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Virtual reality folk Victoria Quarter city Very small Very small, tiny Very small (S, not T) Villain portrayer in "Spider-Man" Versifier Versifier Versifier Verse reciter Versifier Verse maker Versifier Versifier Versifier Verse writer Verse writer Verse writer Versifier Versifier "Very well . . . " “Very well...” Voice of Gill in ''Finding Dory'' Vegetable oils, e.g. Version Version of story that bank may offer Very attentive Very attentive Very attentive Very open to suggestions Victim of a sort Vineyard Vines logo Vexation. Vassal becomes vessel Vindicate. "Violence ___ violence" 'Violence ___ violence' Vacuum tube Vacuum tube variety Vaquero's weapon. Vaquero's neckwear View from a control tower View through the crosshairs Virtues Virtues Verbal skill Vague suppositions Vague suggestions Vehicle with cells Vehicle with a panel Vehicle that gets cell service? Vehicle that gets cell service? Verbal dueling Vehicle equipped with photovoltaic cells Violins getting marks from teacher. Rubbish! Voting time: Abbr. Voting time: Abbr. Voting day: Abbr. Voting day, often: Abbr Village between Kruszyna and Jacków in Silesian Voivodeship, Poland (pop. 305) Verbatim Vase occupants. Vanishing rulers. Very small field? Volume in a pew Volume of praise Vulgar Vincente Minnelli's daughter Vincente's daughter Vincente's daughter Vincente's daughter Vowed again, say Void the divorce Vow again Visionary Victor of the New York Giants Vera ___ "Vera __" (Cooper film) "Vicky Cristina Barcelona" Oscar winner "Volver" actress Penélope "Vicky Cristina Barcelona" costar Vera ___ (now one word). Vera ___. "Volver" actress, 2006 Variety of black grape grown especially for wine-making Very early embryo Vague feeling. Variety of keno. Very fervent Very anxious, having finished with outspoken bore Voting day: Abbr Violinist Morini and namesakes Violinist Bell Very hungry Vendor Victim of Joab Van Gogh subject Vital throb. Vital center Very short time "Vexations" composer "Vexations" composer "Vexations" composer "Vexations" composer "Vexations" composer "Vexations" composer Erik "Vexations" composer "Vexations" composer 'Vexations' composer Erik 'Vexations' composer Very silly senior account Vivid red Vivid red Vivid crimson Vaquero's hand Vaquero's hand Voices in il coro Voices in il coro Voices below soprani Voices. Voices below soprani Voices below soprani Vitamin qtys. Vitamin amts. Vitamin label amts. Vitamin guidelines, briefly Vail trail Vail trail Vitalize Vivify Villains' opposites Verse with four lines Verse from Iraq aunt translated Verse cadences Volume unit Volume unit Volume measure Volume unit Volume unit Vain one's mate? Volume measure Vain bird's mate Volume measure Volume measure Volume unit Volume unit Violently angry sort "Vive ___!" "Vive ___!" "Vive __!" "Vive __!": "Long live the king!" "Vive __!" "Vive ___!" ("Long live the king!") "Vive ___!" "Vive __!" "Vive __!": "Long live the king!" "Vive __!" "Vive ___!" Vive ___. Vive ___! Vive ___ "Vive ___" "Vive_____!" (old Parisian cry) "Vive _____!" "Vive ___!" (old French cry): 2 wds. "Vive ___!" (old French cheer) "Vive" follower "Vive ___!" (old French cry) "Vive ___!" "Vive ___!" ("Long live the king!") 'Vive --!' (French cry) "Vive _____!" ("Long live the king!") "Vive ___!" ("Long live the king!") Vive ___! "Vive ___!" "Vive _____!" "Vive ___!" 'Vive ___!' (old French cry) 'Vive ___!' �Vive ___!� (old French cry) 'Vive ___!' 'Vive --!' 'Vive —!' 'Vive --!' (French cry) "Vive __!": "Long live the king!" 'Vive ___!' "Vive —!" "Vive __!" 'Vive __!' Verbal joust on stage Vacillate Vacillate Vacillate Vacililate^WAVE Vacillate Velocity Vainly adorns oneself Vivaldi's birthplace Vivaldi's birthplace Very English French resort and Italian city Very pleasant around English city 1966 Vogues' hit ____ of Milk and Honey Vitamin bottle abbreviations Vit. requirements Vitamin-bottle abbreviations Vitamin guidelines, briefly Vindictive spirit. Vendetta's aim. Villain's forte. Vitamin bottle data Vendetta's purpose. Vitamin-bottle stats. Vindictive spirit Vitamin amts. Vitamin nos. Vitamin bottle info Vindictive quest Vitamin bottle figs. Vitamin bottle info, for short Varicolored blooms Vitamin label amts. Vitamin amts. Violets' cousins Vitamin bottle info Vitamin bottle listings Vitamin stats Vitamin bottle letters Vitamin bottle figs. Vitamin label amts. Vitamin label nos. Vitamin nos Vitamin amts Vitamin amts Vlasic mascot Voiceless bird Vlasic mascot Voiceless bird Vlasic pickles mascot Visitor to the expectant Vlasic toon Vlasic ad critter Vlasic symbol Vitriolic venting Venomous venting Violent denunciation Venomous venting Vitriolic rant Venomous venting Verbal attack Visitors at a ranch