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Crossword Clues Start With Q, page 106

Quill, once Quarrel about river fish Queen Victoria's prince consort QB-to-TE scores, for short Queen's realm QBs' goals *Quick-to-wake sorts Quick look Quoth the raven? Quite a stretch Qatari monarch Quick bite Q-tip, e.g Quarrel Queen of the Olympian gods, sister and wife of Zeus Question repeated in Texas, Kansas, Kentucky and Alaska Quick trip Queen after prince: very deviant "Quickly" letters Quarantine Queens tennis stadium's namesake Quick ___-quit (angrily leave a game) *Quick vacation for newlyweds (Hint: Do a headstand to understand the starred clues' answers) Quick snoozes Quarrelled 'Qué ___' ('Excellent,' in Spanish) 'Qué ___' ('Excellent,' in Spanish) Question of motive Quaint word before 'cited' or 'forgotten' Quebec's home QB stats Quasimodo's job Q-tip, e.g Queue consists of two ends Quietly passed on and given unexpected promotion Q-tip, e.g. Quizzes big brother Q-tips Quick impression, as of a person Québec chum Quilting technique Q followers Question before making a Pine Tree disappear? Question asked while wandering through a garage Quite high during play 'Queen of Salsa' Cruz Quotidian Quite a few (Quoted verbatim) 'Quicker than quick!' Quick, reenergizing sleep Quantity held by a cask Quite attentive to personal hygiene? Queue after Q Quick drink Q, W, E, R, T and Y Quality that evokes compassion Quick way to Excel? Quite good-looking Quick snacks Quantity of dirt displaced by a burrowing garden pest? "Queenie" author Michael Quantity of statistical data, initially sufficient Quadrilateral Quid pro ___ Quandary of Miss Woodhouse after I'd returned then left Question ___ Quit Quality of sound initially leaves one shaken Quantity of ice cream Question that's an anagram of 16-Across Question that's an anagram of 35-Down Quarter ration for domestic male worker QVC alternative 'Quickly, please!' Queer the Census, e.g Question of methodology Quite often Quantity Quiet, mostly upset about using new translators maybe Quarreling QB mishap *"Quite the slump there, huh?" Quickly Questionable, suspect Quit strike force Quality of sound supported by piercing note Quick-witted 'Queen of Drag' with 12 Emmys Quite a few Quandary Quick buck Question that suggests 'That's crazy!' Quick taste Quiet islands head of Eton enters of all people! Query of concern ... or a phonetic hint to two pairs of letters appearing in 17-, 24-, 37- and 48-Across Quercus seed Query of concern ? or a phonetic hint to two pairs of letters appearing in 17-, 24-, 37- and 48-Across Quantity Quasimodo's creator "Quiet, please!" Qualification certificates Quick cut Quill from magpie's tail held by old man Q: 'Did you hear about the cow that cried wolf?' A: 'Fake ___!' (dad joke) Quick to start in, perhaps "Quiet!" Quick Quad ___ (2022 record jump achieved by Ilia Malinin) Quick getaways Quite cold QB stat Quiet 'Hey!' QB's units (Abbr.) Q-U linkup Quite a few Quirk of brief noise made by a clock Quick inspection Queen of Mount Olympus Quite irritated Quiet secretary tucking into wine that's laid down Quai d'Orsay's river Qatar's peninsula Quixotic hero has spades, good at practical work Quickly aroused to anger Quite impressed Question of incredulity Quaint confirmation Quaker's "you" Quebec native Quite a jerk Question of status Question of identity Quiet priest facing trouble gets to succeed Quantity Quaintly stylish ___ quo Quarrel Quality of a sound medic, cutting fag out Queen or Genesis rocking? That's going back! Quite a distance Queen and regime, e.g Quiet runner's shoulder motion Queen of ___ Queen of winter flowers Queen's subject Quaint lodgings Questlove coif Quartet members Quran chapter Quarry Quadrilateral calculation Queen Margrethe II, for one Quartet quarter Question of parliamentary rules Quattro doubled Quiet moment Quite some time Quits Quite stylish Queenly "Quiet!" "Queer Eye" stylist Jonathan Van __ "__ questions?" "Quit it!" Quite severe Quick to learn Qing dynasty language 'Queen of the Waves' Gertrude Quick greetings *Question while searching for a lost item Quipu creator Qatar's capital Quarterback Derek Quick-witted Quick swim Qatari title Queen's standard uncovered Quiver contents Quiescent during penultimate part of Macbeth — and of Hamlet Quaff for a caroler, maybe Quirky souvenir 'Quit whining, dude' Quick-cooking kitchen appliance Quote book abbr. QVC rival Question not often asked on 'Jeopardy!' Queens, e.g. Quickly, in poetry Quayle successor __ qua non (essential thing) Qt. fraction '__ Quixote' Quid __ quo Qtys. Quantities Quaint complaint Queen in 'Frozen' Quick message Quick snack Quite __ off (rather distant) Q follower Quebec's largest city Quoted as a source Quarterback great Dawson Quaint hotel Quaint 'sweetheart' Quirky Quick private chats 'Queen of the Blues' Questions Quits marching Queue of people Queenly address Quarrelsome Quite a spell 'Quality' suffix Quite a bit Quarterback great Johnny Quick scissor cut Quarry material Qatari leader Quiet and timid Quaint knickknack Quick cuts Question not included 'across' the five longest answers Quiet likely (to) Quote book abbr. Quarterback great Brett Quirky behavior Qatar's capital __ qua non Quarries Quarry Quits stalling 'Quatro' doubled Quartet count 'Quiet down!' Query from the clueless Querulous quote from Christie Quote as a source Quotable 'fear' follower Quick and agile Quick-thinking Quick swim Qualifies for Quebec academy Quad wheels, for short Quick memo