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Crossword Clues Start With Q, page 110

Queue Quid ___ quo Quaint overnight lodging "___ quarter." ("Don't seek mercy"): 2 wds. Quick swim Qatar's capital "Quiet, please!" Quad bike or quadricycle, for e.g.: Abbr. Queen from "Frozen" Qualified Quid ___ quo Quaker ___ Company Quaker ___ "Queen of Crime" Christie Quick punch Quiches, for e.g. Qualifying races in sports ___ quotes (used to indicate an ironic use of a word) Queen from "Frozen" Quiet time "Quantico" network: Abbr. Queue "___ questions?" ("Am I clear?") Quite disinclined Quick kiss Queen of Arendelle in "Frozen" Quick plunge in the pool Quickly read through a document Quite fitting Quick jokes for a quick laugh: Hyph. Quite frequently Quaker ___ (cereal brand) Quick sharp blow Quick shut-eye ___ qua non (absolutely indispensable) Queen in "The Three Musketeers" Qatar's capital "Quattro" automaker Quarrel over a topic Queue in a bank, say Queen in "Frozen" Quote as a source (sounds like "sight") Quiet period Quick jump in the pool Questionable remedies, say "Quid ___ Quo" (favor granted in return for something) ___ quality index (pollution metric) ___ Quarries, U.S. National Monument in Texas, authorized in 1965, that is rich in a type of sedimentary rock: 2 wds. Quick drawings Quantity of bread Quaker cereal grains Quick punch Quick snooze Queen's song "Good ___-Fashioned Lover Boy" Quarterback Michael of Atlanta Falcons Quid ____ quo "Queen of Country" McEntire Quarterback Manning "___ questions?" "Quiet, please!" Quill's liquid partner ___ questions? Quick cut in a salon "___ Quiet Uptown" (Hamilton song) Qatar's capital Quick pinch Queen ___ of Arendelle, from the animated film "Frozen" Qualifying races Quick thinking ability Quick on one's feet Quaker ____ "Quid ___ Quo" Quick snooze Quite small Queue Quench a desire ___ qua non (essential condition) Qatar's capital Quantity, for short Quick plunge in the pool Quarter of a month, almost "___ questions?" Quid pro ____ (something for something) "___ questions?" Quickest tennis point Quick shower "Quantum of Solace" actress Kurylenko ___-quality (inferior) Queen's mate Queen in "Frozen" Quaint cry of horror Quite small "___ Queen," historical drama series set against the War of the Roses and whose protagonist is Elizabeth Woodville: 2 wds. Queen's "Another ___ Bites the Dust" Quaint lodging Quid ___ quo Quickest tennis point Quick look Queens-based MLB team: Abbr. Quid ___ quo Quench a desire Quick test Queen song "___ Hard Life": 2 wds. Queen of the hill Question concerning timelines? Quentin ___, director and writer of "Pulp Fiction" Quick punches "___ quam videri" (North Carolina's motto) Quid pro ___ Quarterback Manning Quaker ___ Queen's "Another ___ Bites the Dust" Quayle's boss Quite small "Queen of Country" ___ McEntire Queens from RuPaul's race? Quarter of a pie, say: Hyph. "Queen of All Media" Winfrey Q-U link, letterwise Quite a distance off Queen's hit "We ___ the Champions" "___ questions?" Quid pro ___ Question's response, for short Quickest tennis point Quarterback Manning Queue Quick kiss Quickest tennis point Question of identity Quick snooze Q-tip target Quick swims or chip accompaniments Quarterback Manning Quaker morsel Question's reply, for short Qatar's capital? Quote as a source Quiet spell Quarterback's cry Quizmaster Trebek of "Jeopardy!" Quid ___ quo Quote as an example Quincy ___, American songwriter and composer who has received 80 Grammy nominations "Queen Sugar" creator DuVernay Quarterback Manning Quick haircut? "Queen of Country" McEntire Quick haircut Quaker ___ (cereal brand) Quick blow or punch Quaint lodging Quite unpleasant Quarterback Dawson "___ questions?" Quick cut in a salon "___ questions?" Qualified or skilled Quiche, for one ___ Queen, popular American ice cream chain which is well known for its Blizzard soft serves Quaker morsel Quantity, for short Quantity, for short Queue Queen from "Frozen" "Quattro" automaker Quod ___ demonstrandum (hence proved) "Quickly!" in textspeak: Abbr. Queen of Arendelle Quiet time (rhymes with "dull") Quiz bowl staple Quantity, for short Quattro minus uno Quaker bit? Quiver items ___ Quinn, head coach who led the Atlanta Falcons for six seasons from 2015 Quantity, for short Quentin ___, "Pulp Fiction" director who was roasted by award show host Tina Fey at the 70th Golden Globes Quickly, in memos: Abbr. Quiche, for one Quick snooze Quiet time ___, Queen of Scots "Queer ___," television series "___ Queen," 1975 song cover by Tina Turner from her album of the same name "Quiet, please!" Quinn of "Desperately Seeking Susan" Q-Tip, for one Queen ___ II, former Head of the Commonwealth who was the TIME "Woman of the Year" in 1952 Quaker ___ Quickly take hold of Quaker grain "Que" follower in a popular song Quantico graduates' workplace: Abbr. Quality of being very determined Quarterback Manning, formerly of the New York Giants "Quiet, please!" Quid ___ quo Question Quartet minus one Question follower, for short Quarrel over a topic Quick punch "Quaker" grain "Quantum of Solace" actress Kurylenko "Queen of Country" McEntire "Quiet, please!" Quartet member Quick snacks Question over penning occult knowledge in book Quit a job Queen once performed last in Glasto Question over penning occult knowledge in book (6) Quiet suburban street (hyph.) Queer identity with a slash Quarter or pound Quaint countryside lodges Queen of Jazz, ___ Fitzgerald Queen Bee's palace? Quantity: Abbr. Quarterback Manning Quickly heat up, like in a microwave Q-___ (ear cleaner) Quick office message "___ questions?" Q-tip target? Quill, once upon a time Quick, casual drive Quote as a source, in a research paper Queen ___ International Airport, Jordan ___ queen (diva) Quaker ___ Queen's "A Death ___ Legs": 2 wds. Queen's soldier? Qualified and ready QR code verb? Quick punch "___ questions?" Quartet doubled? Quelques-___, French for "some" Question of identity? Quick office message, for short Quick sharp blow "Quantico" organization: Abbr. Qatar and ___, countries that shared the high jump gold medal at the Olympics held in 2021 Quote, as a source in a research paper Quick to learn 50 ___, "21 Questions" rapper Quaker's cereal grain Quarterback's cry