Crossword Clues Start With V, page 18

Verizon's logo has one Vet, at times Vet, at times VII x VI Vanuatu's former name: Abbr. Vanuatu's other name: abbr. Vetoes: Slang. "Visual" observation (Part 1) Vomiting competition? *Vegetables grown by sailors? Velocity Validated again Virginia Tech athlete Vacationer's goal (and favorite Sly & the Family Stone hit) Vacationer's goal (and favorite Sly & the Family Stone hit) Vehicle for a bunny in a biker gang? Vermont, for one Vase handles Vaudeville team Vase handles Vase handles Village near Amiens. Venia "___ Your Name" Village N. of Pawling, N. Y. Veggie with less flaws? Veined marble Venue for John KERRY or, formerly, Bob KERREY Vatican College smarts? Visits Florida from New York, maybe Virtual reality interfaces Very small Voter from Twain's hometown? Voter from Twain's hometown? Vise Virginia city. Verb often used by Caesar Van der Weyden subject Vending machine commodity. Vandalizes the rink? Verse: Part 3 ___ Venezia (Italian resort) Veteran's Day for one Veterans Day. Vicks product Vicks brand Venerability Very conservative sect Vines of East India. Vital engine conduit Vet's office sign? Vault: It. Vine: Latin. Verse, part 7 "Vive le roi!" Vaulting apparatus Visitors' fair warning? Verbose musician? Vessels on vessels Verse: Part V "Victory at Sea" Venue for a play like Omelette? Victor Young hit song Variety headline, October 30, 1929 Variety headline after the 1929 stock market crash Variety headline of 1929 1929 Variety headline Variety headline: 1929 Virginia city Violin virtuoso Violent gust of polar wind Violent gust of wind in the Rockies Violent squall Violent squall in the near-polar regions Valhalla feast? Victoria's Secret wireless bra brand Video game series set mostly on Azeroth Voluptuous. Venezuelan seaside resort Vine used in making leis Village People classic 1978 Village People hit Village People classic Velocity units Victim of the apron-string gambit. V.I.P. Verse, part 2 Vehicle for Ray Milland. Vessels of India Vegetarian talk show star? Van Pelt and Ricardo Van Pelt and Ricardo Venue for Amy Alcott Vehicle that provides instant gratification? Vedic god Variety of fine talc. Variety of talc Vacation infomercial? Vegetable that gives you an emotional release? Veggie's '60s persona? Via ___, on Italian airmail. V.P., 1893–97. Villain in Congreve's "Way of the World." Variety of brown date Valley where St. Moritz is. Vacuum tube. Volatile Vincent of France. Villain in Bond movie Very large: Humorous. Vincent Price's costar in "The Fly" Violation of the second of the Ten Commandments Veneration of a cult image Veneration of a cult image "____ Vous En ...": Porter song Vesuvianite, a glassy mineral. Very precious thing Va. city with aspirations Vocation of King Arthur's men. Vocation of a knight. V. I. P. of Jan. 20. Verb suffixes. Verb suffixes Very near. Very close to Vest Vest Vest Vest Vest Vest Vitamin source Vexing. ___ veritas. Virgil, for one Veronese neighbor "___ Virginia." Views through a window. Vanuatu's November through April, e.g. View Valuable volume, to a double-crosser Virgil's family name Village on the Tigris. Vernon's dancing partner Vernon's dancing partner Vernon's dancing partner Vernon Blythe's dancing partner Vernon's dance partner Vacuum-tube flow Vibes not being picked up by anyone? Valley to which Cassino was the key. *Very good child Verse, part 4 Very cold Very cold Very hot and humid ___ vomica Veteran politician or soldier Verse: Part IV Vigilant deity? Vacation postcard sentiment #3 Vacation postcard sentiment #3 Vacationer's message to those at home Vine called tree on Broadway. Verdun plateau, scene of U. S. victories, 1918. Very tough T-bone? Viking ship. VENTURA View of a sort Voters in 1952's first Presidential primary. Voluminous cataracts. Victorian quality Varsity knit Vice president who died on his 96th birthday, 5/16/1920 VIP's transport VIP's car near that place? Vague religious law? Vague religious law? Verbal peccadilloes Vermont music festival town Vermont music festival town Vermont college Vitamin B component Verily. Variants of yes Violinist coinless in a phone booth? Vegetarian anthem from the Go-Go's? Vegetable gelatine from seaweed. Virginia daily? Very valuable Viking's method for sending messages? Veer 120º Vehicle IDs Vociferous Vessel used in varnish making. "__ vacation!" Very early stages Vectorial angles Vowel points Vets, once Village near Mitchel Field. Veteran's decoration Very long words Vineyard: German. Variety of garnet Versatile Venetian town SE of Treviso Versatile. Versatile Very alert Variant of Alice. Variation of Alice *Ventriloquist Vietnam-era radar plane, in U.S. military slang Victor Herbert sequel? Vague things Vehicle at Fort Knox? VINCENT V Vocational course Vocational course Very nearby (Swipe) Voluntarily. Volunteer work? Voters in various districts. Voters in general Vacationer's purchase, perhaps Votes for one not on the ballot Verb for an ancient scribe. Venomous snake Voice: Fr. Vanessa Williams/Brian McKnight duet Vocal, to Pierre Vocabulary-related Vocabulary-related Viking weavers of destiny. Vocabulary of a language Verse, part 3 V.I.P. in a limo? Viewed the Marxes Victor Hugo classic Visit from Avon? Vampire Weekend's Cape Cod song Very cozy, in Shakespearean days. VIP Virility View from much of the Oregon coast? View from much of the Oregon coast? Verse about a Nantucket man, maybe Voodoo priest's proposal? Verse: Part II