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Crossword Clues Start With Q, page 91

“Queen of Salsa” Cruz "Quiet on the __!": director's cry 'Quiet on the __!': director's cry Queen embracing old flame in outbuilding Queen entering royal museum gallery Queen provided rising passion Quite often Question that's rarely a sign of good news Quick post-wedding getaway Questionnaire option Quick-buck scheme Quarrel at home making lunch Quick tennis match Quechua speaker Quick tennis match Quit drinking Quiet lake transport Quite a lot Quick message Quarterback's org Queue Quiet lake transport Quite a lot Quintana ___, Mexico Queer subculture with a pawprint on its flag Quite, quaintly Quarry Quality of gem perhaps initially not evident Queer designation Quick dip? Quick dip? Quarterback Kaepernick Quiets down Question after a chat interruption Quarter; subdivision Quiet "Give me your attention" QR code recipients Quenches Quaint place to stay 'Quit stalling!' Qatar's region Quick drinks Quieten 'Quiet, you!,' quaintly Quesadilla alternative Quartet voice Quote Queries Quantity of paper Quarter barrels for a beer bash Quality of a challenging class Queen in 'Olaf's Frozen Adventure' Quarter barrels for a beer bash Quaint lodgings Quarrel QB goals Quaker's pronoun Quite unusual Quick and agile Quiet, depressed Quill need Quantity that's tied to one's carbon footprint "Que?," in English Quaint ''used to be'' Quatro x dos Quatro x dos *Queen/David Bowie hit whose bassline reappeared in "Ice Ice Baby" Quizzical responses QVC alternative Quickly, way, way old "Que Sera, Sera" singer Quick snooze Quinceanera celebration, for example Quick and swift Quip, part 2 Quip, part 3 Quebec postal abbr., followed by monogram of Yukon poet? Quid pro __ "Queen of Jazz" Fitzgerald Quite so Q, for one country name Qualifications Quite a lot Quite a lot Quiet Quirky habit Queen's 'We Are the Champions' vis-à-vis 'We Will Rock You' Quakers in Colorado? Quarterback Manning Queequeg's captain Quakers in Colorado? Queequeg's captain Qty QB's stats Quite a stretch Quick study of navel tactics on the banks in retrospect Quickly formed opinions Quarterback succeeded by Prescott in Dallas Q's point value, in Scrabble Quick and agile Quarterback Manning 'Que ___?' ('What's up?') Quiet plane Quilters' get-together Quarterback Favre Quartet plus trio Quarterback's asset Quarterback's asset Queen's attendant Quantity or amount produced Quaint complaint Quipsters Qatari leader Qatari leader Quantity, sum Queen's home Quarters for learners Queen's home Quantities: Abbr Quebec keys Quarters for sailors Quick escape Quarry Qualification shorthand Quick talk Question mark part Quick meetings, in corporate lingo Queens airport code Qatar's ruler Quietly, without fuss Quixote's squire __ Panza "Queen Sugar" channel Quixote's squire __ Panza Question a college-bound senior might ask Quake Quite so Quaint lodging Quietly fume QVC partner channel Quick meals Quiet spaces Quick meals Quality of a dirty chimney Quintessential Queen's buzzing home Quirky habits Queen ___ Revenge (ship captured by Blackbeard in 1717) "__ quam videri": 35-Down motto '__ quam videri': 35-Down motto Queeg's ship Queeg's ship Qatari ruler 'Quiet!' Quintessentially scary dino Quick-typed cellphone message 20 questions category Question of identity Quick trip around Spanish Main Queens stadium namesake Quite a lot of Quote from Homer Queens stadium namesake Quite a lot of Quake locale Quick correction Quiet 'Yo' Question about where the pain is, scientifically speaking? Quick correction Quiet "Yo" Quick and cheerful enthusiasm Quick Quick Queries; petitions Quiet Yankee eats fast enough Quarterback spikes? Quick getaways, maybe Quaintly polite reply Quaint letter opener Quaint letter opener Quadrilateral Qatari head of state Question of perplexion Quite Quick-wink link Quite a lot Quick-minded sort Quietude Quick cashier at a grocery 'Quit dreaming!' 'Quit it!' Quick jab Quarterback Brady Question of identity Quiet "Quoth the raven, '___'" (Poe) Quiet Question commonly asked about unfamiliar shooter's weapon? Quick way to reach rock bottom? Question of humanity that has never been answered Quail gathering Quail gathering “___ queen!” (slangy affirmative) Quick cuts Quick cuts Quick with puns, say Quipster Quaint little motel Quote out loud Quark's place Queen and king under British flag Quartet minus one Qualified Quite hot Qualified Quite hot "Qué —?" '¿Qué __?' "¿Qué __?" Quart divisions, briefly Question to a stranger acting overly familiar Quarters for a spell caster? Quickly cleaned, as a bowl Quarterback's protectors, for short Quarters for a spell caster? Question Liz not starting grill Quick meal ______ Quebecois Quick meal Queens on a chessboard, ironically Quick clever reply Quaint 'Listen!' Quarreling Queen Anne's ___ (white plant) Quarterback Manning Quarterback Manning Quick, help with address? Quiet lieutenant accepts first-class braid Quarterback choice Quarterback with the most Super Bowl wins Quiche base Query Quasimodo creator Querulous question 44 qvadrvpled Quantity Queens stadium name Quechua speaker Question asked while covering someone's eyes Quick breath Quickly assembled rustic homes