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Crossword Clues Start With V, page 256

Vacuums or dusts Visitors’ greetings Vegas show Victorious general at the Battle of Carabobo (June 24, 1821) V-day note sign-off Video interruptions "V." novelist 'V.' novelist V-day note sign-off Verne traveler "Vega$" star Robert Virgo preceder Voice vote option Voice vote option Vacation vehicle Very wealthy and powerful business people, especially in Russia Very good result of an audition Variable cloud whenever retreating in time for military exercises Vodka cocktail Venerable petrol brand Verb related to ''penalty'' Vaccination spot Vegetarian flying mammal Virtual b'day greeting, e.g Voracious; famished Vehicles with carnitas Volcanic hill Vipers with upturned snouts Vice __ Voice on an audiobook Viscous Virginia's so-called 'Lost Colony' ___ v. Wade (landmark case) Virginia's so-called "Lost Colony" Viscous Valet in husband's tavern, drunk Vein Variety of winter pear Victorian artist and writer, known for her children's book illustrations Virus tracker based in Ga Volcano flow Volcano flow Vehicle in 'M*A*S*H' Vacation spot Vacation spot Vegan bacon, for instance Violate a court oath Version of a document Volume-off button Virtuous Video hosting service since 2009 Veep who resigned Vermeer and Rembrandt's favorite kids' game? Very difficult to do Very strict Veep who resigned Vermeer and Rembrandt's favorite kids' game? Video chat need Volleyball stat Volleyball stats Visibly happy person Volunteers covering a little land down under, a province, and an African country Very sad end for establishment with smoke rising Venue with many seats __ vez: once __ vez: once Very strong winds Verdi opera set during the fifth century "Volume off" button Very famous celebrity Very easy thing Vexes Vodka brand, informally Voting shift device Vitality, so to speak Vannelli of pop Vannelli of pop Value of all the goods of the country, briefly Vacation souvenir Valletta's island country Verb that sounds like a letter Vegetable gourd Violent criminal Vulgar, as some humor Vietnam neighbor Violence Very beginning Very long stretch Very beginning Very long stretch Variety of terrier Vaulter's tool Visually imagine Voraciousness of music for a Charleston, for example Venomous snakes Very happy to find bird's nest, say Venus de Milo, e.g Vowel-heavy baseball family name Vowel-heavy end of a court game Vitamin dose stat Vowel-heavy baseball family name Vowel-heavy end of a court game Vain Vanquish ___ Vice President (title for Harris) V component V good pals Vaccine basis Vigorous scuffle View taking in shop window Vile student has MeToo upset Very large area in U-boat with elements found around at home Victorious shout Valuable metal container? Verbal facepalm Villainous look Villainous look Very beginning? Very Very Verrucas Volleyball divider Verbally state deal for canvas used in craft Victory Victim of Corday Visionary vacuum cleaner perhaps puckered fabric Vaccine development facilitator Verb in a lifeguard test battery VA concern VA concern Vaper's purchase Violent seizure of power Very dark, sometimes black, wood Very ugly; grotesque Valencia's country Very big Verdi opera that premiered in Cairo Voice in a four-part harmony Verbal protest Villain in 'The Lion King' ___ value (house statistic) "Vigor," in sheet music Verbal bully 'Veni,' in 'Veni, vidi, vici' Vigorously eager Vague quantity Verbal protest Villain in "The Lion King" Victory sign Very excited, reader so expressively starts poem Vegan protein source Vessel to rescue people at sea Valuable rocks Vantage point Vendor’s record Venetian magistrate Very Viewing with awe Vote of support Villains Voyaging Vacation vessel Visionary Vacation vessel Visionary Vampire's assassin Very decorative Variety Vehicle for triathletes Verb for you View in northern Italy Vivacious quality Volkswagen model Ventilation aid in vehicle kept by former supporter Very strong, all the players with club Venomous snake 'Voilà!' Valentine's Day dozen Vaults in some walls Venerable British prep school Very angry 2015 Verizon acquisition Volume of cyclamen released by black economy Verb in spring roll recipes Vanessa from Madrid surprisingly encased in concrete Very little Very short pencils Video arcade enthusiast Video game pioneer Virgil or Wyatt Volkswagen compact Vegas loser, often Verbal quirks, like 'y'know' Very cool rapper? Vegas loser, often Verbal quirks, like "y'know" Very cool rapper? Vexation Vinyl purchases, for short Vegetable with silky leaves Verb on a tea packet Vessel needing paddle Violence by an unruly mob Vigil similar to one of those in 1 down Vow prisoner's facing time finally before case Vier und vier Villagers below the Grinch's cave Vier und vier Villagers below the Grinch's cave Vengeful goddess VHS, e.g Vestige Vichyssoise ingredient Visibility reducers Visual precursors to migraine headaches Victorian greeting Verve Vicinity Vietnamese holiday during which 'Gap nhau cuoi nam' is watched Viva ___ (aloud) Vaclav ____ was the last president of Czechoslovakia Very upset by something Vice __ (conversely) Vocalize Volcanic product Vote of support Vacuum tube gas Veg out Vote of support ___ Vegas Aces Very pale dry sherry Vegetable Venture to declare Vice president Gore and others Volunteer's offer ___ vera Verb "to be" in Temiskam-ing Vintage Verbally resolve a disagreement Vermont vacation site Violinist’s need Vanishes Video initially helps an England football manager Visit doctor and say what you think, briefly Vanish __ thin air Vein of ore in a mine "— voyage!" Vaccine deliveries Vinyl records Views