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Crossword Clues Start With Q, page 98

QB Manning Quartet doubled Quote Quark or lepton Quiz show fodder Quick pick-me-up? QB stats Quarter Pounder qualifier Quarterback Manning Quick-moving Quote as a source QB stat Queue Quagmire Queen of Mt. Olympus Quite uncommon Quartz compound Quick plunge Quiets "Quiet on the __!" Quarrel stoppers, at times Quickly form a friendship (with) Quote book abbr Quantity contrasted with a vector, in physics QB's units (Abbr.) Quick snooze Quaint newspaper section QB Patrick who was 2018's N.F.L. M.V.P QB Patrick who was 2018's N.F.L. M.V.P. Quake Quarterback Manning Question after a holdup Quiet spot to moor a boat 'Quiet!' '___ questions?' Quick swim Quarterback play Quibble Question Quiet game, golf -- show indifference Quack grass and others Quick notes, quickly Quando, literally Quietly direct what courtroom defendant must do Quadri- doubled Quarterback great Joe Quickly Question before offering a bite Quaint lodging Quirky habit "Quantum Healing" author Deepak Quarterback Darnold Quest of los alquimistas Quaff Quinceañera attendee, maybe Quiet challenge to Macduff: continue sporting behaviour Query Queen known for beat Quarterback Manning Quick snooze Queen's realm Qurratulain Hyder's language Quit, or agree to stay on Quelques-___ (some, in French) Quantity multiplied by acceleration in Newton's second law 'Quit being so immature!' Quick drink "¿Qué te __, calabaza?" "___ quote you on that?" Quarterback Manning Quiche start Quiet beer possibly source of gas QB stats Quarrel over merchandise, literally? Quarrel over a song, literally? Quarrel over a golf club, literally? Quarrel over a venue, literally? Quit Quaint word whose syllables rhyme with consecutive numbers Qatar's largest city Quenched? '___ qué?' ('Why?,' in Spanish) Quite smart Quiz Quick to carry a blade "Que ___?" Quinella Quiets down QBs' goals Quadruple Qdoba order Quatre + trois Quill tip Quickly Quaker possessive Quotable Yogi Queen involved in enigmatic opera that's more impenetrable Qualification is incomplete, elite dancer miserable Quick witty exchanges Question type Quite bright Queen or twin Question from a friendly interviewer Q.E.D. part Quick bucks Quivers on the radio Quit social media, say Quaint greeting Questionable sky light? Quiet spells Quite a spell Queen, in Spain Quizzer's horn Quarterback Rodgers Queried Question — shoe Quaint lodging Queen's thing is to roll back amount by one hundred Quaint oath Queen Ramonda, to Shuri Qualify Qualify Quiets Quick kisses Quickly assembled posh chair picked up to win over that woman Queeg's ship in a 1954 film Quick-tempered sorts Quickly write (down) Qualified Quick bite Quintessential ingredient to borrow from a neighbor Queen who loved Aeneas Q-tips, e.g. Qualified QVC alternative Quietly removing wrappers from fancy baked food Quench Quick punch Quite Quiet British drive the French in retreat Quechua speaker "Quite so" "Queen __": pop music nickname Question — what helps fish breathe outside river? Quality of teetotaller embracing woman who was on top of the world Quarrel with a Greek character on the radio Question football team's attitude Queen having clothes for evening Quiet place, establish as park  Quiet Greek regularly strips off, gets ready Quick to embrace single female and soothe 26  Question / a model  23 Quick review after meeting finished 2   Quickly appreciate an attempt Questionable short detail on debt notices Questionable puja rite that sacrifices a neighbour Qualifies to nurse a baby, first at house winning accolade at the end Quick setter's becoming old in August Quiet listener, is trim Queen's holding up entrance to famous landmark Queen and I crazy about horses  Queen going through hectic schedule becomes subdued Quite done, at last... nothing is unfinished Questioning a small family group, to start with Quote from additional court Quiet study sitting in recliner, one can't hear you Quick inspection of cooperative banks on both sides Quick redound: visa served to the sage  Quarrel at home for light meal Quite possibly, Kenya's eradicated westbound smuggling Queen managing Iran Queen enters swimming pool in the lowest deck  Quickly, list some conger eel offcuts Questions idiot about king Queen's after exotic fruit: that's increasingly plain Queen depicted upside down? Landlord's no monarchist Quiet, more embarrassed; one tearing up Quarrel in royal marriage, without love... Question about missing ring leads to enquiry Question husband's exit with hesitation, sobbing primarily with tears Quarrel over transport for attending religious services . Quick inspection reveals it's 'king' in informal English . Question a model . Questionable move, a bed next to a counter . Quick tip for potential winners here . Question piggy banks having lid . Quiet and fast, primarily seen inching ahead . Queen by the middle of the month presides over free distribution, note after note Quarrelsome carpenter . Quality/tone, for a change, forgotten in drunken celebration Queen wears casual trousers with loafers Quickly alter a hint with a bit of software engineering Quoted one note, in retrospect, with extraordinary clarity Quick to consume English meal prepared elaborately Questions queen with hesitation about upper class that is starting to stumble Queen comes back to team lodge Quiet inmate in the white house Quiet about value of, say The Louvre Quietly I would leave home for companionship Quality of sound seen in old car leaves one depressed Quarrel about going around Idaho for a rafting challenge Queen rejected tax shelter Quality that's old and joyless Quiz the French taking King's support Queasily put right uneasy soul Queen relaxed the sick Quick to partially grasp Rydberg's theory Quick note to friend in blood Questionable matter, hospital department's medication Queen under stress, restricts passage Queen's call is mistaken Queens could be vamps removing shirt tension-free Questioners ask endlessly before first section starts Quiet! Quiet! It's top secret! Quip about horse going over gorge Quietly the animal will attack Quite insignificant to protect right Quick, dig and hold your ground Quiet local leader Quite upset with youth leader yielding ownership interest Queen's vehicle Quick! Discard small diaper Queen holds the element Quiz on all plants of a region Quadruped (goat) oddly lacking in Arthurian setting Quote old pamphlet Quietly leaving stage in shame Queen's wrath over India's inclusion Question name being entered wrongly in DD Quarrel over Mali's messed up social system Question a traitor returning to the country Quits ale moving to another drink Quake damages metro rail initially Quick male enters overturned container before the French Questioned British and Indian neighbours indeed Quiet place/space for school-break Quick throws without moving Queen's sixth commercial tax officer's on air, as rescheduled Questioning like a royal Quest at England to reveal standing Quiet in Indian city, voice heard here in Greece Quality of some foods revealed by a fat tester at sea Quarrel with the champion after I replaced the article Queer Street possessing character right — an exaggeration Quiet street — it's supposed to be without a sidewalk Questions Tamil leader abandoning jobs to be done Quarrel lieutenant had with relative down under Quote from notice by the chief Quiet place by shed to the left, for recreation break Quiet affair saving a woman on turning tail