Crossword Clues Start With V, page 12

Vegetable- growing business Vegetable grower Vegetable enterprise. Vegetarian scoop? Vegetarian scoop? Vigorously, for Hulk Hogan? Visitor traveling in Italia Veracruz visitor Vacationer's coverage option Very hot celestial orb Very hot celestial orb Very hot celestial orbs Versatile one Vehicle starring Zsa Zsa Gabor? Variegated Virginia city Virtuoso pianist and composer, student of Beethoven and teacher of Liszt VEGA Victimized lieutenant in "Othello" 'Viva Las Vegas' co-star Volume of articles honoring a scholar Viewed like a tourist Value of a talent show act featuring kids? Virginia Clemm, to Poe Virginia Clemm, to Poe Verne the apple juice drinker? Vanderbilt U. team Vanderbilt team Vanderbilt students Vernacular used at a South Carolina college? Verizon offering for moms and dads? Very poor alibi Very strange Vegetable, in Italy. Virginia congressman since 1981 Vain birds' mates. Vanquisher Very old red cents? Very old red cents? 1994 Van Damme appellation Veracruz versifier Vocal trio Vet with medals, e.g. Vet with medals, e.g. Very profound Violent behavior after doing some shots? VIP at a grand opening VIP at a grand opening Veins of a leaf Valentine's Day pastries? Very wealthy? Violet variety (and the longest common word that uses just the right typing hand) Violet variety Verse: Part 5 Veracruz's capital Vehicles in a garage? Varsity athletes' wear 1953 Vincent Price film Vincent Price classic Vincent Price classic Vocal pessimists Venue for this puzzle's theme "___ Venice" View from the tent Vida and Asa? Villain's symbol Verses about red vegetables? Vegetarian tennis star? Vituperates Virginia bird? Varsity bench Voodoo role in which Boris Karloff revels. Voodoo specter. Voodoo snake diety. Voodoo deity. Voodoo snake deity. Verb tense: Abbr. Valve rod part, in machinery. "Venus de Milo" creator Vincent and Baby Snooks Vigilante, maybe Van Eyck's "Ghent Altarpiece," for one Vegetarian's sin? Victoria's Secret purchase Van Doren's "Jane ___" Visit Internet sites Varmints, in jargon Varmints, in a classic cartoon line *Vlasic employee Visibly sour soul Vegetarians' supermarket protests? ___ vide (which see) Vital time after lift-off. Vegetable chip? Van Halen "___ Magic" Verdon hit. Ventilating. Very jealous, in a first language? Vows made with very few words? ___ von Bock, German general Ventilates. Vociferous exuberance Very broad, shallow tub. Vice ___. Venture in neighborliness. Visit Visit Visit Valuable eagles Venezuelan novelist: 1895-1936 Village with very little gardening equipment? Village with very little gardening equipment? Vincent Youmans song. Virgil work Vireo Vets in the garden Voodooist's activity Vishnu's vision? Vishnu's vision? Vagrancy Visual representation of an item associated with the answers to the asterisked clues in this puzzle Vietnam War-era supply route Varying weight of India, Iran, etc. Villain in the comic strip "Terry and the Pirates" Varying Tripolitan length measure. Voltaire's "___ the Babylonian" Voltaire novel Venture capitalist Verdict about a suspicious five-spot? Va. battlefield, also called Fair Oaks Vitreous mineral Very deeply, as a cut Valuable deposit Voting instructions? Various Valley of the Sun city Vocalize better than. Vehicles that may be under the Yuletide tree Venture capital View "Mamma Mia!" e.g. V.I.P.'s church seat Velvet Underground "I'll Be ___" ___ vacante (the seat being empty): Lat. ___ vacante (the seat being vacant): Lat. Vitamin A source Verbal equivalent to a Bronx cheer Vacation on the Caribbean, maybe Vigorous tap dance Vigorous tap dance Vaudeville star Blossom Van Buren Democrat Verse, part 3 Verse, part 3 Vera of ballet Very cold winds of Moslem countries. Venezia sight Versifier's condition? Vents on cars Verse, with 45, 79, 112 and 128 Across Varieties of wheat. Variety, Women's Wear, etc. Virginia Woolf novel 1927 Virginia Woolf novel Village of Russia Vegetables that are safe from nibbling rabbits? Vacuist's opposite. Valuable debris? Verdi role. Verdi hero. Verdi hero Verdi tenor role Verdi's equivalent to Romeo Verdian hero Valerie's public persona? Vestryman. Vacuum tube Veterinary office VENTURA Vichy premier (1940-44) and family Valuable property Veronica ___, 2003 title role for Cate Blanchett "Veronica ___" (2003 Cate Blanchett film) "Veronica ___" (2003 Cate Blanchett film) Vice-President of Yugoslavia. View from Abu Simbel VIXEN "___ Vita." "___ Vita" Valuable furs. Villayet, W. Turkey. Valley duds? Very enthusiastic about Very enthusiastic about "Venus clerk, ___": Chaucer Venetian medal under the Doges. Venetian medal of old. Venetian medal Vehicle for 25 Across. "Vulgar Errors" author Verdant shade Verses by an American author? Vacation pleasures. Violent acts commited by Kratos, hero of the God of War video games Volcanic granite V. Harper role and G. Meredith heroine Vulgarians Verse, part 6 *1988 vice-presidential candidate Verdi's "La Forza del ___" Verdi's "La Forza del ___" Vandal's trait Vertigo Victim of nazi, fascist or quisling regimes. Violinist nailing the notes? Visit for a while Village near Cleveland. Vice-presidential family Vegetable order at the Ballpark Bar & Grill *Verbal gamesmanship *Verbal gamesmanship "Visual" observation (Part 4) Violent East Indian storm at monsoon time. Verdugo, Trump, and Nin Very thirsty Very, very thirsty Völund's brother Verse, part 3 Vote independently, in a way Visitors Vehicle that can sleep nearly a dozen college students? Velvet the Panther and others Very conservatively Vandals, e.g. Valentines Vacation choice Vicissitudes of cargo space Vicissitudes of cargo space Verbal yawn equivalents Vehicles circa 1900. Virginia's first governor. Van Gogh's "___ Arles" Vagabond, for short Venus: Poet. Vote counter's directive Vote counter's directive Volkswagen model that's easy to pop? Vehicles designed to transport china? Villain's cry Vulgar: Sp. Very old I.R.S. employee?