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Crossword Clues Start With Q, page 99

Quit a company over a deal primarily Quote Arden: "climbing will make you sick" Quick snack may be dentist's request Quotes by nearly forgotten wise men Quintessential Indian drink in small volume Quick and silent incursion during assault Question the boy extremely firmly to fulfil the requirement Quickly transport officer leaves and fixes up space for journalists Question the ultimate framework Queen in a car crash across the bend Quietly going about without new covering Queen meeting loafer carrying diamonds is one difficult to please Queen jumps around one like horse Quarrels, somehow augments source of revenue Quickly gets hard, a few times, say Quick alien gets meat cut Question steamy scientist verbally Query about different tiers revealing a sign of times for programmers Quiet morning, one is in touch with spirits Quits alcohol essentially! Takes a bit of strength however  Queen's winner is above an American Question stated without essence, was on shaky grounds Quaking aspen falls around 9 in European mountains Queen prone to emotional displays? Quit as rank is around hundred Quick reminder Quaint, yet a grandfather should not show this Quiet doctor treats fractures Quarry worker around Utah that moves 1440 times a day  Questionably ribald art in wedding gown attachment Quite settled and clever, to be fair Quiet individual was brilliant Queen's upset with church order Quickest to escape tax Quiet from the time the French parted Quickly approach crazy pun by Russian Queen left England overwhelmed by gesture Queen was winner: Number one at first Quiet! Heartily thug pushes twice Queen has a short garment and a heavenly body Quite narrow-minded Republican interrupts Quietly usurped or otherwise, vain about wealth  Quietly, after tea we finally left service area? Queen startled over one like horse Quite nonchalantly, setter slipped out to chase female Queen, say, makes a shrill sound "Queue to meet Yama?", two heard agitatedly Quiet crossword setter invites Avtaar with son, mom, stepmom etc Quiz pretentious man wearing tee shirts upside-down Quiet rise in medical practice Quiet operation to defeat workers  Quietly move from point to point Queen almost returned to the country Quack remedies for malignant tumors in non-smoker Quick appraisal from a planter, one might say Quite likely charges dropped, the Holy Book saving bishop Question asked about Erode's top dairy byproduct Quickly eat roasted fowl Quotes from old passages Qualification one gets on leaving dolphin school Quickly leave urn? Quarters in a vessel where dogs are kept Queen replaces many of country's reelected leaders in a democracy, for competence Quantity we hand in to get a keyboard Quail's Florida measure Quarrel and put sub in reverse Queen arm-twisted Yankee Quietly drew away, was smart Queen wearing stuff that is red on top and more showy Quick! Spooner's gone front Questionably chose path of unsportsmanlike conduct Question interrupting the opera composition makes it less transparent Queen outside old building Quick learner in Isfahan dances Quickly follow vehicle with hard top Queen favourite in industrial town Queen visiting some ruined place of worship Quick-tempered, he'd catch out heartless chief Question excluding first digit Quickly given consent orally, get comfortable Queen has zeal, somehow controls a baron with competence, essentially hard Question a rising traitor in an Arabian land Quiet event inside with stew and SE Asian dish Quiet passageway leading to yard in Scottish town Quartz, perhaps, used in bar of a magnificent Roman building Quarrelsome conversation if male drunk? I can't express how I feel Queen's favourite city? Quality paintings put up, Italian Quickly name city Queen with sign joined by secretary in court before artist Quiet duck, truly wild fowl Quest to get attention in school Quiet revolutionary in scrap Quick examination previously done Quantity produced "Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are __!": 1978 album Quantity of medicine Quick kiss QB misfire "... __ quit!" Quality beef cut Quite pleased, in British slang Quiet resolution on certain aims in sensitive areas Quaint lines, once translated, having little significance Quiz to identify type of shoe Quiet, absorbed by case, lacking time to make Japanese dish Question scoundrel raised with crook, missing contents in bag Quiet because occupied by French article Question about husband with name in claim Quantity in map on distribution of bees around west in children's book Quiet resolution with certain force Question for children Question highest in command Quiz round avoided by learner Quietly pounce and land in water Queen pursues 'favourite' to criticise 'eternal youth' Quiet countries EEC led astray Quick to take in a bit of old cash in sale of old clothes Quarrelling dads to wrestle ‘Quakerism' … not ‘quaking' … ? Queen's shielded by bishop and king? Idiot Quiet about struggles to include Western trailers Queen depicted in blockbuster, Mercury's essence missing, ending in Radio Gaga Queen, King in palace to broadcast Quench one's thirst, drinking straight Quarantine about nuclear radiation