Crossword Clues Start With Q, page 5

Quarterback tackle cheered by clearing your digestive tract and then putting your hands together? Quip, part 5 Quip: Part II Quip, part 4 Quaker-ladies. Quaker-ladies Qualifying phrases. Quite small-minded? Quite small-minded? Quivered Quite a different matter Quintessential friends Quite calm Quite calm Quip, part 5 QB Steve who won a Payton Award Quarterback Steve Quote, part 2 Quote, part 2 Quip start Quite a few auctioned-off intangibles? Quip, Part 2 Quip: Part II Quip: Part 2 Quadrennial mathematics awards Quadrennial mathematics awards Question from a computerless chat addict? Query from a doughboy song. Quarantines a ship QED part Quarters for Hindu women Queen of ancient Palmyra. Queen of Palmyra, circa 270 A.D. Quip, part 2 Quip: Part II Quarter-round moldings. Quick, strong alcoholic drinks? Quarrelsome one Quotation: Part II Quip, part 3 Quip, part 3 Quip, Part 2 Quip to think about (Part 4) QUOTE, PART 3 Quote, part 3 Quip, part 3 Quip (Part 3) Query, part three Question to a person using binoculars Quip, part 3 "Queen of Outer Space" star, 1958 Quick-witted worker? Quarter deck. Quip, part 4 Quote, part 3 Quote, part 4 Quip: Part II Quiz form. Quiz a Roman judge? Quiz a Roman judge? Quip (Part 2) Quip, part 3 Quip, part 2 Quieting sound. Quiet! Quality of strength Quip: Part 3 ___ question (debatable) Quarrying locales Quotation: Part III Quiet show of approval? Quote, part 4 Quote, part 4 Quote, part 2 '84 Queen hit "It's a ___" Question: Part 4 Quite ill, specifically? Quip, continued Quote: Part III Quotation: Part III Quarry for Henry VIII's cat? Quarry for Henry VIII's cat? '93 Quinn/Depp/Masterson romantic comedy Quayle debater in 1988 Quote continued Quotation: Part V Quip, part 6 Quote, part 3 Quip, part 2 Quotation: Part V Question that Mao Zedong answered with a yes? Quip, part 1 Quip with a jingle (Part 1) Quality of a high-pH compound Quote, part three Quaker grays. Quaker grays Quaker grays Quip, part 5 Quote, part 4 Quaint headgear for a class clown Quaint humiliator Quip, part 2 Quote, part 3 Quote, part 3 Quote, Part 3 Quip, part 4 Question: Part 2 " . . . ___ qui mal y pense" QUARTERS Quote continued Quantity bargain at a donut shop? Qasr _____ (Jordanian desert castle) Quality lowerers Quickly recaps Quayle's middle name Quip, part 3 Quirk-less person's drink? Quality check department employee Quells, as rioters Quells, as rioters Quells, in a way Quip (Part 3) Quote, Part 5 Quip part 2 Quip: Part 1 Quip, part 3 Quintessentially Quote, part 2 Quip, continued Quip, part 1 Quality possessed by 20 Across ___-Q. ___-Q, dance step ___-Q, old dance ___-Q (dance step) Quote, part 4 Quote, part 2 Quote, part 3 Quip, part 3 Question asked to one with a hangover Quietism proponent Madame ___ Quip about links lovers, part 1 Quotation: Part IV Quip (part 1) Quip (Part 2) Quip: Part II Quip (Part 2) Quip, part 4 Quartz gems Quartzes Quartz pieces Quarrel over a baby toy? Quick-lunch place Quiet Olympic skating champion? Question for Brother John Quip, part 3 Quip, part 2 Query to the Black Sheep Quote, part two Quits working for the day Quotation: Part II Question: Part 2 Quip (Part 2) Quote attributed to J. Paul Getty Quip (Part 1) Quote, Part 1 Quote, part 2 "Quiet!" Question during a "Survivor" eating challenge? Question about one's ability to share a webpage? Quote, part 3 Quip, part 3 "Quiet!" Q: Is its name __? A: Yes Quarterback's cover, usually Quickly: Lat. Quip, part 2 Quote, part 4 Quite edible. Quitclaim, is a deed. Name some others. Quite mad Quitting Quick Quotation: Part VIII Quip, part 3 "Queen City of the Plains" Quasimodo portrayer Quantities indicating batters' skills. Quietly: Colloq. Quote, part 2 "Queen Christina" star Quit Question, part 3 Query: Part 6 Quotation: Part II Quip, part 2 Quip, part 5 Quick and vigorous ...quail) 1990 Gibson/Hawn film (News... 51 qvadrvpled? __ Q (snack cake) ___ Q (Hostess snack cake) ___ Q's (Hostess brand) ___ Q's (Hostess brand) QB protection squads QB protection squads Queen's revolving set fitted upright Quick fixes Quote continues Queer old ducks Queer old fellows. Quasimodo, notably Question about stray vessel Quarterback great Terry QB/sportscaster Terry QB/sportscaster Terry Quite large, as a fortune Quite large Quality of altruistic motives Quarter of the circumference of a circle Quarter of circle Quality of sharp pain Quality, in a Ford slogan Quick fix in a sartorial emergency Quality of good ground beef Quality of beef Quality of beef Quietly persuasive Quietly persuasive Quietly persuasive Quip Quickly drink Quickly drink Quiescent Quail with a distinctive two-note song Quail with a distinctive two-note song Quail. Quail Quail with a distinctive call Quatrains. Quidnunc's hearing aid? Quantity that divides into another with no remainder Queen, e.g. Quit Quit fighting Quadrilateral with no sides parallel Quiet craft Quiet craft Quiet planes