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Quip, part 5 Quotation: Part III Quartet doubled Quick cut (4) Quote Part 2 Quarrel with Liberal accepting honours over base for thorny arrangement? Quote, Part 2 Quick turn Question about a goddess's connection to Muhammad? Question, with 39, 41 and 64 Across Quip, part 3 Quietude. Quip, part 2 Quixotic quest Query: Part 5 Quickly? Quote, part 4 Quivery vocal effect Quality of being different Question in an identity crisis Quadrennial hopeful Lyndon Quick-tempered sort "Queer __": revived style show Quite a view QB gains Quotation notation "Queen Sugar" creator DuVernay Quadrilateral Quick summary Queen born in 100-Across Quiz bowls often resolve them with extra tossups Quick jogging pace Quaint collectible Quirky odd bureaucrat is almost silent proof of falsehood Qualified “yes” Quotation notation Quid pro quos Queen of the gods Quran faith Quill need Quiet ___ Quixote Quite at ease for a private reception (2-4) Queen's article on heartless milk producer causes delicate situation Queen, say, regularly represented in charts Question tossers Quick learner Quick and witty reply Quick-tempered sorts "Quite contrary" nursery rhyme girl Quiz the son say - it tests the standard Quercine fruits. Quit discussing Qatar's capital “Quiet!,” rudely Quite eager Quicker Quality of a person's character Quarters Quincy the squinter "Queen of Latin Song" Quietude Quaking ___ Queen alone, say, continue to perform without hindrance Question for Brother John Quick snap Qom's country Quiet cough "Quits." "Quo Vadis" country. Quatar coin Quadrapong maker QBs dread them Questions Question that begs to be asked about 17-, 30- and 37-Across Qatar-based television broadcaster Qatari ruler Quickly read second novel Quarterback Tony Queen, regularly uneasy, thrilling as knights sought the Grail? QB targets Question of method Quick note about joint of meat Quick bite Quantity multiplied by acceleration in Newton's second law Quinceañera celebrant's title: Abbr. Quirky Icelandic singer “Queen of Salsa” Cruz Queen Victoria's royal house Quality of dry humor Quito's land (abbr.) Quiet melody put together Quick-sketch pros Quickly seal in the juices "Quién ___?" (Spanish "Who knows?") Quilt makeup Question before "Yes, you!" Quills Quarrelled Question of understanding, to a Spanish count? Queen of __: noted visitor of King Solomon Quip, part 2 Quip: Part 3 Quarterbacks aren't fired, they're ___ Queen energy new in record soon Quip (Part 3) Qatari ruler Quintets Quench Quarterback-turned-broadcaster Tony Questions in "The Gateless Gate" Quart's metric cousin 'QED' part Qualcomm and Kauffman, for two Quebec caught by helluva do covering for hotel visitors there Quote: Part III Quite orderly Quote, part 5 Queen Silvia's husband Queen's underling Quaint worker doing a hansom job? Queens, workers or soldiers Qtr. components Qtr. components Quip, part three Quaint complaint Quite a few Quash Quip, part 2 Quiet person was brilliant Quip, part 3 Quick-witted Quaint quarters Quilting events Quote, part 5 Quarterback's call Quarterback's call Quip (Part 2) Quip, part 3 Queen of Henry II Question from bowler, say, after poor shot, to claim wicket Quantum particle found in serotonin "Quetzalcoatl" muralist Quote, part 5 Quote, part 5 Quarter décor Quasi-convertible option Quashes Quarrel Quarrel Quitter of sorts Question that's not one of the five W's Quiche Lorraine, essentially Quite fitting Quick to knock with identification Quip: Part 4 Quick and rough drawing Quondam route for longhorn steers. Quack to keep ducks closer? "Quite frankly...": Abbr. Queen of spades and jack of diamonds melds Quiver Quip, part 2 Quantity of freight Quaint lodgings Queue Quaint lodgings Quaint stopovers Quaint stopovers Quaint lodges Quaint accommodations Quaint roadside stops Quip, part 2 Quip, part 2 Quality shrub? Quality and Comfort, e.g. Quaint stopovers, often Quality and Comfort Quaint hotels Quaint lodgings Quaint overnight stops Quaint hotels Quarters by the road Quaint overnight stops Quip, part 3 Quartet member Quip, part 3 Quaint lodgings Quaint hotels Quart, to a gallon Quarter Quaint stopovers Quaint quarters Quaint hotels Quaffing site Quick visual inspection Quick glance Quick survey Quick check Quick peek Quick visual check Quick visual inspection Quick peek Quick peek Quick visual check Quick inspection Quick glance Quebec's __'Orléans ___ question. Quite indigent. Queen of clubs, maybe Question, part two Quintet in a Jack Nicholson film title Quintet in a Jack Nicholson film title Quick-drying textile fiber Quickly deal with operating system change in midweek Quite regularly checks pay, which is useful Quite put out. Quiet word in the Garter motto Qum coin Quality of a diva Quite unoriginal Quirkily creative Quality of sticky tape Quill tip Question model Question to a rookie cop? Queens stadium name Queen ___ lace Queen Elizabeth, for one Quiz show group Qualifiers Quaint lament Quarrel over a song, literally? Question muttered while tackling a 57-Across Qualifications Quad- minus one Quinceañera honoree Quaking tree Quiet "Hey there!" Qatari monarchs Q5 automaker Quiet "Hey!" Quadruple-gold winner in Berlin Question (a statement) (7) Quick on the uptake "Quantum Healing" author Deepak Queer old duck. Quarry noise Question