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Visibility spoilers Visibility reducers Visibility reducers Ventured, old style Vehicle conks out in top gear 9-volt, e.g. Victim of Don José's jealousy. Vial venue (6 to 7, 12 to 13) Value of a piece of text for poet Vietnamese coin Vietnamese coin Vietnamese coin Vietnamese money unit Vietnamese coin Vietnamese monetary unit Vietnamese coin Vietnamese currency Voyage for Kirk and Spock Very big dog Very big dog Violation of the Geneva Convention Vacationing actor Vichy name Vichy leader in W. W. II Vichy name Vichy Premier Vichy leader Vichy premier Vichy prime minister: 1942–44 Vichy quisling Vichy leader Pierre Vichy leader Pierre Vatican personnel Vatican personnel Vehicle maintenance Vehicle maintenance Vocalized Very small, as an operation Very small, as an operation __ vie (brandy) ___ vie (brandy) ___ vie Victorian expletives Virgin, e.g. Virgin, e.g. Visibly blushing Visibly blushing Verb from Psalm 23 Visitors to women's clubs. Video-game series with a lot of carjackings: Abbr Victorian home? Villain voiced by Boris Karloff Visible vibration. Veg out from diet? Violation of the first and second laws of thermodynamics Vagrant. Vagabond Vague description of mammoth? Vague Very warm spot in the middle of Margate Very hot farm animal gripping leg Vegetarian Vegetarian Vegetarianism at last! Diet -- like this? Very nearly Vet visitor's burden Vet visitor's burden Ventilated container Ventilated container Very drunk Vied for America's Cup Visitors' centers Victims of the Walrus and the Carpenter. Variety of owl Very small. Variety of owl, hippo, or seahorse ''Variety'' guffaw Very quick rotation meas. Vulnerable spot Vulnerable spot Vital islands east of New Guinea. Very wise man. Vocabulary of boy accepting defeat Verdi opera Verdi opera based on a Shakespearean character Verdi opera. 1893 Verdi opera Video game department Visual representations, in printed matter perhaps Votary of art Vine of the bean family Vehicle in street, a crock, reconditioned Victim of a drift net Very handsome young men. Very handsome young men Village on Thames near Runnymede. Vessel named for the Incan god Viracocha Veterinary specialty Very low places in Ireland Very low floor Valve on top of burst tyres in changing room beside father's house Violently, all at once Vegetable reported as a dog-rose? Variety of cabbage Vegetable Very wise. Venerable crooner Vehicles mass in period that's retrograde in military build-up Very soon Very quickly Very quickly Very quickly Versed in books no end? You must get hold of that American author Ventriloquist with the dummy Charlie McCarthy [mystery writing] Vehicle for riding downhill over snow Vote ___ Viewpoints Viewpoints 1984 vice presidential candidate Geraldine 1984 vice presidential candidate Geraldine Varieties of chicory. Very old man me, so fit to go back Vault opening Vault opening View something in more detail Valley Girl's home, perhaps Valley Girl's home, perhaps Version of chart hit we miss making bestselling record Very popular download VIP in Britain. Very soon Very soon Very, very small Victorian painter in no position to paint seascape? Very large dogs Vacation spots Vacation places. Vacation spots. Vacation spots Vacation spots *1987 Vietnam War film Valley city in California Verbally adept Voice Vagina, slangily Visible part of the ear Vishnu worshipers Vishnu worshipers V-shaped slits V-shaped slits V-shaped indentations. Vendor. Valuable products of Kashmir. Versatile, as a tool Versatile, as a tool Versatile Volatile hydrocarbon Volatile hydrocarbon Vessels. Virginia's Luray ___ Verse times Verse times Vocalist Vocalist Vocalist Vocalist Vocalist Village officers: Abbr. Very salty Vocalized in Bavaria Voltage term in physics Venomous Viperlike Viperlike Verify the addition of Verify the addition of Venomous tropical American snake Visit Visit Visit casually Visit Visit briefly Visit Visit briefly Visit, pop in Visit Volcanic Hawaiian landmark, and a hint to the first word of 17-, 24-, 37- and 50-Across Volcanic cone of Oahu Volcanic cone of Oahu Vote into the Hall of Fame Vote into the Hall of Fame Vehicle in the Hambletonian. Variety of slipper. VOLUNTEER STATE Voids Vendor's figure Vedic deity Vindicated. Vienna, to Germans. Vienna. Vienna: Ger. Vienna, to natives Vienna, to a Berliner Vienna, to Viennese Vienna, to a Viennese Vienna, to the Viennese Vienna, to Strauss Vienna, to Hans Vienna, to its citizens Voguing strut Vienna, in Vienna Verse form first used by Dante in the Divine Comedy Vehicle stickers, e.g. Vehicle stickers Vingt-et-un, e.g. Vt. birthplace of Adm. Dewey Volatile situation Volatile scenario Volatile situation Volatile situation Video game dragon Vets *Veterans Vets *Veterans Veterans Veterans Visored military cap Visored military cap Visored military cap Voids Volunteer at a Red Cross drive Vague Vague Vague Voyage Victorian-era sitting room Vivid memory Visionary option Vanity Versatile weapon Violinist Ughi Voltmeter meas. Voltage letters Voltage letters Voltage: Abbr. Voltage letters Voltmeter meas. Voltaic cell meas. Voltage letters