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Variety of grass Virna of "How to Murder Your Wife" Virna of film Virna of "How to Murder Your Wife" Virna of films Virna ___ of "La Reine Margot" Virna in "Arabella" Virna of "The 25th Hour" Virna of film Virna of 'How to Murder Your Wife' Virna of 'La Reine Margot' Virna of "The 25th Hour" Virna of "How to Murder Your Wife" Violent guys on a Greek island? Venetian Rococo painter (1673-1757) View-finder for Rickover Viewer on the Nautilus View enhancer View provider on a U-boat Victorian novel, e.g. Vacillates Very large Andean lake Viral infection contracted during flight? Voices above alto Vegetarian in difficulty on US bar tours Voices above alto Very quiet echo system reflected voices Volume equal to 1.805 cubic inches Vronsky's Anna Vronsky's beloved. Vronsky's love Valerian plant. Venlo's river. Venlo's river Vest or bodice: French. Vest. Vest: Fr. Virginia maybe penning English lines making five points, typically Very conservative Vegetable capital? Violator of rules at bridge. Villain at bridge. Volatile hydrocarbon Very old seam in coal mine I have to follow Versatile musician Versatile musician Very cold Very cold Variety of saxifrage Vehicle for 4 and 10 Down Vehicle for 42 Down. Vehicle for ordering bacon and mash? Village in Perth and Kinross south-east of Perth Vengeful emperor? Village with a railway station in Blackburn and Darwen unitary authority Visible part, belying ominous immensity Vulnerable one Vulnerable one Vulnerable one Versified Viceroy and ambassador go down following king Viceroy of Egypt Vintage touring car Very little resistance? Violinist Kreisler Violinist Kreisler Vigorous effort Vigorous effort Vigorous effort Vigorous effort Vertical part of British gutter. Very large number Vaunted Very flexible furniture Vaudeville's Tucker Vaudevillian Tucker Volatile petroleum distillate Visible prospect of imminent calamity hanging over one Very close game, e.g. Very popular movie star, e.g Very popular movie star, e.g Vaults Vaults in Westminister Abbey Vaults in Westminister Abbey Vaults in Westminster Abbey Very large and characterless building Veal dish Veal dish Veal dish in Milano Veal shank dish in un ristorante Veal dish traditionally accompanied by risotto Very short distance.. Vampiric TV housewife View with awe Voice recitalist's song, perhaps Vacation getaway times, often Vacation starters, often Vests with laces Very resilient, as a tree branch Very risky Veteran movie comedian. Vet medially enters jabs in ailing dog Vigorous walker Vigorous walker Vessels with three rows of oars Vocalizes during a physical Very strange 1997 Val Kilmer movie Val Kilmer film "Von ___ Express" (1965) Vodka drink Vilnius resident "Von ___ Express" (1965 film) "Von ___ Express" (1965) "Von ___ Express" (1965 movie) "Von ___ Express" (1965 movie) View not found in foxholes? View from much of I-101 View from much of I-101 Vast Allied-Jap naval arena. Vastest war theatre. Viceroyalty that included Argentina Very excited Voting category in a high school yearbook Venting Verbalizing Verbalizing Visitor not socially acceptable? Key for the whole of psychology Veterans, on Veteran's Day "Video Games" singer Variety of pigeon. Veers off course Veers. Veers Veers sharply Vessel closed near prison Vacancy clause? Vaudeville theater, in England. Vaudeville is making a comeback, much on the periphery, everything considered Van __ Vincent van __ Vincent Van __ Vincent van ___ Vincent Van __ Vincent van __ Vincent van ___ Vincent Van ___. Vincent van ___. V. Van ___ Van _____ Van follower Van ___ (oil producer) Van ___, "Lane in Autumn" painter Van ___ Vincent van -- Vincent van ___ Vincent Van ___ Van ___, 'Lane in Autumn' painter Van ___ Vincent van __ Very low-risk investment, familiarly Very low-risk investment, familiarly Vacuum tube. Vacuum tube with five active components Verb from the Latin for ''quibble'' Visibly wounded Vessel at a holiday party Visa offering Vocal expression Verbalization Vocal expression. Vocalization Vocalization Vocalization Vermouth/Campari cocktail Vast quantity Vast quantity Vessel commanded by JFK Vessel in a 1963 movie about JFK Vessel in WWII's "mosquito fleet" Vessel commanded by J.F.K. Vomit Vomit Visitor's last words Visitor's last words Volcano of Ecuador Volcano south of Quito Volcano overlooking Quito "Vanity Fair" character "Vanity Fair" girl "Vanity Fair" girl Victory number one turned series Verbal Whig from The Temple opens New Chapter, as an illustration of what's to come Very tiny acknowledgment for help in the kitchen Very little acknowledgment for kitchen equipment? Vanessa or Lynn Vacación destination Vacación destination Vacación destination Volleyball player from Dublin? Valuable expert around April 15th Victory cry "Victory is ours!" "Victory is ours!" 'Victory is ours!' ''Victory is ours!'' Victorious exclamation "Victory is ours!" Very dark Very dark Very modern Virtual reality chamber in the 'Star Trek' universe Vikings, e.g. 'Vessels' in title needing changing -- it's a pivotal passage V as in vehicular vacillation, visually Villain. Villain's doctor welcomed by new counsel Villain misled counsel about daughter whose body's disappeared Variety of bowling Variety of bowling Vents Vents Vents frustration Voice-over Emmy Award Vents frustration Vents Vowel sound in "stand" Vowel sound in "hat" Vowel sound in ''hat'' Vowel sound in ''cap'' Vowel sound in ''stand'' Vessel getting lacerated they emptied when reaching island Vindicatior Vindictive one Vindicator. Vendetta adherent. Volatile Eve rang one to settle score Visiting the Louvre, say Visiting the Louvre, say Very tired Victoria's first prime minister Victoria hub Victorian city suffering mob rule with one leader deposed Vassal's fun with Viola in play, part of what comes from the heart Victorian type Violinist Mischa Violinist Mischa Violinist from Russia Violinist Mischa Violinist Mischa