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Crossword Clues Start With Q, page 109

Question highest in command Quiz round avoided by learner Quietly pounce and land in water Queen pursues 'favourite' to criticise 'eternal youth' Quiet countries EEC led astray Quarrelling dads to wrestle Quality control job at Chantelle? ‘Quakerism' … not ‘quaking' … ? Queen's shielded by bishop and king? Idiot Quiet about struggles to include Western trailers Quiet, tough yet pliable bushes Quiver, like the elderly duke taking more rum? Quarterback ___ Manning Queen after time is a charmer Quotation part 3 Quick snooze "Quickly, please!" Quiet! Let one on board with keel close to waterline Queen is overthrown and might be burnt Quarterback Manning Quick summary Quantity of wine for courage? (6) Quiet all right, getting novice a dance Quickly take hold of Quiz over again Quiet film actor Quiet religious house reportedly in poor condition Queen after royal house for ball Quarrel returning in pub, wrought among other things Quiz one gets right in the end Quiet as a spent campanologist on drugs Queen to withdraw for this reason? Quash urge for snack Quirky weatherman, 40, perfect for me! Queen wears hat regularly for courage Queen kidnapped by workers in bad moods Quaint country lodging Question from someone sleepy Quaint lodges Question authority . Quickly getting stuck? Queen once has European hat back to front in part of UK Quick removal of initial no-no for doctors from pharmacy Question odd features of ballet during concert Queen ___, sister of Anna from Disney's "Frozen" Question the Parisian leaving Elizabethan jacket Quintana ___ (Mexican state that's home to Cancún) Quite a while Quiet tear about Mike reveals weak character Quiet time/times embracing old attendant Question One in set: How is the Japanese medlar also known? "Quo Vadis" character Quail, bird that enthrals student (6) Qatar's capital "Quaking" tree QB stat ‘Quite agreeable, collecting rubbish' (wink, wink!) Qatar's capital Quill need Qualify to get drink producing ID . Queen entering my hovel expressing puzzlement Quote as a source (sounds like "sight") Quack, fraud Qatari city by the Persian Gulf Queen performed overture to opera Queen Victoria's beginning to interrupt all her children, quelling excitement? Quietly returned cigarettes and beer of old Greeks Quiet beer knocked back entertaining one Australian woman Quickly make approach to jumping-off point Quiet refuge for animals and fish Quote as proof Quarrel following strike call Question imbibing English dairy product Queen's mate cheated, taking queen in QB Stafford Quick approval: Abbr. Quaint adjective that often appears before "Shoppe" Quiet time surrounded by deer, dogs and ponies "___ questions?" Quiet leader of India versus a destructive lord QBs and DHs Quick entry for fashionable plant Queen depicted in blockbuster, Mercury's essence missing, ending in Radio Gaga Qatari ruler Qatari ruler Quietly judge team returning for initial qualifier Queen avoids sickly piece of cake Quickly giving compere stick if introductions mixed up Quite special circles love sporting contests Quit securing entrance to garden with gum Quiet way to speak about a cheat Queen with fantastic cat, more than once her destroyer of rodents Quiet diocese in which set of holy books is put forward Quickly look up in compartment for flight attendant? Quiz one about point that's not straightforward Quiet English officer in retro bar Qualification time given by race official Quiet pressman not having enough to explain Quick look is barely sufficient when lacking time Queen's article on new enemy upset most of intelligent Society Quarrelling Republican blocks moderate Quickly read request for piece of winter sports attire (7, two words) Queen by eastern extension Quite a selection including prickly plant Queen's killer to arrest — might this cover one's tracks? Queen's consort needing diplomacy from east to keep order Queen weighed down by too much fur Quick to conceal tiff, at heart calm Quite obtuse, all jerks on telly, ultimately Queen: "Inter one at a time in different places" Queen has song book, very old Questioning rioter atoning after conversion Quiet prayer, not right: a threat to life? Quality French bread in bag-handler's mug drawer? Quiet street abroad crossing a grand city Quite some voice, good heavens! Quiet, one walked on as dismissive gesture Quickly get out unopened bid and become confused Quietly furious one's stealing from work "Queen of denial," e.g. Queer Street came calling with me having lost millions Quickly arrange to phone, but number's