Crossword Clues Start With Q, page 17

Quip, part 3 Quip: Part two Quotation from Emerson. Quip: Part I Question for Bill Gates? Quotation, part five Quote continued Quadrennial natl. political event Quadrennial pol. event Quadrennial pol. event Quadrennial pol. assembly Quadrennial polit. event Quote, part 3 Quote, part 7 Quote, part 7 Quip, part 4 ___ que (because): Fr. ___ que (because, in Brest) Queen's main man? Queen's music Quote, part 3 Quote, part 2 Question (Part 2) Query from a veggie vendor? Quip, part 3 Quinn, Norwegian style? Quip (Part 3) Quickly elapses Quiet Riot drummer Qantas commercial critters Quip (Part 2) Quarreling insect? Queens neighborhood near La Guardia Question, part 3 Quite steep Queen Elizabeth's protectors. Quip, Part 2 Quaintly removes (oneself) Quip, part 2 Quote: Part II Question after a spill? Quip: Part 3 Quiznos competitor Quip, part 2 Quahogs Quote from Virgil's "Eclogues" Quote, part 2 Quit boxing Quest for the right word? Quest for the right word? Quip, Part 2 Quote, part 3 Quip, part 2 Question Lebowitz says is far more likely to elicit a cheerful response than "Why haven't you called?" Quote, part 2 Quip continued Queen in Teheran. Queen of Iran. Quality of sound. Quarterback Brett Quip, part 3 Quick snap of a camera from one shot to another Quaker Quip, part 3 Quick: Mus. Question that Dorothy poses to Glinda (and Glinda's response) Question and answer in a 1939 film Question to Glinda Question to someone who's not responding, in Isfahan? questions questions Quartet after F Quip about entitled people, part 1 "Queer Eye" alum who now hosts "Chopped" Querying sounds Quilts Quip, part 2 Quip, part 2 Query re your bones Quip, part 3 Quip, part 3 QUARTERBACK QUARTER Question asked of Ms. Arthur? Quapaw tribesman. Quip, part 5 Quip, final part Quip (Part 3) Quip, part 3 Quivering. Quiet down. "Quit fooling around with Moe!"? Quip: Part II Question, part 3 Quip: Part II Quip, part 2 Quip, part 2 Quartet without strings Quadrangular. Quotation: Part II Quiz show hotshot? Quote, part 3 Quote, part 3 Queen who instigated a massacre, 1572. Quip, part 3 Quick shower? Question posed while pulling leftovers from the fridge ... or a query about the initial words of 18-, 24-, 33-, 43- or 50-Across? Question to the cook Quote, part 2 Quatrains' kin Quality suffix. Quote, Part 2 Quietly courts one fleeing wealthy tribal head Quality desired in dogs and troops Quartet playing for mouse Quartet Questing. Queen Gertrude's "alas" in "Hamlet" Queen Gertrude's 'alas' in 'Hamlet' Quebec Confederation father Quote continues Quantity of eggs Quantity of eggs Quite a find Quite a find Quietly, without fuss Queenstown. Queen's banner Quit detente Quaking. Quip, part 2 Quechua is one of its official languages Quite feminine Quite feminine Quit in fear Quit dreaming Question: who in France blocks old English monarch (though not at first)? Quebec landmark. Queen of Georgia, 1184–1212. Queen --, c1160-c1212, Queen of Georgia *Quesadilla cheese *Quesadilla cheese Quarter round molding. Quarter-round molding. Quarter-rounded molding Quarter round molding Quarter-round molding Quarter-rounded molding Quarter-round molding Quarter-rounded molding Quarter-round molding Quarter-round molding Quarter-rounded molding Quarter-rounded molding Queen perhaps given rose waves Quickwitted card Quickwitted card Quarterback’s controversial Hail Mary? Quotes from goats Queen in Showtime's "The Tudors" Queen in Showtime's "The Tudors" Quaint ointment Quietly move on, for example Quaint, dignified dance for couples Quality of uniformity Quality of the uniform still required by head Quiz show member Quercus alba. Quercus. Quip, part 2 Quiet and timid Quiet. Quiet; shy. Quiet and timid, as a rodent Quite a puzzle Quarterback who led the Dolphins to two consecutive Super Bowls Quick mover Quadrat Quipped. Quiet. Quite large Quite large Quiver holder Quibble Quibble Quibble. Quibble (at). Quibble Quibble Quibble Quibble Quibble Quibble Quiet Quiet Quiet one displays painting attracting female class Quick, cashless way to pay for things Quieten doe unsettled in swirling wind "____ QT" (hush-hush) __ Q.T. (secretly) ___ qui vive. ___ Q.T. ___ qui vive Quip, part 3 Quails Quakes in one's boots Quails. Quails Quails Quails Quails Quails Quails Quick way through a toll plaza Quick way through a toll plaza Quebec neighbor Quebec neighbor Question for Bossy Quaint cash register button Quality of a 1952 car. Quite uncomplicated Quite uncomplicated Quality control personnel Quality control personnel Quick but temporary fix Quick fix Queens or Bronx: abbr. Query of disbelief "Queen of Funk" Khan Quarters, say Quartet song subject Quartet's favorite girl. Quartet girl. Quartet gal Quartet favorite Quick note about joint of meat Quick note about joint of meat Quick extra-terrestrial gets meat cut Quaintly illuminated Questionable support Quartered Quick attack groups Quarrels: Colloq. Quarrels Quarrels Quotient resolved, almost Quote, part 4 Queue for a quaff? Quick-getaway auditorium seat site Quick-getaway auditorium seat site