Crossword Clues Start With V, page 13

Valkyrie who loved Sigurd. Valkyrie who disobeyed Wotan. Vichy trial town Vichy-trial town Video programs Vince Lombardi Foundation award Veggie order in the court? Valleys of the moon Valleys on the moon. Valleys of the moon Vapors: Lat. Vessel in a 1948 Frank Loesser song Vessel in a 1948 Frank Loesser song Verb class that includes love and hate Vines with bright-green leaves. Verbs in Hebrew grammar. Von Bülow in New Mexico? Violent gales: Slang. Violent winds: Colloq. Violent storms Verdict for a tropical fish? Verdict for a tropical fish? Victor at Dien Bien Phu Visitor: German. Violin: Ger. Venezuelan biscuit-company ad Vinegar: Var. Vagina, slangily Violate Virginia horror shock-rockers Views from basement windows Venezuelan river, 700 miles to Orinoco. Venezuelan river, into the Orinoco. Venezuelan river. Venezuelan river Venezuelan state or river Very eager. Volatile perfume odorants Volcano in Guatemala. Vega or Rigel (Fr.) Vegetarian holiday dish Vandals, e.g. Village on Crimean isthmus, where trap was sprung. Vignette. Vehicles in Pogo's garage? Vanilla ice cream variety Vega's constellation Virtuous person Venerated hawk? Vast treeless tracts V.I.P. #1 Visitin' Mister Ed, perhaps? Visit Robert Reich? Visit a cabinet department building? Vic's spouse et al. Vic's wife and "Smooth Operator" singer Very cruel Vacation, often Vintner's vat supply? Vixen: Sp. Vegan's cookbook contents? Vacation island Video data converters Voracious game fish V.S. Naipaul's "___ in the River" V.S. Naipaul's "____ in the River" V. S. Naipaul's "___ in the River" V.S. Naipaul's "___ in the River" Vacillated Voice boxes Virologist as a tot? Virologist as a tot? Vamp's fatal words Volcanic mudslide Volcanic landslide Vampires: Lat. Vampires __ VO5: beauty product ___ VO-5 (hair-care name) __ VO5: beauty product V05 maker Vintage bottle's contents Vulnerability Village, in Japan. Vat VIP in Ghana. Visual deception (with "l'oeil") "View of Delft" painter "View of Delft" painter Visitor to a fertility clinic Visitor to a fertility clinic Visitor to a fertility clinic Veteran prospectors Venerable cataloger *Vera Wang's field *Vera Wang's field Vehicle with a compactor Virgil epic: Abbr. Virgil classic: Abbr. Validate, businesswise Ventilation. Vigor that lasts and lasts Vaporized Variegated, like quartz. Vivian's gift to King Arthur: Var. Verse: Part III Viewed suspiciously Vacation vehicle Vehicle of yore ___ Vale, near Wales. Variety of amphibole. Variety of hornblende. Vast distances Veronese duo Vacation choice Valley of east Lebanon Vidal ___ Valley of Lebanon Van Cliburn's ebonies V.I.P. VIP's. Vidal ___ (shampoo brand) Vidal of hair care Vidal of hair care Vermonter seen in Statuary Hall Victorious soldier in May 1775 Vacation announcement, of a sort Vanilla, for example. Vanilla or choc. Volcanic formation Very small in scale Vessel:Combo. form Valentine's Day gifts Van Halen "Fair ___" Virtual reservations Vulgar Vulgar Vulgar Ventilates Ventilates Vidkun of Norway. Ventilating. Ventilation Veined, as a leaf Venerable advisers Vase: French. Vessel for coffee: Fr. Vessel for making coffee: Fr. Vase: Fr. Vessel for café Vase, in Vichy Versace creation? Versace creation? Van Gogh acolyte? Vet's concern, perhaps Vet's concern, perhaps Virginia willow and related shrubs. Virginia willows. Virginia willows Virginia willows Violinist Morini. Van Morrison album with The Chieftains Van Morrison album w/Chieftains Very avaricious. Vets Very thick paper Vacation of a sort. Vacation Vacation Vacation *Vacation and sick days Verse, part 6 Violinist instrumental in saving Carnegie Hall Violinist awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1992 Violin virtuoso Violinist who was instrumental in saving Carnegie Hall from demolition Violinist with a Lifetime Grammy Violinist's bird? Violinist's water bird? Violinist who gave over 200 performances at Carnegie Hall Violinist who helped save Carnegie Hall* Violinist awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1992 Violinist awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1992 Virtuoso violinist born in 1920 Varsity. Varsity ___ VII. Vienna premiere of 1805 Venerable name in sleepwear Vote in ___ (use a proxy) Volatile, water-insoluble liquid Via the ears Vancouver Winter Olympics year Voice of the dean in ''Monsters University'' Vacationer's ripoff Vacationers' ripoff Vacationers' rip-off Vacationers' rip-off Villainous Vital Vital Vital Virtual meeting in France once cell reorganised Vermin-eradicating pets Vermin-eradicating pets Very little time to pass the ball in sport Variety of falcon Variety of zircon Vegetable in miso soup Vegetable in miso soup Vegetable in demand, one lad eats Vegetable of various Allium onion species Voting system not nice, unfortunately, in US university Very thing that is wanted Violent Saharan wind V. I. P. Vegetable, so to speak, carelessly cooked? Vegetable's said to be burned Very loud penetrating poet is sadly on the wrong track ... Visionary Visionary. Visionary in vain Vaguely pleasant ... violence and dreadful criminality -- resistance is initially futile VP's security agreement Very impressive Versatile Versatile Versatile Versatile Versatile, nothing square? Voyager Violin-family performers Visitor to a Washington wall, perhaps Voices contempt toward Vintner's grape grown on the East Coast Variety of red grape Variety of grape Victoria descendant who's reigned since 2014 Victoria descendant who's reigned since 2014 Vanished as if by magic Vulnerable to Neptune. Vision test Vacation locale View differently View differently Vile villainesses Very clever person notes it's cricket to be played Varied assortment Variety, and what's literally hidden within 17-, 23-, 32-, 42- and 50-Across