Crossword Clues Start With V, page 10

Very high collar Vegetable used in a traditional Thanksgiving dinner casserole Versatile veggie Verse with song books in new form Very early childhood Very early childhood Very early childhood Vehicle insurance giving universal protection here in Canada Vehicle insurance required to cross upper-class Canadian city Vertical symbol of spring Valentine's Day greeting Van driver's warning on promenade Very strong criminal pusher on upper-class British Isle Very young tot Very chummy Visually assess Visually assess Venice suburb known for its glass Vehicle in which Nick gets stuck between junction and traffic Vehicle stock put on branch line if dry Verse containing eight feet. Vacancies filled by unreliable boy, mischievous type Valium, generically Valium, generically Victoria's Secret wares Virus maybe in corrupted force, taking little time Voicing of surprise at the compiler's excellence Very blue foundation stones? Very obscene beast running fast to grab daughter -- gosh! Volunteers shown disrespect? That's forbidden Vessel to rescue people at sea Very altruistic novelist facing endless crisis in representation Victim of 26-Across V-shaped channels. Vivandier. Village of yore Village Village Village of yore Village of yore Village Village Varying wildly Varying wildly Varying wildly Vacation spot Varying wildly Varying wildly Virginia Cascades locale Vault helps cure invalid Vibrations Vibrations Vibrations Victoria's Secret garment Victoria's Secret garment Vibrations. Vibrations -- Vengsarkar, batsman, captain of India in late 1980s Vamp Pola "Vamp" of silent pictures. Vamp of the silent screen. Vamp of silents Vamp of the silents Valedictory party in dens, possibly? Vivacious Italian folk dance Village in north Italy. Verrazano-___ Bridge Very small racing car Very small American university accommodating department takeover, for example Very small Verbose Volleys of a kind. Volleys of denunciation Verbal attacks coming from verge of motorway maybe between discontented bikers Varnish, e.g. Vehicle-based market Variety of trout Violent criminal that's a difficult problem Very near Very near Vestment worn at Mass Visionary religious location -- going to take that in Vegetable stew, Provence style Vegetable stew Vegetable stew Vegan 40 Across Vegetable stew Very upset with a double? Vinegary. Vinegarish Violently stabbed rake in stomach Vivid yellow shade Vessel crashed, not a barrow Venetian boats Venetian commonplaces. Venetian taxis. Venetian tourist attractions. Venetian boats Venetian transports Venetian movers Venetian flat-bottomed boats Venetian vessels Vessel for dipping at a dinner table Very nearly opening wine Video display dot Video spot Video dot Video dot Video display element Video display unit Video display dot Video screen dot Video display dot Village near Fakenham in Norfolk with a collection of fairground attractions etc Village near Bideford in North Devon Visionary Very rich woman crashed airline's limos Very disturbed as result of quake? Voluntarily assumed or endured Very hot sauce Very wet day with you finally coming to ground that's no good Vitrics Violinist Niccolo Violin virtuoso Violin virtuoso Niccolò Violinist Nicolo Violinist Niccolò Violin virtuoso Niccolò Varnish resin Varnish ingredient Varnish component Varnish resin Varnish resin Virginia is one Villain's work. Vibrating Vibrant sound quality Vibrant sound quality Vibrancy of English boy in foreign country, blasting off loudly Vibration from terrible snore can start to echo Very high in pitch Vault, say -- ours is in disrepair Very changeable. Valentine present! Valentine Day's gift, perhaps Valentine's Day gift, sometimes Verbally abuses Very short shorts Very short shorts Very short shorts Violent grans, locked outside, broke the law Valley, in England Virtuous stature Vegetable processed to get cure Vaudeville weapons Vase glass Virgil Tibbs's portrayer Virgil Tibbs's portrayer Virgil Tibbs's portrayer Victor and Conor protecting queen twice Variegated. Verbally rips apart Verbally rips apart Verbally rips apart Verbally tears apart Verbally tears apart Verbally tears apart Violent behaviour Violence, as bear enters outskirts of Torquay Vagabond Victorian conveyance Vibration Very big name in home-selling Vaudeville slips V. Hugo's wife and daughter Vincent Youmans' song from "No, No, Nanette." Vincent Youmans' catchy tune. Very ornate Very ornate Victor's wreath. Victor's reward. Victors' wreaths Vienna singing group Vermont resort hub View from Grindelwald, Switzerland View from Grindelwald, Switzerland Vinegar quality VIP at the George W. Bush Library opening Video-image element Video spot Video dot Vanessa Redgrave role, 1968 Vanessa Redgrave role, 1968: 2 wds. Very slightly Violated law -- is sentence halved showing bias? Very short. Very short, in colloquial expressions. Very minor railway is sinking Vehicle for Endora? Visor, e.g. Visor, e.g Very welcoming dame prone to get excited Vacation area Vacation spot Vacation area Vacation site Vichyssoise garnish Vulgarity Vaudeville prop Veteran inmates V-shaped fortification V-shaped fortification V-shaped fortification V-shaped fieldwork. V-shaped rampart V-shaped fieldwork V-shaped fortress V-shaped fortification work V-shaped fortification V-shaped fortification V-shaped fortification Vicissitudes Viewpoint. Viewpoint for the like-minded Vital fuel injected into vessel where parts of the body shaken? Very loud Very loud Vaguely monitor delay (about a year) in parliamentary process V-8's octet Verdicts Very little to link it to the mood, politically speaking, as it only covers conditions locally Very heavy steel-grey metallic element Village in East Riding of Yorkshire, site of a battle in 1066 Village on A359 north of Yeovil Vocal organization Vocal group. Variable hours for female to take leave in tree Village in Dorset with a swannery Visigoth vis-à-vis Rome Virtuous, free from sin or guilt Virtuous Victor's chaplet. Victim of the Diamond Necklace Affair. V. I. P. of 18th century. Versailles resident Vehicle visiting the International Space Station Vehicle visiting the International Space Station V. I. P. in Bonn. V.I.P. at Bonn. Vault expert