missing Quietly greeting letter from Greece Queen meeting new street artist from Germany Quietly must leave golf club, say Quarters affected? Put up tents Quickly grab fragment Quilt we'd ironed badly Quality one's lacking in server Quickly encompassing end of life — euphemism for "dead" Quidditch position Quarrel? It's a right ding-dong! Qualified QC, beginning to go off class Quick to collect barking setter in London thoroughfare Quiet girl on Irish river Quiet apart from attending home Qualified journalist following one sort of drink with another Quiet priest flogging crucifix blocks safe urban route Question children Quick inspection from king in flowing robe, ultimately? Quoits target. Quick way round two problems with electricity Quondam top pigeon Qualify with equal score? Quiet English lady Quite yellow, old comic Quizzes Quentin regularly avoided academic institution Quite beautiful Quiet about incident, far from the first Quantity of fish and booze for house in loch Queen or worker Quantity of opium churchwarden can consume? Quite good food, reportedly Queen playing Free Bird in six counties? Quietly coming between factionally divided vets Queen perhaps taking in naked entertainment Quashes issue from a previous relationship? Quietly showing initiative, providing legal statement Quick squeeze out Question 1: what's the capital of 28? That sort of thing? Quite fashionable thing to do Quite right — heart is fluttering Queen admits yen to have new anthem . Question: what do you get when you remove blemish from cups and saucers etc? Quiet touchdown at last in nameless airport Quit a round in poker, say Quickly suggest reduced hydrogen in sample "___ questions?" Queen being grabbed by womaniser in court game Quote in a broadcast - it is balanced (8) Quantity, for short . Quiet and unhappy about unwanted sheep Quantity Quit wasting good dope! Queen of the fairies Question troubles birds Quality of authentic meal being reported Quasi Qantas man I approached, crossing part of Australia Quiet jibe about elected party (7) Quarter thus includes area for grass Quartet‘s initial scheme for 2, perhaps Quiet husband enters building again somewhere in south-east Asia Quantity of fish in college dining room, it's said Quivering with ‘it' – call me ‘brassy' perhaps Quarrel – it is bath time Queen gives Cameron initial sign: 'Party almost broken by one' Quite a few bits and pieces of battery storing energy Queen depicted upside down? Landlord's no monarchist Qualifying match entered, reserve gets roasted again? . Quick bite? Lunch organised "Quick, get me the first-__ kit!" Quiet little street in which you may witness a scrap Quantity, as written on a list: Abbr. Quintessential jazz organ, for short Quality of being straightforward and direct, not caring for the feelings of another Quite coveted Quintet for river dweller Qualified lawyer, subordinate plonker? It could be fatal Queen Elizabeth's daughter Quality, one not observed in restaurant worker Quiet check about Rhode Island shrub Quarrel after drink – inferior stuff Quantity of energy given by a component of salad? Quaker introducing religious leader to addict Quick look across river Quickly, list some conger eel offcuts . Question article's peripheral knowledge on world seismic event Queen ___, sister of Anna from "Frozen" Quail a bit when crossing lake Question and answer session's most prolific setter? As if! Quite a distance off Queen ___, a fairy in Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet" Queen wearing blue right next to group of soldiers Quite a distance away "___ questions?" Quote work recalled with a lyrical style Quixotic knight in Terra Obscura Qatar's fastest-growing city Quick snack Quiet historian losing footing on edges of ruin Qualifiers Quaint lodges Question to annoy, arousing ire in stranger Queen contributed to cultural channel Quick look as soon as finished Quaint lodgings in the countryside Queen introduced to new openings in various establishments, asset for job seeking Quietly going, sacked? Bland response … well, lies (1 down justifying why not) Quayle's successor Queen stage musical review — initially it's repetitious Quick check when finished Queuing under control? Question Quick fish swallows doodlebug . Question purpose when finally leaving band Quaker? Questions Quietly set up goody-goody Qatari ruler Quick of the mind, when it comes to humor Quite possibly fine for American to discard spades Questioning when salad is put in green boxes Quickly get game finished Quiet humour getting hearts tense Quietly tell ecclesiastical dignitary "___ questions?" "___ questions?"