Question from bowler, say, after poor shot, to claim wicket Quarantining finally, carrier cut off all contact! Quick communication from Eastern Mali was garbled Quickly go deep, exit another way Quoted a month back, it went in Queen of Jews usually deified in the Hebrew sources Queen taking bishop in mating attack primarily to advance check Queen cross with regiment holding up drink Quickly take horse from native American Queen follows favourite saint Quiet exercise at river, say, being something of a fish Quieter part of distillery Quash right boxing ace in a ring Queen trapped by duty? Right, this may give her strength Quit after Conservative split Quick! School bell's ringing, but head's absent Queen's night attire simply the best? Quickly grabbing uniform for opera Quiet husband holding European record is shamefaced Quietly leaves store, touring old part of London Queen of Lebanon in the wars backing the old knight Quality of fine champers, maybe, or Pilsener, as drunk Quickly, singer grabs large wader Quits contest without finishing Quiet piece of legislation to secure treaty Questioned the thing done, with brusque interrupting Question from gangster's follower about destination, making ready? Quiet drink? Duck into misplaced glory for creed of sin Quantity of sugar, perhaps, thrown out of planes Queen aboard pretentious vessel Queues to go inside and drink Quartet's cover of tune with musical style Questions that deal with inflation Quiet town, one I hesitate to say that's dangerously unstable Quirky English rooted for home-grown opera Quiet craftsman, biased Quiet drink? Not quiet drink! Quits flat, base for assignment in Rugby Quietly topping others, manned satellite, if you ask me, is most speedy Queen looked down upon by dull subject Quiet church containing gold architectural feature Queen Catherine somewhat stuck up, arrogant Quietly he accepts a pay increase, the hypocrite Quiet girl on Irish river Quiet friend, as a friend may be Quietly send favour Quite a few cut, almost everyone Queen's stalker's quip retracted? About time! Quick-witted character on the staff Quaff many pints of Bass? Quite happy to study wine Quiet speaker with his quiet and repeated signs of hesitation Quiet woman on river Queen visiting British Museum and bank Quietly utter joke Quiet nobleman one valued Quietly go out on beach with recliner? Because beach is this? Quiet member of the family? Quiet about eccentric man from way back in history Queen needs him to carry the odd crown? No 26 queens played in no-trump card game Quite boring terribly rude landowner Quick expulsion of unknown European, first seen at sea Quietly including superfluous material Quality mark on case that should be blown up Quiet sound of pain in body cavity Quiet, more colourful piece of office equipment Quickly saw head of government told untruths about politicians Questionable nature of bishop that is in charge Queen is appropriate in disregarding Times Queen enthralled by Orpheus, odd person with special powers Quiet individual was excellent Quite a couple of lines Quiet chap with a salty wife 'saint' beds Query not entirely to Persian dynasty Quality of vessel with stone from the east Quick tips from expert in joint Queen, bound to gather autumn nuts, makes breakthrough Queen with this need gives you old Government Quiet fellow taking dip in river Queen and king on head of tossed coin, once Qualify to start work as surgeon? Queen, charming, removing a first coat Quietly supported by act protecting western water plant Queen Richelieu has to make wealthy Quite a source of news and comment - now and then! Quest for speed Quality support given to tyre in need of repair  Quantity of beer from vat a doctor knocked over Queen maybe eats Indian food, avoiding extremes — it's delicately flavoured Quality arousing sorrow has power over Dumas character Question: is sex confused with romance? Queen to speak wildly? That's out of place Quiet attempt to encapsulate Old English verse Quick-witted character on the staff Queen featured in silly sketch Quiet force keeps returning fire for officer Queer fish in dam do Quiet little dwarf making money Quiet old character died, reduced to a minimum? Quantity of work by British composer Queen shown up on front of metal clasp Quantity of water upset canoe Quick! Name a town in northern England Queen perhaps supporting state founder's flag Quite a large lake Quick drink recruit drained Quiet anger about coloured liquid reduction Quoted passages in it, OT Cain's on the run Queen's protected by God, a symbol of British nationality Questioning politician on eg train or at sea Quiet old insider prepared to return to civilian employment Quiet son taking a couple of horses across America Quibbler in Civil Service touring a pair of Hebridean islands Quiet repose making one ready, as before Quality of the present head, keeping personal Queen alone, say, continue to perform without hindrance Quiet journey gives deeply satisfying feeling Question a graduate, initially having a port Quite sour nuts, greenish-blue Quick to admit each trouncing Quiet orphan girl runs carrying basket Queen's issue clear, one requiring king's backing Queen spotted near unusually big statue in London