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Queen fairly filled with bit of beastly gas Question: green tit or a cuckoo? Quickly necking booze, setter vandalised 3 hub Question about curtailment of women's movement, note, in original location Quaintly charming being in school detention Queen dons anorak, European queen that's one of thirteen characters across here (5,6 Quiet fool in sandy area turned and entered forbidden territory Queen on cover of magazine – Kate's not quite member of mob Quibble about problem ahead? Question role at odd stages for part of a fingerprint Queen hugging lover once in palace wing, say Question some emoticons ultimately Quiet or busy, wanting constant pick-me-up Quiet by perimeter — until one shows up! Qualification perhaps revised article containing loose end Quite popular and moving record? Quick look as dog is heard Quietness after peeling off, soaked in bathroom Quite surprised — Tottenham winger during season abroad showing good form Question chancellor about article with suspicion Quick to accommodate soldiers with space in part of ship Queen perhaps beginning to address court guards Quiet period back on terra firma depresses child Queen Victoria maybe is first in shop Question remains after defeat Question about Picaroon's singular flights of fancy Q & A about uniform on railway creates a dilemma Quiet provider of milkshake Qatar's capital Quick kisses "Quit it!" Qty Queen ___ ("Single Ladies" singer, to fans) Quick to have one replacing America's candour Quiet Quits Queen with a protégé 'Q' neighbor Quibbles QB's scores Question before entering a room Quality inspection? 20 quires Quickly assembled group Queues for food Queued up "Quiet!" Queue after Q Quintessential Route 66 lodging Quayle follower Quantity QB protectors, for short Quartz variety *"Quit following the mainstream!" Queries Quartet times two Queue endlessly to get disinfectant Queen punches British bully, 19 Quarterback Derek "Queen of Katwe" director Mira __ Quakers in a forest Quick with quips Quadrilateral type Quartet doubled Qatar-based television broadcaster Quack medicines Questions Queue Quick Quick tug; fool Quartet doubled Quarrel — fight Quick polling method, and what 17-, 29-, and 49-Across all are, in different ways Quarry mineral QB goof: Abbr. Quick look Quickly leave chap principally covered by black powder Quit / Quit Quiet stroll leading to awkward gait Quite a blast? Quipster Quaker captain of literature Quarterback Jackson Quagmire "Queen Sugar" actress Lifford Quarterback Manning Quick signal Queue after Q Question after no hands are raised Quick swim "___ queen!" Quarterbacks, at times Quality of light, fluffy matzo balls Quiet source for milk shake Quick-tempered Quakes Quaint hotels 'Quiet, the show's starting!' Quaking trees Qdoba snack Queues; quarrels Q-tip, for one Quaint desktop item Quran scholar Quiver contents Quiet period Question doubtful point before getting drunk Q-tip, e.g. Quaint hotels Quite uncommon Quick mission on another's behalf Queen's residence? Quit Quarterback Manning QB scores Quick beverage Quick study? Quebec city Quite dry Quarrel Quiet and young? This drink's allowed perhaps Quality ___ (hotel chain) Quartet in many a string orchestra Quirk Quayle's successor Quick bite Quilt cloth Qatar's capital QVC sister channel Queue a long time for family tree info? Quick means of communication in time abroad Quick-reflex game Quotable Berra Quarantine accordingly delayed after source of infection Quite high Quadrapong maker Queen of the fairies in folklore Quiet stretch Queen's onetime rock style Quote from memory Quickly visit Post Office to get code for debit card Quarterback Manning "... — quit!" Quaker's pronoun Quality of poignancy Quiet time consumed by total pandemonium in the end Qinqiang solos Quite uncommon Quill writer Albert used to pen his article Question of identity Quality of being neat Quite so in a German church "Quit it!" Quaint plaint Quick look Quarrel Quick photo Quantities Quick break Q&A on Reddit Quickly Question after returning from a long absence Queen and wizard involved in extra destructive event Questionable Q and A? Quality of being funny Ques. counterpart Quirky Quick snooze Quintet not represented in 10- or 49-Down Queens stadium name "... — quit!" Quarterback, often Quarterback Newton Quarterback Manning Quarreled Quiet animal to meander Q's point value in Scrabble Quick burst of light Quiet fitness discipline Quiet fitness discipline QB's mistake (Abbr.) Quick note of appreciation Questioned introduction from Homer's neighbour, clutching dog Quarry in coastal feature also Question about the availability of a gas for signs? Queue after Q Queens players Quiver insert QB passing stat Queer Indigenous identity Quantity: Abbr Questionable Quarry Quiet pet, one of a pair? QVC alternative Question of place Quite, somewhat 'Quit it!' '___ queen!' (enthusiastic cry) Queen might produce this musical dance Q in the NATO alphabet Quill need Quickly, quaintly Quilting, e.g Quod __ demonstrandum Quite cold Quarterback Marino Queen's mate in contact with spymaster Quite a spread Quench Quantity Quick Question of identity Quiver Queen visiting Massachusetts Institute of Technology? Goodness! Quick preview Quickly prepare comic set with RuPaul trashing America Quaint affirmative Question of method Quaint lodging Quiet drink, boozer's fourth, produces sentimental singing Quote Quits Question from someone arriving in haste Qatari or Omani Quiver "¿Qué __?": Spanish "What's up?" Quaint cry of surprise Qualified medic participating in my jazz group QB's stats Quiet answer -- Charles, perhaps, is trembling Quantities of paper 'Quiet!' Quirky Q's neighbor Quarters Quit discussing Quarters, approximately? Quake aftershock Quarrel Quarry Quote Quick growth period Quiet spell university had in fifties Quick summary Quick-tempered person Queried Queen in 'Frozen' Quotes views heard