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Crossword Clues Start With Q, page 93

Queen has a short garment and a heavenly body Quite narrow-minded Republican interrupts Quietly, after tea we finally left service area? Queen startled over one like horse Quite nonchalantly, setter slipped out to chase female Quarantining finally, carrier cut off all contact! Quick communication from Eastern Mali was garbled Quickly go deep, exit another way Quoted a month back, it went in Queen of Jews usually deified in the Hebrew sources Queen taking bishop in mating attack primarily to advance check Quickly take horse from native American Quarter back, once Quick pull Quaker's toast? Queen's partner’s stored knowledge is a minimal sham Q.E.D. part "Quit obsessing" Queen perhaps taking in naked entertainment Queen on Mount Olympus Quantities: Abbr Quebec keys Queso, etc Quick cut Quickly and skilfully Quick escape Quarry Quick chance to support British Quarrel about petty points Qualification shorthand Quite uncommon Quiet grudge I held in fearful anticipation Quechua speaker QB Tony Question in audience for inventor Question mark part Quick meetings, in corporate lingo Quiet go-ahead Quick scissors cut Quadratics, e.g. Quickly leave launch strip Quick message Quick look QB Newton who popularized dabbing Quarter-lb. quarters "Quiet on the __!" Quartet voice Queens airport code Quietly put away accumulated 19 of 16 Quick kiss Quagmire Qatar's ruler Quits. Quietly, without fuss Quoit. Question to Brutus Qwirkle piece Quell Quick and skilful '___ questions?' Questions Quarrel Question of identity Quarrels Quick drives Quick fight Quick trip around Spanish Main Questions Queens stadium namesake Quite a lot of Quote from Homer Quick Draw's sidekick __ Looey Quick Draw's sidekick __ Looey Queens stadium namesake Quite a lot of Quake locale Quaint plaint Quick correction Question about where the pain is, scientifically speaking? Quadrilateral Quarrel about right fish Qatari head of state Question of perplexion Quick-wink link Quite a lot Quick punch Quickest Queens, e.g QB Hasselbeck QBs' blunders: Abbr 'Quiet!' "Quiet!" Quick-minded sort Quaking trees Quick — cross Quakers' Ivy Quick cashier at a grocery 'Quit dreaming!' 'Quit it!' Quick jab Quarters with stories Quarters with stories Quilt square Question of identity QB feeder QB feeder Quarry units Quiet "Quoth the raven, '___'" (Poe) Quiet Queen of Jordan before Queen Rania Quarters, informally Question commonly asked about unfamiliar shooter's weapon? Quick way to reach rock bottom? Qatari VIP Quinoa and teff Quarrel Quick-fry Quart fraction Quickly typed a letter for dictator? Quick blast from a car horn Queen of puzzles Quit fretting Quantity equal to about seven glasses of wine Queries Question from one who's lost Queen of puzzles Quote, a book, say, as an example or proof 'Quit!' Quavering notes Quaint lodgings Quite full Query from the curious Quechua speakers Queen in ''Frozen'' Quechua speakers Quiver contents QB Tony Quarrel Queue after Q Question from the befuddled Question regarding a mic Queen of Jazz ___ Fitzgerald Quarterback Manning Quick meal Quite a sight Queen in 'Frozen' Quick trip around Spanish Main Quebec underground Quirk Quite an amount (2 words) Quantum mechanics subjects Questionnaire catchall Quarterbacks' headgear Quantum theory particles Quiz times two Quite uncommon Quarterback Manning Queen, say, makes a shrill sound "Queue to meet Yama?", two heard agitatedly Quiet crossword setter invites Avtaar with son, mom, stepmom etc Quiz pretentious man wearing tee shirts upside-down Quiet operation to defeat workers  Quietly move from point to point Queen almost returned to the country Quack remedies for malignant tumors in non-smoker Quick appraisal from a planter, one might say Quite likely charges dropped, the Holy Book saving bishop Question asked about Erode's top dairy byproduct Quotes from old passages Qualification one gets on leaving dolphin school Quickly leave urn? "Que" follower in a song by Doris Day Queen replaces many of country's reelected leaders in a democracy, for competence Quantity we hand in to get a keyboard Quail's Florida measure Quarrel and put sub in reverse Queen arm-twisted Yankee Queen wearing stuff that is red on top and more showy Quadrant. Quick! Spooner's gone front Quinn of cinema Question interrupting the opera composition makes it less transparent Queen outside old building Quickly follow vehicle with hard top Queen visiting some ruined place of worship Quick-tempered, he'd catch out heartless chief Quickly given consent orally, get comfortable Queen has zeal, somehow controls a baron with competence, essentially hard Question a rising traitor in an Arabian land Quarrelsome conversation if male drunk? I can't express how I feel Queen's favourite city? Quality paintings put up, Italian Quickly name city Queen with sign joined by secretary in court before artist Quest to get attention in school Quarterback's play Quiet revolutionary in scrap Quick examination previously done Quantity of medicine Quiz to identify type of shoe Quiet, absorbed by case, lacking time to make Japanese dish Question scoundrel raised with crook, missing contents in bag Quiet because occupied by French article Question about husband with name in claim Quantity in map on distribution of bees around west in children's book Quiet resolution with certain force Question highest in command Quiz round avoided by learner Quietly pounce and land in water Queen pursues 'favourite' to criticise 'eternal youth' Quiet countries EEC led astray Quarrelling dads to wrestle Quality control job at Chantelle? ‘Quakerism' … not ‘quaking' … ? Queen's shielded by bishop and king? Idiot Quiet about struggles to include Western trailers Queen depicted in blockbuster, Mercury's essence missing, ending in Radio Gaga Quench one's thirst, drinking straight Quarantine about nuclear radiation Queen is appropriate in disregarding Times Queen enthralled by Orpheus, odd person with special powers Queen follows favourite saint Quiet exercise at river, say, being something of a fish Quieter part of distillery Queen trapped by duty? Right, this may give her strength Quit after Conservative split Quick! School bell's ringing, but head's absent Queen's night attire simply the best? Quickly grabbing uniform for opera Quiet husband holding European record is shamefaced Quietly leaves store, touring old part of London Quick break Queen of Lebanon in the wars backing the old knight Quick refresher Quality of fine champers, maybe, or Pilsener, as drunk Quickly, singer grabs large wader Quiet piece of legislation to secure treaty Questioned the thing done, with brusque interrupting Quibbles Quick to help the erring player Quick look from son facing set of questions Quaint, first to last — and drippy maybe Queen allowed to wear embroidered felt, soft fabric Quiet agreement at home about old instrument Quadrangle where low cart is reversing Quiet spot round sheltered side Question silver head in guessing answer: old zebra? Quiet old man hiding in an under-fire vessel Question one with foxy clothing in flamboyant fashion