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Quick cut Quick cut Quick haircut Quick cut with scissors Quick cut Quick cut Quick cut Quick cut Quick cut Quick haircut Quick cut with scissors Quick cut Quick cut Quick cut Quick cut Quick scissor cut Quick scissor cut Quick little cut Quick cut Quick cut Quad wheels: Abbr. ''Quack Shot'' antagonist Quite bright Quinoa alternative Quondam weapons Quarrel Quibbling quarrel Quarrel Quick quarrel Quibbling quarrel Quarrel Quarrel: Colloq. Quarrel. Quarrel Quibbling quarrel Quarrel Quite a swinger "Quit your crying" 'Quiet!' "Quiet!" "Quiet, you!" "Quiet down!" "Quiet down!" "Quit your yapping!" "Quiet!" "Quit whining" "Quiet down!" Qualities of people's voices "Quit complaining!" Quiet please Quiet! 'Quit crying about it!' Quiet Quiet "Quiet!" "Quiet!" "Quiet!" 'Quiet!' Quarterback Tarkenton Quarterback Tarkenton QB Tarkenton Quarterback Tarkenton QB Tarkenton "Quit ___ yapping!" Quick bit of shutEYE Quaint contraction Qt. halves Quick and nimble Quietly come to deliver a sermon Quick haircut Question that introduces doubt Quadrennial period of 366 days "Quickly!!" Quiz show segment Quantity of paper Qualifying round Qatari leader Quick Queen of the jungle Quartet in Mississippi Question persistently Querulous Queens team Quaker pronoun Quietly leaves to view cricket, for example Quick suggestion? Quote Quick punches Quick cut Quite a lot Quell "Queen __": pop music icon with a "hive" of fans Quantity of money Quilt we'd ironed was ruined (9) Quiet in excellent meal (6) Quarterback Bratkowski in the Packers Hall of Fame Queen dowager of Jordan QB's units (Abbr.) Quirky fixation (6) Qty. Quote Gorki piece promoting source of alternative meaning? Quaint place to stay Quarterback Manning Quieten beast of burden, very loud inside Queen, king and ace, say Quahog, for one Quack perhaps from duck in domestic driveway? Quaker pronoun Quiet Riot: terrible group Quaffing first drop of Drambuie, pour mixed gin (8) Quaint suffix with school Quiet river drowns Scotsman Quaffing first drop of Drambuie, pour mixed gin Quickly prepared but unhealthy meals Queen, like one in Through the Looking Glass, went wrong Queen came after heavy metal - Freddy Mercury took this position Quilting party "Queen Sugar" creator DuVernay Question after a question is met with silence QuickBooks co., on NASDAQ Quietly stolen old picture Quadrilateral pit made with a dozer (9) Quality commercial filmed in black-and-white mostly? (5) Queen of the Night, e.g. (4) Quickly read page to be economical (5) Queen in flit with philanderer Quit smoking aid (1,1,1) Question of identity Question of evidence Qatar's capital Quality of newness or originality; an innovation; an unusual experience; or, a knick-knack, ornament or other mass-produced gimmicky trinket (7) Quote me but use tacit expression (4) Quintin -, Lord Chancellor from 1970-74 and 1979-87 also known as Baron Hailsham of Marylebone (4) "Quaking" tree Quantity in Einstein's theory of relativity Quixotically choose window over aisle? (5) Quarrel Qualities required to do something Quick: doctor seen in river! Quickly list items in roll of film no longer available (4,3) Quietly enthusiastic about piebald horse (5) Quiet fan setting Queue after D Quiet lady by river in Ireland (7) Quiet, back in tunnel Quizzed (spy) after mission Quiet one's taken in by witch's explicit communication (5,3) Queen, e.g. Quick fastener (3) Question; cook Queue component Quaeso, ____: y'all please know this — saepe apud Ciceronem 'Queen' in France QB-protecting group Quote Quiet institute linked with a branch of Islam (4) Quarterback Tebow "Qu ___?" Questionable Quickly describe again (5) Qualifier in quoted text “Queen ___” (Shelley poem) Quirky Queen covered by country stars (4) Quietly did sums as they walked about Quiet chief points across vacated hut (5) Queen in free negotiation about bird Quentin Tarantino film, ---- Upon a Time in... Hollywood (4) Queen covered by country stars Queen surrounded by knaves and jokers (5) Quiet pixie getting some storage Quality by which mattresses are classified Quality by which mattresses are classified Quaker cereal Quiet strolls in a scene of chaos or carnage (8) Qatar's continent Qatar's capital Quebec dishes with cheese curds and brown gravy Queen consort of Jordan (5) Queer introverted chaps mostly act shy (6) Queen who lost her head (5,10) Quiet circle starts to get into board game (5) Quarrels Quivered Quest for a pirate (2 words) Question of lamentation Quiche ingredient Quick and nimble-footed Quarterback play "Quantico" investigation agency: Abbr. Quid ___ quo Quantity or total, for short Queen-sized furniture Queen's "___ Ga Ga" Quarterback's cry Qualified and ready Quick cut in a salon "Que" follower in a song Quiet ___ mouse: 2 wds. Quad-strengthening exercise Quid ___ quo Q-Tip, e.g. Quick kiss Quit work formally with a silent letter "g" Quantity of something, for short Quick kiss that's exchanged under the mistletoe "Que" follower in a song by Doris Day Quickly put on an undergarment (4) Quarantine Queer dating app "Queen of All Media" Winfrey Quick and light-footed Quality associated with harmony or color Quarters? A unit soldiers finally get Quarrel about European weapon (5) Quarry from which calcium carbonate is extracted Query letter enc. Quiet victory in support of German composer (8) Quietly hang round, getting us to eat a piece of cake (8) Qualify for Quietly hang round, getting us to eat a piece of cake QB stat Quick to notice old boy, one doing housework for another (9) Queen not entirely backing a republic! (5) Quarantine Island loo ain't working Quick picture of tropical breaks, at first Quitting and filling suitcase Queensland Reds' former All Black prop signing (4) Quantum ----, Scott Bakula time-travelling series (4) Queen of the witches can't stand going round the City Queen played by Olivia Colman in 2018 film The Favourite (4) Quick dip? Quick peek "Queen of Jazz" Fitzgerald Quick trip to the store Q-tip target Quibble Question Quiet periods Quick gait Quantity of hair standing up on head of University tutor? Quickly read top of poster to be stingy (5) Queen City of the South Quiet! Woman is out to get exhibitionist! (7) Quietly take tea in outer Southall (5) Quite likely to disturb U.S.A., sir! (6) Quickly swallow (4) Quite like the East in France? I will have to think about that (6) Queen goes after Scot carrying duck on Vespa (7) Quilt warmth