Crossword Clues Start With Q, page 40

Quaint woeful words Quartz variety Queen ___ Revenge (Blackbeard's ship) “Queen of Soul” Quintet to which "Y" may be added QE2, e.g. Quote as a source QB's stat: Abbr ''Quantum'' jump Queen Latifah album “Nature of a ___” Quick snooze Quay Queen's station? Quadri- minus three "Quantum Leap" network Quarrel Quaker Puffed -- Queen Isabella's realm Quadri- times two Quantity of paper Quoted Queen of Carthage, in myth Quick Quake Quayle debater in 1988 Quipster Quick taste Qom residents Queen's Counsel. Quaint lodging Quaffed QB's throw: Abbr Quickness Queen ___, former queen of the Netherlands who abdicated the throne in 2013 Quark-binding particle Quick with the quips Qualify for a W2 Question after "I was going to throw this away" Quickly Quite a job, you have to admit? "Quo Vadis?" role. Quarterback's play Queen in synopsis, no problem! Quakers et al. Quip: Part 4 Quarterback Rodgers Quits Quaker State burg Quick look Quarterback's repertoire Quick temper Quechua speaker . Question's dividing some running temple Quacking bird Questionable remedies 'Quantum Healing' author Quark-plus-antiquark particle Quarterback's calls Queenly name Quipster. Quandary Quote setter about medicament Quote (Part 2) Quick cut Quick throw Quite frequently Quondam. Queensland native Quarterback’s calls Qatari, for one Queer Quelques-__: a few, in French Quote as an example "Queen of the Blues" Quiet places along a shore Quarterback's option Quint-essential number? Queen of the Blues Washington Quando, literally Quannet Quick punches Quarry product Quick second Quantum theory subject Quiz answer Queasy Quick second Quickly and without warning Quick drink? Quantity produced Quicksilver Quietly improve ring (5) Quaint response of agreement Quick retort. Quench. Quiet approval Quick-witted, casting statue Queens TV character Quip, part 1 Quiet remark Quiz option Quavering sound Queues at the dump? Qualifying for a discount, in a way Qualifying words Qualifying words Quartz or feldspar Quakes 'Queer Eye' fashion expert __ France Quality of being extremely thorough and careful Quote, part 2 Quote, part 2 Quartet part Quaint door openers Quark flavor QUIP, PART 4 Quartz gems Quartet in many a string orchestra Quickly Quote, part 3 Quip: Part 2 Question after "Hi" Queen's "___ Here" Quip: Part II Quiet lake transport Quarantined Quick mission on another's behalf Quaid or Travis QB scores Quite steep Quebec's location Quick Qui ___? Q: Are your skills relevant? A: Yes. ___ Quarter-round molding Quality of personality. Quarters for sailors Quaker State's early headquarters Quip, part 3 Q-tip, for example Quail quarters Quails Quidditch player's objective Quinn of "Annie" Quick turnaround Query at Little League tryouts? Quarantines Quick, sharp recoil Quiet companion Qatar, Thai and British follower Qualifying match, informally Quibble. Quail's kin Quartz pieces Quitter's projectile Quick, efficient Quality-control procedures Quiz experts beaten at breakfast? Quick to learn. Quayle or Cheney: Abbr. Quaint motel Quintessential Quickly reads Q.E.D. part Queen of the fairies in folklore Quote, part 3 Quote, part 3 Qualities Queen going over area such as Sandringham, say, again "Quick!" Qualities Quirk Quirk Quilter's meeting "Quit resisting" QBs' targets Quarter of the circumference of a circle Qualified Queen in a colony Quarter Quality of being immovable. Queen of the Greek immortals Quadrant. Quart, to a gallon Qualified Quasimodo in flight? Qdoba choice Quite a while Quarters on a Queen. Queen of the May, in early festivities. Quite a few Quivering Quality of an embarrassing situation Queen of Arendelle Quarrels Quite fancy Quilt patch Quadrennial occurrence Quick and agile Quail group Queen -- of Arendelle, character in 'Frozen' Québec street Quote from Homer Qualified Quechua reservation city Quite a way off Quarantine Quick and light in movement Quip, part 3 Question from the bar Question after a photo finish Quartet in 'inconvenient' Quick farewells Quaint affirmative Quasimodo’s creator Question vis- -vis Facebook Quiets Quiets. Quarterback's cry Quiets Quiets Quotation continued Question at the movies Quick coffee, say Quiets Quality of having limits Quote, part 2 Quickly Quip, part 2 Query after a knock-down-drag-out fight "Quo Vadis" character. Quip (Part 2) Quasimodo's hangout Quattro meno uno QVC alternative Quick denial Quite a number Quarter, slangily Quarter Quarter Query again. Quarters starter Quick car ride Quickly, when doubled Qualities Quietly allowed to cut salary? That's not done Quality of winter air Questionable at best Quite often or quite a bit Question after a spill