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Voice man Blanc Voice of Bugs and Daffy Voice of Bugs Vic's "Alice" role Voicer of Sylvester Voice man Blanc Vic's "Alice" role Voice of Bugs Voice of Bugs and Daffy Voiceover artist Blanc Vocalist Torme Voice of Sylvester Voice of Bugs and Daffy Viacom COO Karmazin Voice of Elmer Voice of Daffy Voice of Bugs Voice of Porky Viacom president Karmazin Voice of Bugs and Daffy Voice of Pepé and Daffy Voice of Tweety and Daffy Voiceover artist Blanc Voice of Bugs, Daffy, Porky et al Voice of Bugs Voice of Daffy and Bugs Voice of 55 Across Voice of Daffy and Porky Voice of Barney on "The Flintstones" Variety of 35-Across Verb on an invoice Verb on an invoice Verb on a bill Verb on an invoice Very-much-used pencil Villainous count in the Lemony Snicket books Vote off the island? Vote out Very short pencil Vote off the island Vote out Vote out Viking's name Viking name. Viking name Villainous count in the Lemony Snicket books Villain in the "Lemony Snicket" books Villainous count in the Lemony Snicket books Vaguely painful Vaguely painful Vanity Fair and Vogue, for short VCR display Vocalizing that imitates an instrumental solo Vocal style that mimics an instrumental solo "Vamoose!" Vocal style that mimics an instrumental solo Vocal style Vamoose "Vamoose!" Vamoose! "Vamoose!" Vamoose "Vamoose!" Vamoose Vilifies Vilifies. Vilifies Vilifies jam? Vilifies politically Vilifies politically Vilifies, as in some ads Vaquero's habitat. Vaquero's milieu. Venezuelan prairie. Vitamin additive Vital bluish-white metal. Vitamin additive Vitamin additive, sometimes Vitamin additive Voltaic cell element Vitamin ad phrase: "From A to ___" Vroom the engine Vanilla ice specialty Vacation time fill-in Vacation time fill-in Vacationer's fill-in Vacationer's fill-in Vicki Lawrence role Vicki Lawrence sitcom role Vaccinator's call Vicki Lawrence character Village of Galilee Vicki Lawrence role Virginia's "Sideways" role Veteran's antique watch, for example Vicinity Vet, e.g. Visually assessed Vet, e.g Venezuela's capital Valet in minister's residence initially vilified in tirade Variety Vault leaving sprinter's bottom in endless pain Vision-related Varieties Vintage violin Venus's sister Volley Vigour Very unfortunate time of life for Hamlet Vets' counterparts V : five :: X : ___ Ventured (forth) Valencia exports Vision-correcting surgery Viola clef Volkswagen subsidiary Visually check out, as the competition Verdi's penultimate major work Vane turner Verb for an exterminator Viral bit Vet, for one Venerable Vaults Vote of support Vivarin alternative Viking helmet feature View from Abu Simbel Verve Video capture button Vikander of 'The Danish Girl' Venture to declare Vetoes Vast prairie Very vivid, color-wise Virus experts, of sorts Volodymyr ‘s predecessor as Time's Person of the Year Viral GIF, e.g. ___ Vegas Victor's cry Volunteering words Valise attachment Vindictive intent Very bad indeed Vehicle-stopping post Volcanic archipelago between Java and Sumatra Vessel on the water Von Trapp sister Vat Verbally challenge cult to part on equal terms Victory goddess on Olympic medals Very recently Vaudeville headliners Very devoted Vivid car color Verb on all quarters Verb used in codes Vigorous attacks Video game pioneer 'Voyaging through strange __ of thought': Wordsworth Veggie rarely seen singularly Vicinity Very, very small Victim in Clue Very pale Venerable yellow cookie brand Volcanic flow Vintner's process Volvo's former rival Very thin battery Verb after 'vous' Vet kin Vet, e.g. Vet for humans Vet kin Vitals checker, briefly __ Van Winkle Victim of a long sleep. Van Winkle. Van Winkle ___ Van Winkle ___ Van Winkle Van Winkle of legend Van Winkle of legend van Winkle ___ Van Winkle Van Winkle of legend Van Winkle of legend __ Van Winkle Venue in which mating occurs Venerable board game Vaudeville comic brother who was part of the United States Croquet Hall of Fame inaugural class Variety of melon Vet employer Venue to view a gnu Vet employer Vet's workplace Vet's employer Vet employer Vet's employer, perhaps Vet employer Very weary. Vacation home asset Vista Vacation home feature, often Vista Vista Vantage point Vacation home feature, often Vista Vacation home asset Vista VIP in Jaipur V.I.P. at a durbar Visit, say Visit, say Visit, say Visit a store Visit an e-tailer Visit the grocery Visit the mall Visit a mall Vine-supporting frame Vegas game Vigorously mix unfinished drink Very worried daughter is given lesson about e.g. writing Vessel in harbour, almost one that could be mistaken for another Vicar of Bray perhaps less fat Vacuous actor friend enthrals Universal by means of audition Voices against Volcano between Messina and Catania Variety of cherry Vex Vengeful spirits certainly associated with Hibernia Virtual reality space Vigor Video excerpts Very much like the spin one gets from hot motor Vehicle operated without a license Vessel on the Seine Vows beneath a chuppah Verb before "thou," perhaps Very impolite Very narrow, as a road Violinist Hilary Vending machine part Venomous vipers Votes against Volumes : 3D :: ___ : 2D