Crossword Clues Start With V, page 14

Varied assortment Variety, and what's literally hidden within 17-, 23-, 32-, 42- and 50-Across Versificatrix. Via the A5, perhaps? Virus maybe beginning in June knocks out female, 26 Violent view of cosmos Vulture of southern U. S. Vulturine S.A. hawk Very confused over musical work, piece for organ Victim as result of 'Comedy Store'? Very drunk Variety of chalcedony used as a gemstone View from Venice View from Ancona View from Venice Vital study to lay tracks around isle Vehicle designed to be assembled by buyer Village near Wetherby in West Yorkshire Vibrissa Vain queen who boasted that she was more beautiful than 18-Across Vain queen who boasted that she was more beautiful than 18-Across Vâclav Havel's home Very repetitive Abba song Village on A40 between Brecon and Llandovery "View From the Summit" memoirist Visibly in pain, I object after heartless conflict Very well, in a way Vibrant sound. Very big on Greek's starter of fine food Visibly embarrassed Visibly embarrassed Visibly embarrassed Visibly embarrassed Villain in Shakespeare's 'Cymbeline' Variable, as a nova Variable "Victor of the Dardanelles," 1919. Variable Jiffy bags a disadvantage Very fast Von ___. Von ___ of NASA. Von ___, rocket scientist Veggies with rounded pods Veggies with rounded pods Viv --, captain of West Indies cricket team from 1985 to 1991 Village near Kirkby Stephen in Cumbria Vast Visit restaurant topless on cycle? One's plated up Verdi opera that had the working title "Violetta" Violetta's tragedy. Violetta Valery Verdi opera Village in Dylan Thomas's 'Under Milk Wood Verdi's fallen woman Venice premiere of 1853 Variegated monkey of south-east Asia Verdi opera Verdi opera in three acts Victor --, Soviet-born chess player Village near Driffield in the Yorkshire Wolds Verdi hero Verdi opera with an auto da fé scene Village north-east of Norwich Vanity case. Village between Newport and Ventnor on the Isle of Wight Variant of Adelaide. Very brave man. Village in Wychavon District in southern Worcestershire V. I. P. of 70 years ago. Victor over Blaine and Harrison Vitamin B. Vitamin B compound. Vitamin B1. Vitamin B-1 Vitamin B1 Vocalist known for the 1944 song whose title (and first line) appears in the circled squares Vitamin Vikings' conqueror Vespasian and his sons Titus and Domitian, known collectively as the -- emperors of Rome Village west of Betws-y-Coed in North Wales VAUDEVILLE PERFORMER Voluntary organisation providing first aid Very best Venting Venting one's anger Venting Venting one's anger Very hard internet query, could one say, in absence of book is cleared up Velázquez's "The Lady With ___" Vehicle takes lots, almost the whole lot? Violinist's tool Violinist's tool Violinist's need Victorian home feature Very sheer, stiff cotton goods. Very fine muslin Very high temperature inside for water basin Vegetable fat Vending machine. Vending machine, essentially Vital team member Vital team member Vacillates Ventilated, in a way Viewed first Viewed first Vehicle on the final three Apollo missions ... Vandelay Industries Volkswagen Beetle designer Volkswagen Beetle designer Versatile pasta topping Victimized Victimized Victimized Victimized Victimized Victimized Victimized Vegetable. Vegetable in a crisp pod Vermin hunter Venerable Monte Carlo activity Venerable Monte Carlo activity Very knowledgeable person Very knowledgeable person Very level Villainous laughs Virgil's 61 Virgil's 61 Virgil's 61 Velocity that's impossible to attain Valerie Simpson singing partner Valerie Simpson singing partner Very soon Very close Very close Very close Very close Vanguardists Vanguardists Vegan's Thanksgiving loaf Vegan's Thanksgiving loaf Victorian Era actress Valuable piece in Scrabble Verona Beach State Park is on its eastern shore Vamoose Vamoose Vamoose Very loosely knit Very loosely knit Visible between the cracks, say Venetian island Venetian island Vehicle for drivers Vacuuming and dusting Vacuuming and dusting Varying. Vanished Very strange Vegetables for the grafter Verbal bargain seekers Vents Valuable tableware. Vacation spots Vacation spots Vessels. Vary irregularly, as prices Vegetable first cultivated (despite the name) in Sicily Variety of beet Variety of beet Valley of western song. "___ Valley," square dance tune. View in which we see extremely unusual flower V.I.P. Variety of apple. "Vertigo, buddy" says nature in the spring Verbally jumping the gun Verbally jumping to conclusions Verbally jumping to conclusions Votaries Virginal Vivify Variety show host Ed Valets, at times Vermeer and others Van Eyck and Vermeer Vesper ___ ('Casino Royale' double agent) Variation: Comb. form. Variation: Prefix. Via ___ (old Roman road) "Via __" Via ___ (strategic Roman road) Via __ (Roman road) Via ___. Via ___ Via ___ (Roman road) Via ___ Via ___ (famous Italian road) Via ___ (strategic Roman road) Versailles assembly Versailles assembly Verbally what one is saying in submission? If it's a struggle, give up! View _____ ( Fox hunter's shout ) Vocalist hired to promote sports equipment? Veggie-based first courses Very cold temperature Volans Volcanic cinder. Vigilant, always watchful Veteran Hollywood actor. Vientiane natives Vientiane residents Very involved Victorian maidens' practice Violent reactions with local cheeky youths over concert hall near youth centre Veep, e.g. Vice President, e.g. *Vice president, e.g. Vice president, e.g. Vice President, e.g. Vice President, e.g *Vice president, e.g Victim of 26-Across Verdi masterpiece Verdi opus Verdi chorus from Vital spirit Visit spa to film shots covering what's in Adriatic for one Valencian rice dishes Valencian dishes Valencian dishes Violinist's technique puts more icing on the cake perhaps Vermont getaway Vessel seen just below the surface? "Vatican Days" author? Very much in evidence. Very animated American with evil backing from headless band is connected to violent attack Very tense, so to speak Very tense, so to speak Vigorous Victories over sinister State with pressing concerns that can make drinkers blush in California Versatile openers Very reliable Vacation in Italy a la Peck/Hepburn film Vilified. Vilipended Vindicating Very eager to do what Arkle did? Viola staff starter Viola staff starter