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Quick snooze Quick snooze Quebec or Ontario (Abbr.) Quintet on a Chinese flag Qualities that make deals difficult Queen dowager of Jordan Quantities: Abbr Qualities that make deals difficult Queen dowager of Jordan Qatar's capital Qualities of people's voices Quebec's __ Peninsula *Quarry that supplies aggregate *Quarry that supplies aggregate Quebec's __ Peninsula Quick swims Qdoba competitor Qdoba competitor Question after a mission Quote from Washington, briefly, close to Delaware Quick-thinking Quarters Quarters Quantitative analyst's fodder Quarterback Drew Quartet quarter? Questlove's do Quartet quarter? Questlove's do Qty Quarter ___ (when the big hand is at three) Quakers in forests? Quakers in forests? Quarterback Nick who was the MVP of Super Bowl LII Quaint lodgings Quarterback Manning Queued up Quarrel after motor crashed this time yesterday? Quick Quick kiss Question from Caesar Quote as a source Quarter horse quarters Quick trip to the store Quarrel Quarrel Quality of a color or a voice Quite, so to speak Quiet performance mainly in movement, eerie initially Quandary Quote Quick drawings Quick sleep Quick look Quick pull Questionable political spending 'Quiet, please!' Quaker captain of fiction Quick flights Quite the brat Questionable political spending Quack creation Quite Quirk Qualm; uncertainty Quinoa and teff Quarrel Quick jogging pace Quart fraction Quick blast from a car horn Quit fretting Queries Question from one who's lost Quiche ingredient 'Quit!' Quavering notes QB Tony Quaint lodgings Quite full Query from the curious Quechua speakers Queen in ''Frozen'' Quechua speakers Quiver contents Quivers Quaking tree Quote book notation "As ___ on TV" "Do the ___!" ("Figure it out!") "Stat!" "Creed II" actor Lundgren "Thank U, Next" singer Grande "Get Here" singer Adams "Suspicion" studio Quick sleeps Quarter, e.g "A System of Logic" author, 1843 "Casino" Best Actress nominee "My bad" "The Charge of the Light Brigade" setting "R.I.P." singer "Wicked!" "__ moved on" "Top Gun" org "Quiet!" Quick snack Quaint hotel Quick heartbeat sound "Big Blue" "Grey's Anatomy" showrunner Rhimes "Sunday Night Baseball" nickname "Power" accessory, perhaps Question of identity "Do __ others ... " "Fear of Flying" author Jong "Spider-Man" actress Kirsten "For shame!" *"Our group doesn't agree" Question of location Quandary of Miss Woodhouse perhaps, after returning hat Quarterback Manning Quickly assembled building Quick snack Queasiness Queasiness QB boo-boo Quiche base Quietly say, 'Get clean clothes on!' QB Tony Quarrel Queue after Q Quarterback Manning Quick meal Quirk Quarterbacks' headgear Quiz times two Quick-firing naval anti-aircraft gun used in both World Wars Queen admitting age retired to women's quarters Queue behind a Parisian who's hooked Quietly use a rope to get around in thick fog Quentin regularly avoided academic institution Quick, like a crocodile? Quaint sign word Quick fix Quick time outs? Quibble Quadrennial bonus Q followers Quick nap … or a playful description of the 64-Down here Quiet valley Queen of the Nile, informally “___ quam videri” (“To be rather than to seem”) Quorum for a crowd? Question a command when riding? Quite forgetting to count Quarterback Manning Quest of los conquistadores Q: How much does it cost to park at stadiums? A: ___ Quaint store sign word Questionable Quarrel Quaint store sign word Qualified teacher strikes to get retirement cover Queen alter The Colour of Money for radio Quiet about Conservative, popular, facing a scrap Queen's '__ One Bites the Dust' Quantity or amount produced Quick time out? Quiet call Quinces, etc Queen's "__ One Bites the Dust" Quelled QVC alternative Queen of fish? Quickly Queen ___ (pop nickname) Queen’s domain Queue at the pub? Musician will be familiar with it Quartet in Revelation Quick buzzer "Queen Bees" actress Burstyn Quagmire Quantity: Abbr Quite chubby Question after an argument has died down “Quiet!,” rudely Quote from Homer Quite a ways away Quietly, the man occupies young relative Quote out of context, upsetting card from France, for one Quarterback Manning Quiet road going east away from British city Quiet about incident, far from the first Quotable Leakes Quaint ''Shoppe'' descriptor Quaker pronoun Quick bucks Quarters for snorters Quote view delivered in speech Question posed while pondering a dilemma Quantity of wheat, ultimately, in old Italian bread ... quite badly wetted, content-wise, in customs Quantities: Abbr Qajar dynasty's domain '___ questions?' Quantity Quickly Quantity: Abbr Quiet (down) Quito's range Quick size-up Quick kisses QVC alternative Quote from teacher's side of the story and bear this in mind when you're working this out Quantity of opium churchwarden can consume? QB famous for a 1984 Hail Mary Quibbler Quadrilateral with opposite sides parallel and opposite angles equal 'Quiet down!' Quite beautiful Quatrain form Quite Queen — lace Quit Quad part Quite a hike QB effort Queen guitarist May Qatari monarch Quartz variety Queen of the Olympian gods Quite a lot Quick, secret look Quite possible Quite a large lake Quark place Quiche ingredients “Quite funny,” on the internet Qualified by right Queue Quartet member Quits Quarrel Quad building Queen — lace Quick cut Queen covered by favourite band is more than fair Quality of tape Quick, minor argument Queen showing restraint entertaining head of government, American