Crossword Clues Start With Q, page 29

Quilt part Quilting unit Quilting square Quilt square Quilting unit Quick fix for an elbow hole Quilting square Quilt square Quilt piece. Quilt square Quilt part Quilt part Quilt square Quitter's aid Quilt part Quitter's aid Quilt part Quilt piece Quilt square Quilt square Quilt piece Quick fix for an elbow hole Quilt part Quiver Queens, e.g., briefly Queens, in headlines, e.g. Queens or Brooklyn, informally Queens or Bklyn. Queens or Staten Island, informally Queens or Bklyn., e.g. Queens, e.g., informally Queens or Staten Island, informally Queens or Brooklyn, informally Quadrille designs Quick looks Quick looks Qatar, for example Qatar, Kuwait, or Bahrain Qatar, e.g. Qatar, for example Qatar, e.g. Qatar, for one Qatar is one Qatar, for one Qatar, Kuwait or Dubai Qatar or Kuwait Qatar or Kuwait Qatar, e.g Quartet in the corners QE2's route Queen of the East Queen of Bollywood Queen in a sari Queen in a sari _____ question (certainly) Quotable comedian Wright Quiets Quashes Quashes Quashes Quashes Query, part 3 Quite competent Queen, in some Indo-Aryan languages Queen, in some Indo-Aryan languages Queen, in the East. Queen, in the Far East. Queen in the East. Queen, in India. Queen of the East. Quaking causes Quaker makers? Quaking causes Quake causes Quake causes Quirky French title role of 2001 Quick breakfasts Quaker Oats's Rice-A-___ Quaker Oats's Rice-A-___ Question about a new product Question asked by Laurence Olivier in "The Marathon Man" Question to a consumer watchdog Question repeated in "Marathon Man" Questionable cradle location Quantity at Baskin-Robbins Quantity or amount of something produced Quantity or amount produced Quaker State city subject to lake-effect snow, for short Quondam announcer. Quondam announcer Quaint news source Quaint boyfriend? Queen put on hat to dance Quantity to be appended Quarterback's cry Quite sure Quantity of ice cream Quetzalcoatl adornment Quite ___ (more than a meager supply of). Quintet representing the ends of the answers to the five starred clues "Quiet!" 'Quiet!' Question heard while leaving work Q-Tip, for example Quip, part 3 Quip, part 3 Qualify beforehand. Quatre et un Quatre et un Québec quintet Quatre follower Quatre + un Quitting time in Québec, maybe Quarter of vingt Quatre's follower Quatre follower Queen's subject? Quest automaker Quest automaker Quest maker Quest maker Quarter Pounder component Quarter pounder part Quarter-pounder part Quarter-pounder part Quick-meal stovetop pots Quick-heating plug-in appliances Quick checkout area Quick drinks Quick drinks Quick drinks Quick drinks at the bar Quick gulps of liquor Quick drinks Quick drafts Quick shots Quick shots Quarry of sorts Quarry of sorts Quiet and enthusiastic about religion Quarterfinal groups Quarterfinal groups Quarterfinal groups Quartets times two Quarterfinal groups, e.g. Quartets doubled Quest of 17 Across. Quest for the unknown? Quadratic formula course Quest for the unknown? Quadratics and such Quest for the unknown? Quest for the unknown? Quadratic formula course Quite sane holding silver in vogue Quote (Part III) Queen Elizabeth's royal residence, in Scotland. Queen's Scottish home Quilt material Quilt filler Quilt fill Quilt fill Quick drinks Queen "___ to Break Free" Question after a mission Question about intelligence Question after a mission Question after a mission Quite sad Quinn formerly of "S.N.L." ___ Quinn, formerly of "S.N.L." Quarterback Kaepernick Quarterback Kaepernick Queen of Denmark. Queen of Denmark, 1947-72 Quiddities. Quietly mentioning worshipping Quadri- times two Quadri- times two Quant's skirts Quant's stock Quick movement. Quaint opening for a note Quaint note opener Quaint letter opener Quaint letter opener Queen's title Queen. Queen Queen Queen one in rage sent up Queen in rage when drunk Queen's troubled reign before onset of anarchy Quints name Quint name Quint name Quintuplets' surname Quint name. Quint name Quintuplets' family name 1934 quintuplet Quint's name Quints' name Quality of novelty songs 1934 quintuplet 1934 quint Qualified voters Quiet lady of cinema Qualified voters Queen Mab's subjects. Quarter of Algiers Quests, e.g. Quests, e.g. Quarterback Kyle Quite peculiar Quite peculiar Quiet Quiet *Quick checkout choice *Quick checkout choice *Quick checkout choice Quay components Quaint calls from the bleachers Quadri- doubled Queen perform introducing a new group "Quit yakkin'!" 'Quiet!' Question asked behind someone's back Question asked when standing behind someone Question asked after covering someone's eyes Question while covering someone's eyes Question while covering someone's eyes Quarterback's syllable Quarterback's call Quarterback's cry Quarterback's call Quarterback's cry Quonset, for one Quonset __ Quonset ___. Quonset. Quonset Quonset ___ Quarterback's cry QB's utterance QB's cry Quarterback's syllable Quarterback's bark QB's cry Quarterback's bark