Crossword Clues Start With V, page 1

Very untidy thing Verdi opera; con Cuba (anag.) Very windy Very sorry Vehicle designed for long leisure trips Village near Melton Mowbray Very involved psychological state Variant of a common name. Vessel from a southern European country similar to one Keats wrote an ode about? V-shaped outwork Velvety carpet. Variety of red cooking apple Victor --, Belgian architect, considered the originator of Art Nouveau Very fussy fiancée Vulgarity Vulgarity Venezuelan lake or seaport Venezuela's second-largest city Vacuum-pump inventor Vodka brand or Sibelius work Voice of President Business in "The Lego Movie" Voice of President Business in "The Lego Movie" Voice of President Business in 'The Lego Movie' Volunteer tour guide Vandal Varied reactions of worshippers to boy and to British novelist Visit the pound? Very soon Very soon Very soon Vessel holding host after consecration Village green structure. Voluminous dress Victim of Jap aggression, 1931. Vermouth with gin and bitters etc Vanished Vanished Verses with repeated catch lines. Verse forms. Venomous North American snake Valuable nugget maker Valuable nugget maker Volunteers summed up with word of thanks Voluntary military force originally organised in 1908 Vita —, novelist Vita -- - --, 1892-1962, English author Viciousness Vandalised grave standing in for one show of uncivilised behaviour Vicious cruelty Vacuum mechanism in a car for raising petrol to a higher tank Vagaries Vagaries Vagaries Vicissitudes. Vicissitudes Vicissitudes of life, as for the inventor named in the circled squares? Vagaries Vehicle the woman parked in pound gets crushed Vigorous movement Vigorous campaign Vigorous campaign Volte-face of holy man's somewhat radical Vineyard area in France Viking vessel Viking boat Viking vessel Versatile piece of furniture Versatile furniture item Versatile piece of furniture Very active Volatile situation Volatile situation Venomous snake weapon Volatile situation Volatile situation Volatile situation Visual gag character of British TV Villain's occupation. Virgules V-formation group Volume is to include nobleman Viciously insulted V-shaped chicken bone Viking girl in 'How to Train Your Dragon' Very unimportant persons. Vivacious Vivacious Vigorous Vivacious and energetic Volume supporter Vulgar upstart, in London Vehicle. Vehicle that's infested? Virus fighter Virus fighter Virus fighter in botany I'd modified Vain, talkative person Vinegar Vinegar made of ale. Vinegar. Vinegar made from a liquor Vinegar variety Vinegar variety Vinegar Very cold Very cold energy to give away? Vital element Vital element Vital factor Vital element to old American magazine runs in one's veins Vital element of biography refers to gory part of 5 down? Valued highly Valued. Valued highly Very hard mineral used as an abrasive Venetian lover is a snob and a rogue Vessel a waitress overturned in pub Vexes Vexes Vexes Very wet grass around tree Vulpine beasts Viking girl in "How to Train Your Dragon" Viaud's pen name. Viaud's pseudonym Viaud's nom de plume Viaud's pen name Villainous organization in the James Bond novels Vision problem Vision problem Vamp finally lost in crowd after police turned up Volunteers Vow again Vilify Very sharply. Vegan breakfast option, or a hint to four letters in each starred answer Vegan breakfast option, or a hint to four letters in each starred answer Vegan breakfast dish (and this puzzle's theme) Villain Voles' kin Valerie Solanas and Donna Haraway wrote famous ones Visitor from Peru abandoned trip having got lost round centre of Chingford Venue of Northamptonshire County Cricket Club Very timid, anxious person "Vienna Blood" composer "Vienna Blood" composer ___ Village (Manhattan neighborhood) 1938 vehicle for the Lunts. Virus which always kills its host Visual aids in teaching. Venomous African snake Viands, old style. Verb that means the same thing in Spanish and French Versatile modern device Velvet Underground song ranked #335 on Rolling Stones's 500 Greatest Songs of All Time Velvet Underground song covered by the Cowboy Junkies Vixen Very important lady carried in rickety old van across country Vehicles with runners Vehicles with bells Vehicles like Santa's Vehicles with bells Vehicles that may have jingly bells Vehicles that may have jingly bells Vehicles without wheels Vehicles with bells Vehicle with a king (merry one) making half-turn Vague possibility slip (but not square leg) might take this? Vaulted ceiling of green repeated in building of pale red Virginity Vehicle belonging to artist on front of mansion gets barbarous treatment Veers, perhaps, into unrestrained lines? Victorian actress famed for her Shakespearean roles Voters' directives Voyager, e.g. Voyager, e.g. Valued asset for an employee Valued asset for an employee Very rude about bust! Very beginning of time Very fine British swimmer, outwardly modest Vacated table after having game and potato cake Virus' protein shell Virus' protein shell Very big cheese Virus' protein shell Vacillating Vowel toppers Vowel marks Vociferous Vocal couple at front of class engaged in canoodling Veto bad nominee mistakenly named earlier Venus possibly feeling early morning sun Very hot Very hot. Very hot Very hot day climbing outside V.I.P.'s Very demanding Very demanding Vocation Vocation Vocation Vocation Vehicle returned -- still missing one item on forecourt? Vision in trousers -- the design's smashing Very little attention. Victory for St. Etienne, not quite relegated -- lot of light shed here "Viaducts Break Ranks" painter "Viaducts Break Ranks" painter Vocal gymnast of a sort Very big female singer with rock group -- maker of current waves Very sad Violating one's space "Volpone" author. "Volpone" penner Volunteer, often Volunteer, often Very quickly Very quickly Very quickly Very quickly Very quickly Very shortly Very quickly Vet's audition turned out to be accidental Vet office involved with sect saving money Vital World War I issue Vets Veterans Veterans Very scary Very scary Very intoxicated Very happy Villain Viola's staff leader Viola's staff leader Veggie scam? Venerate Viennese specialty. Veal dish Veal dish Veal cutlet cooked in touch of lemon zest around Switzerland Victorious president holds one in thrall on a regular basis Victory's strange ritual with speed being limited Verse style Vocally similar Vehicle has all but come into contact with ornamental panel Vagrants