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Villain voiced by Chiwetel Ejiofor in 2019's 'The Lion King' Volition Villain of "The Lion King" Volition Volition Vein specialists Veldt creature Veldt sight Veld grazer Valdez locale Vegetarian Jack Veil Vocalize on a kazoo Vocalize on a kazoo Vibration sound Vanilla, pistachio, etc. Vandalize, e.g. Vandalize Vandalize Vandalize, e.g. Vandalize Vandalism Vandalism Vandalize, e.g Vandalise View from the west coast of the Gallipoli Peninsula View from the west coast of the Gallipoli Peninsula View from the Vosges Mountains Varsity replacements. Varsity letters in Baton Rouge. Vehicle for the chair-borne. Vehicle. Van alternative Vaudeville dance steps Vaudeville dance basics Vaudeville dance basics Very funny fellow: Slang. Very funny person Vehicles in England. Vehicles for transporting goods Vitamix competitor Vitamix competitor Vice-Admiral Charles ___ Joy. Valedictorian's big moment Valedictorian's big moment Verbalize Voice Verbalize Valedictory, e.g. Voice Verbalize Valedictorian's time to shine Valedictorian's time to shine Voice. Valedictorian's talk Vivid-hued cavalryman. Voice Verbalize Visiting Europe, e.g. Verbalize Verbalize Visiting Europe, say Verbalize Visiting Vienna, say Visiting Vienna, say Visiting Europe, say Vocalize Verbalize Voice Visiting Europe, say Very far from cloistered Visiting Vietnam, say Visiting Vietnam, say Very rich Russian Vice president during Roosevelt's first two terms Veep between Curtis and Wallace. Vice President of the U. S., 1933–1941. V. P., 1933–41. Vice President under F.D.R. V.P. under F.D.R. Very friendly: Colloq. Vulgar Very unrefined. Very stupid. Very obtuse. Vulgar Vulgar Vulgar Vulgar Vulgar Violin closing? Violin add-on Violin ending Violin closing? Violin add-on Violin attachment? Violin ending Verbal resolution after brawl for recyclable items Vacquero's lasso Vaquero's gear Vaquero's need Vaquero's tool Virile to a fault Virile Virile Very masculine Virile Very virile Virile Very virile Very manly Village People "___ Man" Village People's "___ Man" Village People hit "___ Man" Very virile Virile Virile Very virile Virile Virile Virile Vaquero's rope. Virile Virile Virile sort of coachman can set off Very manly Very manly Verb after "das" VDT part Volume control? Vaquero's rope Violin closing? Vaquero's item Volume control? Virginia's John and family Vaquero's rope Violin ending Vaquero's item Violin attachment? Vitrifies by heat. "Voulez-vous coucher avec ___ ce soir?" ("Lady Marmalade" lyric) Violent stream Violent stream Vocal calmer Violent onrush Violent downpour Very heavy rain Very heavy rain Violently fast stream of water "Voulez-vous coucher avec ___ ce soir?" (1975 lyric) "Voulez-vous coucher avec ___?" "Voulez-vous coucher avec ___ ce soir?" 'Voulez-vous coucher avec ___?' "Valley of the Dolls" co-star Virile Virile, plus Virile Virile, and then some Virile Very virile Verbal groaners Verbal quibbles. Verbal groaners Verbal groaners Very bright Very bright Very sudden Vista ruiners Very ugly sights Vessel incorporating standard modern design Visionary Visionary Visionary. Visionary V. I. P.'s. VIP's. Vain Vapour-like Vapour-like usage, so unusual Vulnerable spot Vulnerable point Vulnerability Vulnerable point Vulnerable point Vulnerable point Very little bit Video game icon Virtual stand-in Virtual-reality pinch hitter Visual embodiment in a virtual world Virtual reality pinch hitter Video game figure Video gamer's "self-portrait" Video gamer's icon Video-game face Very small amount Vishnu incarnation Virtual stand-in Virtual-reality substitute Virtual-reality pinch hitter Vishnu incarnate Virtual stand-in Virtual reality stand-in Virtual alter ego Virtual alter ego Virtual-reality pinch hitter Video-game face Video game self-image Video game face Video game figure Video game figure Virtual image representing oneself as woman meeting sailor Video game persona Visual manifestation of something abstract Virtual alter ego Virtual alter ego Very slight amount Very small amount Volleyball move before a set Very small quantity Very small amount Volleyball move before a set Very sudden Very intelligent Very minor details Very minor details Vintage car named for an explorer Verb form Visionary Visionary Valid Visionary Visionary Viewpoints Viewpoints Viewpoints Viewpoints of society behind 15 across Vital port of Yemen Verve. Vivacity Vital Valuable Vital Vital. Vital Vital Vexation Vessel opener Vein opener Vessel opener