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Vaudeville entrepreneur "Virginia Woolf" playwright "Virginia Woolf" dramatist Vanilla ___ Bar Crunch (Ben & Jerry's flavor) Valley and rabbit ear are forms of a major technique in ____ Varieties of fish eggs Various fish eggs Verve Vigorous Verve Vigorous vitality Vim Vitality Vigorous vitality Vivacity Vigor Verve Vim Vigorous vitality Verve Various fish eggs Vigorous enjoyment Vigorous vitality Vim Verve Vigorous enjoyment Vivacity Verve Vigour, enjoyment Vigorous vitality Vehicle with favourite floor covering Vehicle to fondle, something that can move magically? Vaudeville star Bert Vivify. Vaudeville actor Bert Veteran baseballer. Veto Veto Veto Veto Veto Vocalist Della "...Virginia Woolf?" playwright Valuable coin perhaps offered for food Very raw, taste Welsh dish Valentine's Day offering Valentine's Day offering Viand, old style. Varnisher's supply Views hardwearing type around hotel opening for the start of season "Verrry sexy!" "Va va voom!" "Va-va-voom!" "Va va voom!" "Va-va-voom!" "Verrry sexy!" "Va-va voom!" 'Va-va-voom!' 'Va-va voom!' Versailles 'va-va-voom!' Vocalist Della Veteran comedian. Veteran actor. Vends again Vends again Vends anew Vends again Vends again Vends used goods Vexed state Vexed mood Vexed state Vexed state Vexation Vexed state Vexation Vexation Vexed state Vexed mood Valéry's valentine Vex: Colloq. Vex Vexation Vex Vexation Vice-President turns up -- English brass off Vexation Vietnam War protest gp. Vietnam War opposer: Abbr. Vietnam War-era org. Vietnam-era protest org. Vietnam War protest grp. View from the Acropolis View from the Acropolis Vrooms the engine Village square in old Greece. Vrooms an engine Very enthusiastic Venue for Socrates Very ardent Very enthusiastic Very enthusiastic Very spirited Very good prices for those from Penzance? Vital: Abbr. Vietnam War protest grp Vietnam War protest gp Varnish option Varnish option Varnish option Vein yields Valuable extractions Valuable rocks Valuable rocks Valuable rocks Virtual sticky Virtual sticky Vex Vexation Vigorously denounce Vigorously denounce Verb in a turkey recipe Veiled dancer Veiled dancer? Veil-clad dancer of scripture Veil shedder Veiled dancer Veil-clad dancer of scripture Valentine for Valéry Valéry's valentine Verbal outpouring Verbal outpouring Valéry's valentine View with hatred View with hatred Vermicelli, for example. Verb associated with the beginnings of 18-, 26-, 43- and 57-Across Verb associated with the beginnings of 18-, 26-, 43- and 57-Across Very silly Very silly Very silly. Very silly Very silly Very silly Very silly Violent weather, informally Vacation state: Abbr. Venerated one "Vital ___" (hit rock album of 1987) Van Johnson, to bobby-soxers. Very popular person. Very popular one. Valentino, for one Valentino or Gable, once "Very nice!" "Very neat!" Villainous laugh syllable Villain's chuckle syllable Villainous laugh syllable Villain's snort Villain's laugh sound Villain's chuckle Villain's sinister syllable Villainous sound Villainous sound "Very cute" 'Very cute' Vexation. Vocal club at school Vocal club at school Very hot star Venerated one Venerated one Vow to meet large star Venerated figure Venerated person "Vive le ___ !" Versailles habitant Versailles resident "Vive le ___!" (old French cry) 'Vive le --!' ('Long live the king!') "Vive le ___!" Vive le ___! "Vive le ___!" Versailles VIP 'Vive le ___!' (old French cry) Versailles VIP "Vive le ___!" Versailles monarch 'Vive le —!' Versailles ruler Versailles royal Versailles ruler Versailles royal 'Vive le ___!' "Vive le __!" 'Vive le __!' 'Vive le ___!' Versailles bigwig Versailles VIP Versailles VIP Versailles monarch Versailles monarch 'Vive le ___!' (cry in monarchist France) Very recently Very recently Very recently Very recently Valentino was one Valentino, once Very hot star "Vive le __!" VIP in Versailles Versailles VIP Very similar "Vive le __!" "Vive le ___!" "Vive le __!" Versailles ruler "Vive le ___!" "Vive le ___ !" Very similar Verailles resident Versailles title "Vive le __!" Very like. Versailles royal Versailles monarch Versailles ruler "Vive le __ !" "Vive le __!" Very much alike. "Vive le ___!" Versailles ruler Vive le ___. Vive le ___! Very similar "Vive le ___" "Vive le ___!" Very similar Very similar View from Lookout Mtn. Very much like ___ vapeur (steamed) ___ volée (on the wing): Fr. Very much like ___ vapeur (steamed) _____ vapeur (steamed) ___ vapeur (steamed) ___ vapeur (steamed)