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Crossword Clues Start With Q, page 111

Quite a distance off Quick drinks that are downed "Quite frankly...." in textspeak: Abbr. "Q" preceder Quaker ___ (cereal company) Question of time? Quid ___ quo Quite a distance off Question to a late guest: Abbr. Quiet volume setting Quebec's country Quid ___ quo (favor for a favor) Quick snooze Qualified for the job Quartet minus one Question's partner, for short "Quiet, ___!," American radio show from the Golden Age starring Ernest Chappell Quote, as a source in an article Quarterback Manning "Q" preceder, phonetically Quaker ___ Question follower, for short Quaint stopovers Quid pro ___ Quite the clumsy one "___ questions?" Queen from "Frozen" "Queen of ___," biographical sports drama film depicting the life of a chess player who becomes a Woman Candidate Master Quietly leave, with "away" Quickly take a hold of "Queer ___," reality show where the "Fab Five" give makeovers that include home renovations Quarterback's cry Quite qualified Quick afternoon slumber "Quantico" agency: Abbr. Quidditch player's need Q's keyboard neighbor Queen Cleopatra's river Quaint stopover Quick snip at the barbershop Quite boring and not at all captivating Queer Eye's fashion expert ___ France Quite the ruckus Quaker's ___ Bran Hot Cereal Questioned, say Question of identity "Queen," in Spanish Quran faith Quill or pen need Quite damp Q-Tip's target Quickly write down Quarterback Manning Quick swim in the pool "Quantico" agency: Abbr. "Que Sera, Sera" singer ___ Day Quantity, for short (anagram of "tam") "Quantico" organization: Abbr. Quill's modern counterpart "Quiet! Not another ___ from you!" Quantity, for short Question to a tardy date, perhaps: Abbr. Quickly fry, as mushrooms Q&A for Redditors: Abbr. Quacking bird whose scientific name is Anatidae anseriformes Queen ___, "U.N.I.T.Y" singer who won an Emmy for the TV film "Bessie" Quinta ___, "Lazor Wulf" actress who created and stars in "Abbott Elementary" as Janine Teagues Quick sharp blow Quaker grain Quick swim in a pool Quick refreshing snooze "Quid ___ quo" Quite peculiar, say *Quit cold ___ (suddenly and abruptly) Quick summary of last week's episode, say Queens of the Stone ___ (rock band) "Queen of All Media" Winfrey Quantity or measure, for short Quill alternative Quaker ___ Company Quantity or total, for short Qatar's capital and host of the 2025 World Table Tennis Championships Finals Quidditch player whose role is to capture 7D Quidditch player whose role involves defending teammates from bludgers Quidditch player whose role involves getting 29A past the opposition keeper Qatar's capital "Quite cheeky, aren't ya?" Quarter follower, in a tournament Quid ___ quo (favor for a favor) Quick snooze Quaint "Yikes!" Quite timid, say Quaint country lodging Quadriceps area "___ Quixote" (Miguel de Cervantes epic) Quite a distance away Quaint overnight stay, for a wayfarer Quite wicked (apt anagram of "evil") Quattro's German automaker with a four-ring logo Quantity that sounds like "phew!" Queen, to a princess Quaker's healthy breakfast offering Quid ___ quo ("Favor for a favor") ___ Queen Elizabeth (Royal Navy Ship): Abbr. Quick bite between meals, say Question's counterpart, for short ___ queen (melodramatic one, say) "___ Queen," 1976 ABBA song that was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 2015 Quiet companion? Questionable pronoun? Quick afternoon refresher "Quiet, please!" Queen bee's palace? Quaint "Tsk, tsk!" Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" or Bob Dylan's "Like a Rolling Stone," e.g. Quick cut in a salon, say Queen of Arendelle in "Frozen" Quentin Tarantino's "___ Fiction" Quid ___ quo Quick 30-second summary of the previous episode, say Quick intake of breath Quick and energetic, as a walk Quiet and introverted? Queues that one may have to wait in on 16a Qualifying round, for short Quickly fry in some oil, as mushrooms "Quite frankly..." in text speak: Abbr.