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Crossword Clues Start With Q, page 44

Queen's subjects Quits Morpheus. Quantity less than 100 shares Quiet diplomacy protecting international vessel Quiet! Papa's involved in home-improvement activity. Crazy! Quickly adapt ... or a hint to the first 3-5 letters + 2 other letters in each starred clue's answer Queens' Arthur court? Quaint assent Quote, Part 4 Quotes, as a price QB's accumulation: Abbr. Queen in Shakespeare. 'Queen of denial' and 'knight and day' Quick to recover Quick to have a drink around four Quite simple Quick and detached, musically: Abbr Quetzalcoatl worshippers QB who threw a record-tying seven touchdown passes in a single game (1962) Quaker offering Quizmaster Quaint residential street Quip, part 3 Quarterback ploy Quarrel Quick alien gets meat cut Quite sad kids' movie about talking animals Question before a name is repeated Quarters on a farm Quip, part 4 Quietly withdraw lead (7) Queen's group of musicians Queen of the Olympian gods, sister and wife of Zeus Question on public transportation Qualify Quantity raised to the fourth power Question that demands an explanation Quite qualified to serve ___ quandary Quebec university coach framing a short stanza Quarrel involving silver upper-class car Queen who appears in "Olaf's Frozen Adventure" Quick reply: Abbr. Quarters Quarters. 'Queen of Salsa' Cruz Queens squad Quick trip. Qualified to remove art from Alberta Queen after tipsy fellow drinking wine up — this flavour? Québec's ___ de la Madeleine Quick thrust, in fencing Quite sensible? Queens over Jacks Queens over Jacks Quaffed, according to Connery, in cheap joint? Quaint response to name-calling Quick affair? Quaint Quadri- doubled Qualifying round, informally Q: Do you gossip? A: Yes. ___ Quip, continued Queen perhaps touring hospital to present TV programme Quip, Part 2 Quip, part 2 Question repeated in Texas, Kansas, Kentucky and Alaska Quip, part 3 Quencher of enthusiasm. Quip, part 3 Quilter's whatsit? Quinceañera, for 15-year-old girls Quest in a Monty Python movie QUERIED ON THE STAND Quarrel Question asked modestly in response to "That looks great on you" Quick trip "___ questions?" "Quantum of Solace" actress Kurylenko Quite a lot of business Query, part 4 Quip, part 3 Quip, part 2 Quiescent one Quiescent one, for now Queens provide Question #2 Quintessence Quintessence Quarterback Boomer Quip, part 3 Quip, part 3 Quarreling Queen's Crest designed by Freddie Mercury, for one Queen's "These ___ the Days of Our Lives" Quarter Quotation, Part II Quartet in a string quartet Quaker ___ Quiz show requiring exceptional courage? Quote, part 3 Quip (Part 1) Quoter Quote, part 2 Question, part 6 Quartet of couch potatoes? Quartet of couch potatoes? "Quickly" letters Quietly and mutually agree over key piece of work? Quick cuts Quick cuts Quick scissor cuts Quattro maker Quick Quick Quick-tempered. Quick. Quickly made, as a decision Queue following R Quick Quick Queue after R Quarantine Quite a pile Quiets Quite like 24a Quiets down Quiet – sells tins (anag)  Q-tip target Quote from Caesar. Quip, part 6 Quality Quite an oddity Quickest tennis point Quality. Quality Q: Does it __? A: No Quip, part 3 Quick paths to success Queen sacrifice in chess, e.g. Queen sacrifice in chess, e.g. Quid pro follower Queen Charlotte Strait locale Quip about animal eating companion in farmyard? Quirkiness Quiver Quilt cloth Quick rundown Quietly consume some fuel Quite loud Question asked behind someone's back "... __ quit!" (ultimatum ender) Quilt cover Quixote's kiss Quilted creation Question the tiny noise. say. while cleaning (6) Quilt variety Quilted creation Quilt Quiet, angry corsair Quitting hr. for many Quip, part 6 Quip, part 6 Quip, part 6 Questioning words Question of quantity Queensryche "Another ___ Night (Without You)" Queries. Quay: Ger. Quarterfinal complement, often Queens. Quibble over doorway joining craft? (9) Quietism proponent Madame ___ Quite high during play Quality of some statesmen. Quarter's third Quarter's third Quick look, old style Quick-growing vine "Quit stalling!" Quickly Quotable Yankee Quaker in the wind Quiche, for one Quite Quarrel Quantity of something, for short Quite a few Quarterback Newton Quick Quick Quick and clever Quick, as a comeback Quick Quick, as a comeback Quick Quality of 51 Across Queens airport letters Questionable plant chemical Quotation part 4 Quarterfinals group in the NCAA Question of concern, with a hint to 20-, 25- and 43-Across Query of concern Quid ___ quo "Quien ___?" Quad strengtheners Quote continues " . . . qui mal y ___" Quote, mention as an example Queue after Q Quiet in excellent meal Queens and twins, e.g. Queens and twins Quiet Quite. Q, W, E, R, T and Y Quality that evokes compassion Quite timid, say Quarterback Dawson Quick kiss Quiet 'Hey!' Quotable Hall-of-Famer, informally "Quadrophenia" song that begins "Every year is the same" Questionable Quartet member Questionable Quick way to Excel? Quant. data Quietly keeps in the loop Quietly keeps in the loop Quits wavering QB Flutie or Williams Quick and energetic, and extraordinarily good Quest for a recreational navigator Quiet "Hey!" Quiescent Quaint euphemism Quick snacks Quote shortened during actual performance Quickly providing two portions of meat Q ___ queen: 2 wds. Q queue Quick, as a pupil Quote from a goat Queen of the hill? Quakers' college Quick Draw McGraw alter ego with a guitar for a weapon Quivering Queen in Greek myth. Quality cup of tea?