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Crossword Clues Start With Q, page 102

. Quick – agent's about to nod off Quiet stroll on small street in York Quiet entering tortuous path, hit and attacked — too late! Quarrelling dads to wrestle Quick look round in Hollywood location recalled a feature of Manchester Quality of duck calls from across the water overwhelm T on board Quite fashionable exploit Queen's shielded by bishop and king? Idiot Quiet and timid, like Mickey, Jerry or Stuart? Quiet ones eat mushrooms Queen protected by large resistance units Quote reportedly visionary traveller Quarrelling in street commonplace Quit when Dolce (or Gabbana) swapped ends Quack to keep ducks closer? Quick footballer, swift perhaps? Quibbling sabotaged pious act Question family getting Halloween decoration Quantity of information in flyer disheartened lobby blocking it Question abnormal autumn amount Questioning former Ugandan dictator in Ghana's capital Quietly mourn outside church location Quiet about struggles to include Western trailers Quick peek that shows Jock's great when given lift in cast Quack, quack! Duck walks in at the start Questionable cult defends American power Quizzes police sergeant about Unionist politician Qualified, being short and light ‘Quakerism' … not ‘quaking' … ? Questionable reading (hasty perhaps), an oath, not dialectal Quickly make approach Queen Mum right: that's a new weighty piece, covering one better missed outside Queen‘s unusual palace tour, not suitable for children! Quick to take in a bit of old cash in sale of old clothes Queen's new titfer manufactured in E1 Quicker way – that's a soldier's style? Quietly stops old joiner Questions for the Scots about independence press for resolution Question about the American Revolution is primarily a national one Quietly feeding dogs upset by simple tail trim Quarter gets messed up in gracious woodwork Quarter of Arabian Desert has space with Australian company Quote back passage to begin with – that is sad Quite pooped (as once)? Take a nap round opportune time Quite angry about female star of The Deep? Quick! Hot spicy food going cold — out of bed! Quickly read second novel Quirky novel set in secret hideaway Question engineer by vestibule in church Quickly suspicious of giving support to voting system Queen, but not our Queen, is someone of original Finnish stock Quiz programme essentially needs two good captains Queen wearing each large uniform Quarrels stop intense desire returning before first thing on Sunday Quail is a bird seen around lake Queen, English, occupying break in prayer Queen, as a precaution (one might suppose) seen in helmet Question about the old man's sex? Qualifier, Jet, overwhelmed with advice Queen excused from drill duty Queen of Britain, a title on its way back Quietly urged daughter to leave show Quiet noble paragon Quick chat and drinks during break in card game Quibbled with Chosen One lacking sense earlier Queen finally seen off after strug­gle, as was Marie Antoinette Queens' man‘s worry — knee being wrenched Queen not working, making tutoring not so important   Quits job, taking away tips nevertheless Queue getting onto river boat   Quiet person chops Cheddar cheese . Queen's accommodation in Taipei, fairly regularly visited Question dropping leader from paper Quick attack secures front for paras   Quiet anger about tattoo's reduction in size Quarrelsome left back blocking a couple of Spurs' youngsters at the start Quick to find unconventional fellow with note for Henry Quiet nana's amorous advance Queries Hamlet's dithering in 22's place for 22 Quiet newspaper man in small building Question posh priest masquerading as comic Question one's place in case of disease Qualified as proficient in goal Quibbler longed to displace editor Queen defends old extension Quite old clothes on Quiet deceiver concealing silver: is master revealing theft? Questions to do before exams Quite costly hotel rebuilt in an archway Quote about Green movement at first showing great vitality Question archbishop entering into new negotiation Queen's singles hard to beat, apart from first and last ones Question for children Quiet resolution with certain force Queen ruled over India for a start Quietly wax lyrical about oligarch's principal residence Question during sex: am I nervous? Question about husband with name in claim Quantity in map on distribution of bees around west in children's book Quarterly test including obscure terms Queen mixes Asia up, entertaining clanger! Queen in delicate fabric right for coat Queens, say, adopting small sheds Quietly encourage removal of undesirable elements Quote me in retrospect — it'll make you sick! Quitting position, adopting extremely uncivil language Quarrel returning in pub, wrought among other things Quiz one gets right in the end Quick to hide illegal reproduction primarily ? it's a crime Question and answer session's most prolific setter? As if! Question the Parisian leaving Elizabethan jacket Quiet historian losing footing on edges of ruin Queen performed overture to opera Queen introduced to new openings in various establishments, asset for job seeking Quiet leader of India versus a destructive lord Question a youth heading for pier Question first