Crossword Clues Start With Q, page 4

Quadrilateral plane figure Quadrilateral that is not a parallelogram Quality of being precise Quick dance first -- et voila! Quality of cheeks in a Christmas song Quote, part 5 Quilt block with fourfold symmetry Questioned, in a way Questioned (after a mission) Quasimodo, for one Quasimodo, for one Quasimodo, for one. Quarters Quarters Quarters Quarters. Quarters Quarters Quarters Quarters Quarters Quarters Quarters musical intervals Quaint "I believe" Quaint 'I believe' Quarter doubloon. Quibbler. Quibbler of a sort Queen's words Queen's expression showing a tremendous awe? Not exactly Quell Quattro Pro, for one Quick, hide stuff being cut in review Quite removed (from) Quite removed (from) Quite some distance (from) Quite removed (from) Quite some distance (from) Quite removed (from) Quintet in a nursery rhyme Quintet in a nursery rhyme Question Time taking precedence with teacher's demanding boss Quiet Quaking Quaking Quaking Quaking Quaking Quietly. "___, queen" Quakes. Quavers. Quivering motions Quakes Quakes make them Quake shakes Quakes Quakes Quarterback's call Quarterback maneuver Quickly sketch pirate wearing black cutting adult Quickly and in large amounts Quarter-inch of snow, e.g. Quit working Questionable remedies Quacks sell them. Quack remedies. Quack medicines Questionable patent medicines Questionable remedies Quack medicines Quartets playing for uninvited resident Quiet tap dancing Queen record left brilliant players time for 'Substitute' Queen's attendants Queen's attendants Queen's attendants Queen's attendants. Queen's attendants Queen's attendants Queen's attendants Queen Esther was one. Quick-drying pasty cement. Queries raised in meetings on matters of rules Question answered by a friend? Quip, part 2 Quip, part 2 Quits, as it were -- really meaning it? Quiver. Quite smart Quite impressive Quarterback protectors Quidditch vehicle Quitter's aid Quitting aid, of sorts Quip, part 2 Qualifier for old-age pension. Queen Anne's literary age. Queen Victoria's first name Questionable Questionable Quantity on which system of numeration is based Queen involved in the Affair of the Diamond Necklace Queen who lost her head Queen who made herself unpopular, namely in dreadful rant at one time Quarterback's nonchalant move? Quarterback's nonchalant move? Queues Queues in salons Queen's companion Queen's attendant Questor's cousin Quaestor's cousin Quality of being different. Quality of being different Questioning Questioning Quick, efficient Quickly frying Quite eager Quite eager Quaint demographic grouping Quaint demographic grouping Quaint garden fixtures Questioned harshly Questioned mercilessly. Questioned intensively Questioned relentlessly Questioned harshly Questioned intensely Questioned intensely Quintet Quarter of a score Quarter of a score Quintet Quarter-score Quincunx group, e.g. Quintet Quintet 'Quo Vadis' director -- LeRoy Quintessential Quintessential golf score? Queen consort popular always among half of visitors Quick look or glance Quick look Quaglike. Queen Mab's chariot. Quaker place of worship Quaker church Quiet, plodding horse Quenched Quenched Quenched Quenched Quenched Quenched. Quenched Quenched Quenched Quenched Quenched, as thirst Quenched Quenched Queen, in India. Quirt's equals in "What Price Glory." Quaint computer insert Quit local team before associate Quai d'___, Paris landmark. Quai d'___. Quai d'___, French Foreign Office Quai d' ____ Quay d'-----, Paris street, home of the French Foreign Office Quadriceps cramp, maybe Quadriceps cramp, maybe Question of authority Question of authority Quail-like bird. Quail-like bird of ostrich family. Quarrier's gift to Dad? Quaker St. Quaker St. Quaker State, for short Quaker State: Abbr. Quaker St. Quaker st. Quaker st Quite attractive? Maybe too twee Question when you can't tell two things apart Quip (Part 3) Quip: Part 2 Quip, part 2 Qualities of simplicity. Quetzalcoatl worshiper Quetzalcoatl worshiper Quetzalcoatl's people Quotation: Part III QB Favre and others QB Favre and namesakes Quixote's horse Quixote's horse Quixote's mare. Quixote's raw-boned steed. Quip, part 3 Quixote's charger. Quixote's horse Quixote's bony nag Quote, part 4 Quick jump in a loch Quote, part 3 Quotient factor Quotient element Quip, part 1 Quality of being appetizing. Quarter of a Dick Van Patten show? Queen-consort of Richard the Lion-Hearted. "Quiz Show" character "Quiz Show" character Question, part 3 Quip, part 2 Quote, part 2 Quorums, in Judaism Quebec lake. Quarrel. ___ quoi. Quip, part 2 Quote, part 7 Quilter's catchall Quotation, part four Quip, part 5 Quote, Part 6 Quick recovery wish Quote, part 3 Quit on Election Night Quantity expressed in multiple units Quip, part 4 Quip, part 2 Quibbles Quart halves: Sp. Quasi-communist countries? Quasi-communist countries? Quip, part 4 Queen Elizabeth's daggers? "Que Sera, Sera" singer working behind the scenes? Query, part 3 Queen hit off "The Works" Quip, part 3 Quarterback who guaranteed a win in Super Bowl III Quip, part 3 Quip with a jingle (Part 2) Quip, part 3