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Violated a copyright. Very foolish Very stupid Veers. Vaudeville acts. Variety acts Verbal defiance Vessel edge Verb for Robert Burns. Verge. Vocal impudence Victor over Saladin, 1191. Verbal defiance Vigorous. Vegetable vendor's adjective Vessel edge Verbal defiance Vital Very important Vitally important Vital Vital "Visions of sugarplums" poet Vital 'Visions of sugarplums' poet VP, or some other VIP Veep, e.g. VP, e.g. Veep, for one V.I.P. VP, e.g. VIP VP, or some other VIP Veep, e.g. VP, e.g Veep, for one V.P., e.g Victoria or Louise Victoria, e.g. Victoria, for one Vacation spot Victoria or Geneva Vacation location Victoria in Africa Victoria or Malawi Victoria or Ontario Vacation spot Veronica or George Van Dyke co-star Van Dyke costar Van Dyke's TV wife Van Dyke costar Victor ___ who played Alexander Throttlebottom. Victor of Hollywood. Victor or Henry Victor ___, former comedian Victor or Roger Van Dyke co-star Virgo-Libra point Virgo/Libra border, e.g. Virgo-Libra border, e.g. Virgo-Libra point Virgo-Libra border, e.g Verge Verge Verge Val-d'___ (French départment named after a river) Val-d'__: French department Van Gogh's "L'Église d'Auvers-sur-___" Val-d'__: French department Vocalist Linda Vital German dam wrecked by R. A. F. Valueless item Verrazano et al. Verbal defiance, slangily Verbal defiance Voracious fish. Voracious eel Vicious eel Voracious eel Voracious eel V-8 V-8, e.g. V-8, e.g. V-8, e.g. V-8, e.g. V-8, e.g. V-8, for one V-8, for one V-8, for one V8, for example Viaduct features Viaduct features Veldt grazer VIP accommodations Veldt animal Venerable sedan brand Venerable Chevy Vacuum parts Vacuum cleaner hook-ons Vacuum cleaner parts Vacuum parts Vacuum hookups Vacuum attachments Vacuum attachments Valkyries, e.g. Valkyries, e.g. Valkyries, e.g Vents one's anger Vapors Viewable Very hard to miss Very hard to miss Viewable Variant of "chaise.” Vehicle, old style. Vehicle in a Holmes poem Vehicle pulled by a hoss Vehicle with a folding top Vehicle with a folding top Victorian-era carriage Veer off the beaten path Vast corny place Vast corny place VISE-GRIP, for one Valuable things to have in Scrabble Voids, with "out" Vacancies: fifty in financial institutions Very pleasant places Verifiable Verifiable Very, informally Very, informally Very Victory for a dieter Victory's opposite Victory for a dieter Villain in "Old Curiosity Shop." V.I.P.'s Victory's opposite V.I.P. in Iran. Visiting ruler. V.I.P. in Teheran Vice of heartless Lothario Virtual reality glove component Vicar, e.g. Vicar, e.g Very small Venue for Minnie Pearl Venue for Minnie Pearl Venue for Minnie Pearl Virginia or Smithfield Very slim Venue for Minnie Pearl Venue for Pearl, Parton and Paisley Venue for Minnie Pearl Venue for Minnie Pearl Venue for Chet Atkins and Ernest Tubb Very important people Very bad Verbal zinger Verbal riposte. Verbal comeback. Verbal zinger Virginia __ Very small object. Very small amount. Very small person or thing. Very small creature. Very small sum. Very little. Very small creature Very small object Very small sum Very small contribution Venting venue Very, informally Valiant Verifiable Venting venue Valorous Valorous Valiant Very: Dial. Very: Colloq. Veritable. Valorous Valorous Valorous Valiant or heroic Valorous Very angry Very angry Very upset Very upset Very angry Veritable Very angry Very hot Very hot Verifiable Very, informally Very, informally Veritable Very Very Vied for office Vied for office Vied for a seat Virginia meat Virginia meat Veal cordon bleu stuffing Virginia __ Viand. Virginia ___ Virginia or Smithfield Virginia specialty Virginia or Smithfield product Vena cava Vessel with French wine passed around table finally Vessel the very one in Hamburg? Victor from a German bloodline Vanity features Vanity features "___ vigilance is the price of liberty.” " . . . vengeance of ___ fire": Jude Valid for all time Virginia pol Chuck Virginia Senator Virginia senator defeated in 2000 Virginia political figure Virginia senator Virginia s senator Virginia senator Charles Very nervous Very sensitive Vital thin blue line Vital thin blue line Vascular channel View from Cheboygan Violinist Peña who was a founding member of the Eroica Trio Vermouth bottle name Vermouth name Vermouth choice Vermouth bottle name Vermouth bottle name Vermouth name Vintner Martini's associate Vermouth name Vermouth name