appearance of hut Quality tea time during a competition run Quietly handle extremely rare love potion Quick to nurse injury, get medicine here? Quick to adopt retreat with conviction Quiet bohemian get-together Quite agitated by state of drink Quiet when going to bed Queen's worried about one of horses Quit a golf game to wander idly Queen gets tzar's collection of crystal Quite a sight, said the Statue of Liberty's builder Qualification held by roadside greengrocer Queen turned up days before royal agents, historically Quiet? Yes, quiet Question I pose, awful mess of a setter, say? Quietly paddle in front of boat Quietly pounce and land in water Quiet as a spent campanologist on drugs Quaker introducing religious leader to addict Qualified to catch fish? Give up Question notice by second team Quickly leave church with plunder Quiet period for percussion, around 50 cents? Queen escorted by her neighbours from deck in tug Question about stray in boat Queen of puddings? Queen on island set up place for prince Quietly encourage the removal of undesirables Quakers a source of insurance? Quickly polish off 70% of sweetmeats, then go Dutch Question son's disguise in sleazy bar Quickly buy pans suggested Quantity of power, with a doubling of temperature Queen stopping King Edward, say, being sent back to refuge Quarryman‘s key picked up Queen ordered seal rings displaying flat diamond Question about English dairy product Quiet for a gun they say Queen caught pole dancing at Royal Academy Qualification from writing about movement in European arts Queen, say, given a diary, it's said, and list of names Quagmire is again more or less behind QI failure amazingly the one through to the next round Quick form of pop art Questioning of Socrates most common Quiet work in retail outlet Quantum and poor Louisa exchanging partners in the wind Quickish pace from China, knees gone might you say? Quite lovely Quite ugly Quite a swell, displaying extremes of style continuously Quartet that's after 12D 16As for an ageing Beatles number? Queen admitted to old club where cheap food served Quantum particle found in serotonin Quick to understand about strategic aid Quote about American spirit on the rise is puzzling Query reason for neatness Quality of 14's stomach is morbidly displayed Quiet one bores Afghan? Queen touring Barra? Questions and removes underwear? Quiet inland swimmer Quietly consult socialist that's more highly valued Quite attractive guards finally stop all disruptive conduct Quiz round avoided by learner Quiz experts beaten at breakfast? Queen saves English brand, the height of fashion? Quarter aspiration after jet engine starts Quite short friend Quite rare, yet growing wild in former times Question one, then hang traitor Quack gaining a name as bogus healer? Quiet – sells tins (anag)  Qualification for Bellerophon, say? Queen punches Brussels friend in the same way Quip about animal eating companion in farmyard? Question a new civil engineer suspiciously Queen to back bird Quiet party game Quite sour cocktail is a shade of blue Qualities beginning to hold one back Quick to catch fish that's straggling Quiet small stream not at all quiet Quietly sing one tune, losing heart in clammy conditions Quarry of a particular hound, barking to rest Quietly, church abandons VIPs for more common people Quote line about a Duke in fortress Quiet about this after low rough? Not very Quietly consider when judge allowed to detain criminal, originally Quarrel where vehicle gets rammed? Quick butcher's got you turned around, say, and cut open Quiet seaside walk to south of Long Island, more than fresh! Quantity of dirt suddenly swirling? Queen Victoria contracted a fever? That's less clear! Quite sour, off colour Quite small child getting supporter Quite sour, distressed and blue Quick look up and down Quite right to have change of heart Quattro Formaggio and Hawaiian one cuts into squares? Quick and easy? Quick statement about what to do if one's going to be late Quiet woman, at heart excessively contrary Queen stops duke with Chinese delegation's leader becoming personal Quietly polish ring Quick way to eliminate cockroach perhaps Quiet rental, if you don't mind Quality shown by 13 with Dead Head after too much drug intake Quarrel over eastern flood Quiet! I need half the light Queen has browned bread with no topping for Xmas dinner? Queen's adviser possibly supporting dodgy deal 1,000 quickly pocketed in criminal delight – fancy! Quickly turn around every document demanding your initials Quiet merriment is organised around 1 May? Quit following Conservative split Quake in Turkey — capital taken aback Quiet pest not pulling his weight Quietly entering self-help group with your old lack of emotion Quiet massage for Rosemary? Queen taking in strip show Question many on trial Quiet game's lost by show of indifference Queen, perhaps, wrapping up problem puzzle Queen dressed appropriately for crowd? Quip about English ship Quake in Turkey – upheaval of capital Queen Empress Maria excited: she' s about to have her first Quiet! Nora's backed another girl Queen's partner cooked outstanding royal starter Quality of fresco panel sisters ordered Quality of cliffs in Kent location Question about rampant greed that divides the land?