Kristen Stewart's vampire movie Kilmer who played Jim Morrison on screen "Keep a ___ on" (keep abreast) ___ Kunis, "Friends With Benefits" actress who was born on 14th August 1983 Kristen ___, actress from "The Good Place" who made a special appearance in "Parks and Recreation" ___ Kardashian, Kim's brother ___ Kerouac, Beat Generation writer best known for his work "On the Road" Kit ___ (matcha-flavored wafer) Kylo ___ of "Star Wars" ___ Kudrow, actress from "Space Force" Kate Winslet's role in "Titanic" Knight's title ___ Kaling, actress from "The Office" who wrote and directed two episodes for the series Killer whale Kiddie pool sound (rhymes with "flash") Kauai tropical rum cocktails: 2 wds. Knight's title Kendall, to Kylie, for short Kyrie ___, NBA player who starred in the 2018 movie "Uncle Drew" Keto or Paleo, e.g. Kids' play area Kanye ___, rapper of "Flashing Lights" Knitting purchase Keen, as a fan Kitten's call ___Ki-moon, former Secretary-General of the UN Keen desire "Knock knock" feature Kate ___, character played by actress Ashlie Brillault in the Disney TV series "Lizzie McGuire" Kept something in a secret location, say Keg attachment Knot on a tree trunk Kazakhstan or Estonia, once: Abbr. Kissing on the street, say: Abbr. Katy Perry's documentary "___ of Me" "Kill Bill: Volume 1," actress ___ Thurman Kurt Sutter's crime drama about biker gang: Abbr. Kesha's hit song "TiK ___" "___ Kitchen," 2018 teen drama movie starring Jaden Smith and Rachelle Vinberg Kimono accessory Kevin Jamal ___, actor who played the character of Stymie in the 1994 movie "The Little Rascals" "Kung Fu ___," 2008 movie Key used in many PC shortcuts KJ ___ from "Riverdale" Kind of canal or beer Karachi's home, for short K-Pop band BTS's fanclub ___ Kuzma of the LA Lakers Karaoke need, for short Kind of cheese or country home Knight's title Kissing in a crowd, say: Abbr. Kind of reel or reflex Kim to Khloe, for short Kimono sash Kit ___ (chocolate treat) Kevin ___, former Boston Celtics player who won three NBA championships with the team Karan ___, actor who played Tony in 2019's "Always Be My Maybe" Katy Perry's music genre Kennedy ___ Center, tourist attraction in Florida which has been NASA's primary launch center since 1968 Knock lightly "Keep an ___ on him" (watch closely) Knight's title Kipling's serpent in "The Jungle Book" Kellogg's Raisin ___ Khloe and Kourtney's sister Kimono accessory Keats' works Kitten's furry foot ___ Kjellberg, YouTuber also known as PewDiePie who rose to fame with his gaming videos ___ Koshy, popular YouTuber who rose to fame with her comic videos on Vine Kill, as a dragon King's address Keep a ___ on Knitter's purchase Kobe ___, former Los Angeles Lakers player who was the first guard to play 20 seasons in NBA Kevin ___, former Minnesota Timberwolves player who played 21 seasons in the NBA Kevin ___, former professional Atlanta Hawks player who played in 21 seasons in NBA ___ King (Australian food franchise) King Kong, for one "Knives Out" actress ___ de Armas Keep ___ and carry on ___ Kardashian who took part in "Dancing with the Stars" Kid's dad? Kid's shelter made with pillows and sheets Katy Perry's music genre ___ Kelly, rapper who plays Motley Crue's drummer Tommy Lee in the 2019 biographical comedy drama "The Dirt": 2 wds. Krupp of the NHL Kind of card "Kiss the ___," second novel in the Alex Cross series by James Patterson Kissing on the beach, say: Abbr. Khan from Khan Academy Key on either side of the space bar Kat ___, actress who plays Max Black in the sitcom "2 Broke Girls" Kate Beckett's organization in "Castle": Abbr. Kournikova of tennis Kelvin or Pratt knot accessory Kitchen faucet Kate Winslet's role in "Titanic" Kylo ___, Darth Vader's grandson ___ Ketchum from the "Pokemon" franchise Kit ___ (wafer bars) Kylo ___ of "Star Wars" Kitty's cry of contentment Knitting ball Keep ___ (remain silent) Karachi's home, for short Kid's four-wheeler Kill, as a dragon Key & Peele, for one ___ Kelly, actress from "Dial M for Murder"