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Very little, in slang Very little, in slang Volume of statutes. *Venue for self-publishing Vanishing salutation Voice of Nahasapeemapetilon and Chalmers, among many others Voice of Moe and Apu on "The Simpsons" Voice actor Hank Voice actor Hank *Venezuelans' neighbors Venezuelans' neighbors Venezuelans' neighbors *Venezuelans' neighbors Venner and Dinsmore Venner and Dinsmore Villain Villain Virgin Mary's title Virgin Trains carrying youth past Oxford University Villanious sort Views with loathing Villain Verbally abuses Vilifies. Vilifies Visceral prefix Visceral prefix Very much Villain Very little. Vulgarians Very quick Villain in the story named by the starts of 17-, 25-, 47- and 57-Across ___-à-vous! (Attention!) Volkswagen sedans Venue for oysters on the half shell Virus contracted by eating contaminated food, briefly Verse patterns. Vaguely defined location Vague situation Vegetarian's poker pieces? Vast South American region Vast tropical region of South America Voyage announced for companies Vast South American region Vote held by one of 50 Variety of kale Variety of kale Vintage soda machine feature Veneer-shaping sheet Variety of bean Vampish Versatile batters Versatile batters View off the coast of Miami Verb associated with the Ku Klux Klan. Vigorously attack Virginia home of the U.S. Army Women's Museum Virginia army installation Virgil's birthplace Virgil's birthplace Virgil was born near here Virgil's birthplace Virgil's birthplace Vandenberg or Edwards: Abbr. Vandenberg or Edwards: Abbr. Valued at: costing Valued (at) Valued. Valued (at) V.I.P. at Karnak Verb for a hypothesis Vaulted arch Valuable timber from some trees in the genus Dalbergia Vessel for making homemade gin Vessel for washing Very fuel-inefficient wheels Van Halen song that resonates? Voluptuous Very spiteful Venerated image Venerated image: Var. "Vision of Sir Launfal" author. Valleylike tracts Visit tourist spots Vacation in a way Visit places of interest, two spots Verbal contraction. Verbal negative. Verbal contraction Visitor's third attempt Visitor's third attempt Very holy. Very virtuous Vacuum brand in infomercials Vacuum shown lifting a bowling ball in TV ads VersaVac maker Vacuum cleaner brand Vacuum shown lifting a bowling ball in TV ads VersaVac maker Vacuum cleaner brand Vacuum maker Vacuum cleaner brand Vacuum brand whose ads show it picking up a a bowling ball VersaVac maker Vacuum brand Voice of Bambi? Vehicle component which charges the battery while the engine is running Very large P. I. tree. Very large Philippine tree. Valuable Philippine tree Visible play area Visible play area Very crowded Very full Very full Vitamin B-complex acid Vitamin B acid Vitamin acid Vitamin-B acid Vanity case? Vanity case? Very, very hot Very hot Vanity case? Vanity case? Vanity case? Very attractive Very attractive. Vehicle's lamp is returned with pleasure View from Pompeii Volcano Victor with four-wheeler I use casually around a 6 Vaulted arch Video game franchise whose name translates to "devil" Volcano in Puebla state. Volcano near Mexico City. Very small pieces swapped in USS Nautilus? V x VI 2002 Vin Diesel movie Valentine's gift, perhaps Vulnerable boxer's point Very small, especially as a description of a person Very small birds. Vessel in a break room Vote to rewrite gaffes, interrupted by Unionist and Republican Verbal gems Verbal jewels Verbal gems Vulnerable to attack. Vote by __ of hands Vote by __ of hands Village with a 1950s racecourse and Grand Prix circuit Very latest sword, say? Vain ones Vincent Youmans musical of the 1920's. Vocal percussionists Venus at sunrise, sometimes Venus, at times Venus Venus Venus, in the sky "Variety" pic "Variety" pic "Visage" feature Visage feature Victory celebration, of sorts Valuable weasels Valuable furs. Valuable weasels Valuable weasels 1989 Van Damme film Vintner's container for aging Vocalist Julius. Variety show host of 1956-57 Verbal positive RSVP Vice Varieties of a soft mineral. V. I. P. in Rome. VirusScan developer VirusScan developer Verbal flourishes Verbal flourishes Verbal flourishes "Voilà!" cries Verbal flourishes Verbal flourishes Verbal flourishes "VoilГ !" cries Verbal flourishes Very special goody Visible gas Visible air Vehicles with booms Visible air Very large indefinite "number" Visible gas Vacant role for each politician in theatre Vacant role for each politician in theatre Vague British tempted to welcome Queen Valuables holder Valuables holder Verify Validate Verify Validate Validate Validate Validate Validate Verbally attack, with "at" Verbally attack, with 'at' Vaquero Violent struggle Violent pangs Violent struggle Violent struggles Violent upheaval Violent pangs Violent struggles Violent pangs Violent struggle Violent pangs Violent struggles Violent pangs Violent pangs of suffering Villain playing pieces in Gate production creates problem for the company View when landing, perhaps View when landing, perhaps View of Manhattan from Brooklyn, e.g. Visible horizon. View from the Staten Island Ferry Visible horizon Village. Valuable plastic Villain in many an action movie Vehicle in view, heading off and moving up in driving contest Veterans Stadium site Valuable pearl sources Vail conveyances Vail conveyances Vail conveyances Vietnam vet Very convenient Very near Very near Very near Very near Virility and courage Verbose