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Crossword Clues Start With Q, page 95

Quartet doubled Quite expensive Quite expensive Quarrel with boss to make this point Question for a late friend (Abbr.) Quick run followed by a bath when back Quick look (informal) Q-V linkup Question to someone getting back from a date ___-quoted Quite steamy Quite steamy Queen's broken toe is tender Quarrel unexpectedly at event involving daughter Quaint oath Quayle who was vice president Quintessentially slow creature Queues, or some cues Quarterback Manning Quickly Quick Queen consort of Jordan Quinoa or rice Questionable view to have leader replaced by revolutionary American Quebec city Quiet lounge cut off area in open space Question of time Quake locale QB's mistake Quick and deft Qualify with conditions Quito setting Q-tips, e.g Quarreling Quinceanera dessert Quarreling Quiet-sounding Champagne brand Qdoba condiment Quiet form of 'Hey!' Quebec independence acronym '__ queen!': 'Work it!' "__ queen!": "Work it!" Quantity offering statistical wiggle room Queen breaking finger, which is red Quaint complaint Quaint quarters Quarterback who led the Bengals to Super Bowl LVI 'Questions welcome!' Quartet member Quibbles that are 'picked' Quite so Question to a prank caller Quattro preceder Queen's gambit, for one Quick Queen's gambit, for one Quick Qatar export ''Queen of New Age'' Quartet's number Quick studies show good times come after conflict Quickly and unexpectedly Quality assurance facility "Quiet!" ___ qua non Quit working QB’s six-pointer Quick learner, free from affectation Qualified with disclaimers Quickly seeing one replaced by a name, spellbound 'Quit it!' Quiet and gentile quality Quarter-back Manning Quiet and strange — that is street most badly built? Quash Quaker captain of literature Quash Quick chat with GP about keeping one's head Queen perhaps given male gender? Quite similar Quietly keeps in the loop Qualifying match, for short / Big name in antifreeze and brake fluid Quarterback Manning Quite Quick jokes Quite an amount (2 words) Quick-loss regimen Quality of sound coming from piston engine Qualifier that the K.C. Royals won in '15 Quiet game starting to get gesture of indifference "Quiet!" Quarrel Queue Quality evoking pity Quid in pocket as one leaves this trader's premises? Quickly Queen in Australia rising for nothing Quandary Queuing, say, outside cold bank Question worker sceptically Quick summary "Quiet!" Quick post office run, say Quiet one moving east carrying a signal Quick turn Quebec legislator, for short Quick look, or a small sound 'Quit doing that!' Quiet tear about Mike reveals weak character Quaint school dance Qualification Quarrel Quiet, downcast Questionnaire's last choice, often Quietly fume Quarter Quick look Quality of stock about right for soup? '___ questions?' Quick Questions that will test PM now, presumably Quirky habit Queen of the hill? Quick glance "Quit talking!" Quack remedy Quadruple ___ (jump never landed in the Olympics) QB stat Quaint "before" Question that might be asked on one knee Quiet river circles wood where food may be rare Question Quibble about problem ahead? Q-Tip, for one Quacking bird Queer visibility slogan that's the title of a 2019 visual history book Quarrel caused when posh school fails to open Qualified Quick-witted casino employee? Quickly list Quack, fraud Qatari city by the Persian Gulf QB's mistake Quaker morsel Quick swims Qualifying events Quarterback maneuver Quadrilateral Quick snack Quite full Qatar's fastest-growing city Quick snack Quadri- doubled Quinceanera headwear 'Queen' of 40-Down QB's protection Question asked by a surprise caller Quaint confirmation Quacking bird Quite full Quadri- doubled Quell Qualifying events Quarterback maneuver QB stat Quaint 'before' Quiet please Quarterback Marino Quickly shifting the blame — in vain Quick to have bases around lake Quaffs for carolers Quaker's pronoun Quick swim Quality of hawk or cuckoo, e.g., soaring across sierra Quick to learn and understand Quick snooze Queens stadium name Queer heroine in the DC Universe Quickly mounts Queued (up) Quirky Queue for lottery tickets? Quarry’s last sign something’s not right after working stone Q preceder, in song Queen's protection Quantity Quarter-pound things at McDonald's Quippy rejoinders Quiche ingredients Quite elderly Quarter-pound things at McDonald’s Query Quebec city home to the Canadiens Quench Question of identity Quick contests between turns in Mario Party Quick means of gathering data Quick scissor cuts Quarrel Quarterback who was MVP of Super Bowls XLII and XLVI QBs and DHs Quick qualifier "Queen Sugar" creator DuVernay *Question in a famous balcony scene Qualifying game Quiet fool in sandy area turned and entered forbidden territory Quadrangular tennis area Quickly prepared in street by worker maybe Quirk Quick to give cue Quaint watch attachment Quinceanera headpiece Quick drawing Quit (job) Quaintly charming being in school detention Quilting parties "... — quit!" Quit, slangily Quaint sigh *'Queer Eye' TV genre Quickly Question to someone who looks impossibly young Quaint contraction "Questions welcome" Quaint "once" Quick attack seizing power Quit Quitting time, for many Qatar ruler Question at a press conference, maybe Quip Quickly moved bit Quinceañera honoree Quartz, e.g Queens' homes Quite an uproar Quaint contraction Queer dating app Question scoundrel raised about kilo in bag QB stats QB John in the Pro Football Hall of Fame Queen ___ lace Quarterback Tom Quick way to make Brie? "Quite so" Queue Quick looks Quick move by directors — this target will be hit Quick cut QVC alternative