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Crossword Clues Start With Q, page 109

Quite Quaffs liquids (6) Quebecoise's article Quite a collection “Quit that!” Quit contributing to remarks creating divisions (12) Quite peculiar "Qu'___ mangent de la brioche" (words popularly attributed to Marie Antoinette) Quick blast Quoted once, getting aroused (7) Quebec or Paris water (3) Quarter _; local courts held four times a year (8) Quite trivial right through (6) "Qu ___?" Questionable Quickly describe again (5) Qualifier in quoted text 1974 Queen song or 1985 Fine Young Cannibals song “Queen ___” (Shelley poem) Quirky Queen covered by country stars (4) Quietly did sums as they walked about Quiet chief points across vacated hut (5) "Queen ___" (Shelley poem) Queen in free negotiation about bird Quentin Tarantino film, ---- Upon a Time in... Hollywood (4) Queen covered by country stars Queen surrounded by knaves and jokers (5) Quiet pixie getting some storage Quality by which mattresses are classified Quality by which mattresses are classified Quaker cereal Queried Quiet strolls in a scene of chaos or carnage (8) Qatar's continent Qatar's capital "___ queen! Slay all day!" Quality-of-life enhancing services for older adults Quebec dishes with cheese curds and brown gravy Quietly arrives and gives a sermon (8) Queen surrounded by knaves and jokers Quiet homework producing foresight Quits Quiet country byway Qualified Question suggesting "What odd behavior!" QVC rival Quiet hen produced a trumpeter (6) Quilting qty. Quality-of-life-enhancing services for older adults Queen's money (9) Quick and cool (5) Quilted, upholstered Quickly! Quiet 5 where I keep my books? (5) Queues Quick Quash foe, been bothering monarch (5,2,5) Quarterback Rodgers who guest-hosted "Jeopardy!" Quality of being surly Quick wittedness Quietly be indebted to Greek character and work for energetic person (10) Quick to sense (10) Q. When is a door not a door? A. When it's ___ Queen Elizabeth Quay Bridge city Quick way to text "Mind. Blown." ___ Quien Doblan las Campanas (Spanish translation of a Hemingway novel) Queen consort of Jordan (5) Quaver or ... note (music) (6) Queer introverted chaps mostly act shy (6) Queen who lost her head (5,10) Quiet circle starts to get into board game (5) Quarrels 1964-78 QPR, 1978 Detroit Express and 1978-79 Cambridge United midfielder (4) 1964-78 QPR, 1978 Detroit Express and 1978-79 Cambridge United midfielder (5) Queens airport letters Quivered Quest for a pirate (2 words) Question of lamentation Quiche ingredient Quick coffee, say Quick and nimble-footed Quarterback play "Quantico" investigation agency: Abbr. "Quid ___ quo" Quiet incantation started snare Quid ___ quo Quick drink? Quantity or total, for short Queen-sized furniture Quick money dispenser: Abbr. Queen's "___ Ga Ga" Quick snooze Questions? Quiet and gentle Questionable Quick-witted or clever Quantity, for short Quench, as an appetite Queen of hearts or ace of spades, e.g. Question's response, for short Quite the comedian "___ questions?" Quid ___ quo Queue, for one Queen, to a prince Quick as lightning, say Quarrel with someone, say Quite unlikely, as chances Quid pro ___ Qualified for the task "Queen of Jazz," ___ Fitzgerald Quarterback's cry Qualified and ready Quick cut in a salon "Que" follower in a song Quiet ___ mouse: 2 wds. Quad-strengthening exercise Quaker unit? Quid ___ quo Q-Tip, e.g. Queen in the Disney movie "Frozen" Quick kiss Quit work formally with a silent letter "g" Quantity of something, for short Q-tip target Quick jump in the pool Quarterback Manning Quid ___ quo "Quantico" agency: Abbr. Quick snooze Quick playful bite Quick puppy bite Quentin Tarantino's "___ Fiction" Question's usual follow-up, for short Quid ___ quo Quick kiss that's exchanged under the mistletoe "Que" follower in a song by Doris Day Quiet, angry corsair Quickly put on an undergarment (4) Quarantine Queer dating app "Queen of All Media" Winfrey ___ queen (melodramatic one) Quick and light-footed Quality associated with harmony or color Quaker ____ Queen's mate Quoted as a source Quarry product Quick-witted and clever Queen's disguise in "Snow White" Quite expensive Quarrel over a topic Quid ___ quo Quick with quips Quaker morsel Queues outside a theme park Quiver component Queen of Jazz ___ Fitzgerald Quick rests "Que" follower in a song by Doris Day Quaker grains Quirky Quidditch player's need Quality about four describing a word before a noun (11) Quit a round in poker, say "___ questions?" Quick pan-fry Quarterback Manning Quite frequently Quick snooze Quarterback Manning "Que" follower in a song by Doris Day Quarterback ___ Manning "___ Quixote," Miguel de Cervantes epic Quick pan-fry Quick snooze Quarterback Manning Quantity of wine for courage? (6) Quiet all right, getting novice a dance Quote in a broadcast - it is balanced (8) Quantity, for short Quantity Queen of the fairies Quiet jibe about elected party (7) "Q" key neighbor Quickly take hold of "Quick, get me the first-__ kit!" 1992 Quentin Tarantino movie which also served as his directorial debut: 2 wds. 1994 Quentin Tarantino movie that won Oscar for Best Original Screenplay Quantity, as written on a list: Abbr. Quintessential jazz organ, for short Quality of being straightforward and direct, not caring for the feelings of another Quite coveted Queen Elizabeth's daughter Quaint country lodging Question from someone sleepy Quaint lodges ___ quo "___ quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog" Queen ___, sister of Anna from Disney's "Frozen" Queen ___, sister of Anna from "Frozen" Quite a distance off Queen ___, a fairy in Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet" Quite a distance away "___ questions?" "___ quick brown fox..." Qatar's capital "___ questions?" (words after a presentation or speech) Qatar's capital Quote as a source (sounds like "sight") "___ questions?" "___ quick brown fox..." Quote as proof Quaint lodges Quaint lodgings in the countryside Quayle's successor Question Quaint adjective that often appears before "Shoppe" Quattro maker "___ questions?" QB ___ Manning Qatari ruler Quick of the mind, when it comes to humor Questions Qatari ruler Question Question Quickly glance through Quotable one "___ questions?" "___ questions?" Query Qatari ruler "Quo Vadis" actress "___ quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog." Quantity: Abbr. Queue Quantity: Abbr. Queen from "Frozen" Quiet time Quite Quaker ___ (cereal brand) Quickly, in memos: Abbr. Quarter of a month, almost Quarterback Dawson Quid ___ quo (give and take) Queen in "Frozen" Quick bite